Kansas City Improv Festival finishes strong on final evening of performances

Twinprov Oklahoma

Oklahoma natives Buck and Clint Vrazel stole the show at the final night of the 2012 Kansas City Improv Festival. (Photo property of Twinprov)

By: Jacob Elyachar

After five nights of high-octane laughs and impressive comedy performances, it was time to put the Kansas City Improv Festival to bed for this year.

Last night’s emcee Clay Morgan personally greeted all of the audience members by introducing himself first and then instructing them on their personal section cheer for the evening.   My section was assigned to yell “Rock On” while lifting our fists in the air when he gave the signal.    After taking time to thank the shows’ sponsors and introduce the audience to the announcer of the evening: Dennis DuPont, it was time to the first act of evening to start.

Kansas City based group Tantrum brought out guest storyteller Tim Mason to the stage to weave out a long story full of different plot points all involving an abacus.  The six-member troupe successfully acted out multiple stories that included a preschool revolt and a glass office to the misadventures of people who were on a desert island that turned into zombies.    Tim’s second story involved building picnic table on his deck in his Chicago apartment and how he slowly went off task and dove into mathematics.   The group acted out several scenes including a summer school math class to a father’s severe acrophobia.

The next act that took the stage was the Oklahoma duo Twinprov.  Twin brothers Buck and Clint Vrazel have taken the Sooner State by storm through their incredible routines and wild comedic raps.   The Vrazel Brothers’ routine focused on the strange desires of an audience member, which was cannibalism.   With the help of DJ BMJ (Bobby Miller, Jr.) who provided them beats to rap to, Twinprov stole the night with their superb story that was a spoof on I Am Legend meets classic hillbilly and hick humor.

Second City alum Tim Morgan returned to the stage with his group Don Tremendous that is based out of Chicago.  This trio threw a lot of political comedy into the mix as their story started out with a conservative family talking about the Hunger Games that slowly evolves into the mom’s drastic makeover that includes a new attitude, a radical haircut and a controversial new face.    Bassprov’s Joe Bill and Mark Sutton closed the festival with their famous “two men on a boat” sketch that incorporated product placement, an orange and Techno music.

To learn more about the Kansas City Improv Festival, click here: http://kcimprovfestival.com/



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