Jacob’s Halloween Villains Countdown: The 10 Best X-Men Villains

By: Jacob Elyachar Warning! Spoilers are ahead…. Marvel’s merry mutants have made a lot of enemies since 1962, but this edition of Halloween Villains Countdown has narrowed the list down to 10 of the X-Men’s most dangerous opponents. 10. Bastion (Created by Scott Lobdell & Pascal Ferry) Since his first full appearance in Uncanny X-Men, […]

Jake’s Take’s’s Halloween Villains Countdown: The 10 Best Batman Villains

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com As Halloween slowly approaches, it’s time once again for my annual Halloween Villains Countdown. While I counted down the Top 50 Fictional Villains of All-Time last year, this time around I will focus on five different groups of antagonists that stand out as the elite of all evil. The first spotlight […]

2012 New York Comic Con Wrap-Up

By: Jacob Elyachar As I am writing this article, countless of people are en route or waiting in lines to attend the final day of the 2012 New York Comic Con. While thousands of fans will be celebrating Spider-Man’s 50th birthday, meeting Elmo and Gordon from Sesame Street or learning about what the Joker has […]

Kansas City Improv Festival finishes strong on final evening of performances

By: Jacob Elyachar After five nights of high-octane laughs and impressive comedy performances, it was time to put the Kansas City Improv Festival to bed for this year. Last night’s emcee Clay Morgan personally greeted all of the audience members by introducing himself first and then instructing them on their personal section cheer for the […]

Kansas City Improv Festival 2012-Night Two Wrap-up

By: Jacob Elyachar Last night, I had the chance to attend night two of the five-night Kansas City Improv Festival at Crown Center’s Off Center Theatre where four Improv groups performed incredible routines and generated lots of laughs. Kansas City’s ComedyCity kicked off the night’s festivities with an impressive mini-set.   The troupe was divided into […]

Jacob’s Eye On….The KC Improv Festival 2012

By: Jacob Elyachar Haven’t laughed in a while? The Kansas City Improv Festival can easily fix that problem with a remedy that contains watching five nights filled of high-octane laughs. Before the Kansas City Improv Festival became the giant festival that it is, it originally started out in the mid-1990s where Improv comedy was becoming […]

A Tribute to Phyllis Diller (1917-2012)

By: Jacob Elyachar We have lost a comedic icon today. According to reports from TMZ, NBC News and the Los Angeles Times, legendary comedian Phyllis Diller passed away at age 95.   For multiple decades, Diller has entertained millions of people around the world through her comedic style and flair. Ms. Diller’s entertainment career began in […]

Jacob’s Eye On…The Dark Knight Rises

By: Jacob Elyachar Tonight, Christopher Nolan’s the Dark Knight Rises will be released in theatres worldwide. In order to prepare you for this epic finale, here are a couple of things I would advise you to do before you go see the film this weekend. Review the first two films: A lot of readers would […]

Jacob Interviews….Stand-Up Comedian Jeffrey Baldinger

  By: Jacob Elyachar Many people claim that Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the United States. Besides heading to Disneyland or waiting in line to catch the latest taping of So You Think You Can Dance or the Price is Right, visitors and residents can always head to see several comedy clubs located […]

2012: The Ten Events That Will Rock Pop Culture, Part Two

The countdown continues as this author points out upcoming events that will take place this year. 5. TODAY Turns 60   Generations of Americans continue to wake-up with The TODAY Show.   The show offers the breaking national and international news and the latest developments in the political, health, technological and entertainment worlds.   On Friday, January […]

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