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“Batman Live” has a strong score, impressive story and incredible stunts that make this arena live show a must watch for families and Batman fans alike. (Poster property of DC Comics and Warner Bros)

By: Jacob Elyachar

Recently, I had the opportunity to see Batman Live while it was in Kansas City, Missouri.

This live show combines high-flying acrobatics, incredible stunts and impressive magic tricks with an all-new story that focuses on Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson)’s very first adventure.   In addition, the Dynamic Duo will have to face several of their classic foes, who under the Joker’s leadership, take over Arkham Asylum.

What makes Batman Live interesting is that the stage show had a lot of offer for the audience.  From having cast members interact with the spectators through their different characters to the impressive graphics that accompanied the different sections of the story that made viewers feel like they were in Gotham City.

Another crucial part of the show was the music.   Composer James Seymour Brett’s score added much-needed depth to this arena production.   Several standout segments included the Batcave’s introduction, the Batman and Catwoman chase scene and the initial Arkham nightmare sequence.

Batman Live’s writer Allan Heinberg’s strong screenplay was filled with several witty jokes and comments, strong hints from previous stories (ex: Batman R.I.P. was mentioned in Dick Grayson and Joker’s first encounter) and is a perfect medium that will satisfy both new and veteran fans alike.

The only problem that I had with the show was that at certain moments in the production, there was too much action for an audience member to soak in and they could have easily gotten lost in the story.

Final thoughts and grade: Lots of action, a great soundtrack and a solid screenplay make Batman Live a great show that will please families, longtime fans and newcomers to the Caped Crusader at the same time.  B

For more information about the show, visit their website: http://www.batmanlive.com/


  1. I just recently saw this show live. It was epic. Joker is my favorite bad guy.

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