Kansas City Improv Festival finishes strong on final evening of performances

By: Jacob Elyachar After five nights of high-octane laughs and impressive comedy performances, it was time to put the Kansas City Improv Festival to bed for this year. Last night’s emcee Clay Morgan personally greeted all of the audience members by introducing himself first and then instructing them on their personal section cheer for the […]

Kansas City Improv Festival 2012-Night Two Wrap-up

By: Jacob Elyachar Last night, I had the chance to attend night two of the five-night Kansas City Improv Festival at Crown Center’s Off Center Theatre where four Improv groups performed incredible routines and generated lots of laughs. Kansas City’s ComedyCity kicked off the night’s festivities with an impressive mini-set.   The troupe was divided into […]

Jacob’s Eye On….The KC Improv Festival 2012

By: Jacob Elyachar Haven’t laughed in a while? The Kansas City Improv Festival can easily fix that problem with a remedy that contains watching five nights filled of high-octane laughs. Before the Kansas City Improv Festival became the giant festival that it is, it originally started out in the mid-1990s where Improv comedy was becoming […]

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