Ashton’s Summer 2013 Recap (or How did DJ Ashton Martin spend his summer?)

DJ Ashton Martin had an incredible summer! He played 109 shows across the Kansas City Metro Area and traveled across the country to play several gigs in Arizona! So as summer winds down, here are some of Ashton’s highlights from Summer 2013! June 2013: Gusto Wednesdays: In June, Ashton started playing at the Gusto Lounge […]

Ashton’s Monthly Recap-April 2013

  One of Kansas City’s most popular DJs had a huge April. With multiple gigs that ranged from his weekly Tecate Tuesdays at Sol Cantina to special events including the annual awards for both Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and the Helzberg Diamonds Annual Awards, Ashton was able to entertain a diverse audience everywhere […]

Ashton’s Monthly Recap: February 2013

  DJ Ashton Martin was on a hot streak of successes this month! In this second edition of Ashton’s Monthly Recap, you catch up on all of the events that our favorite DJ participated in and find out what are his plans are for both St. Patrick’s Day and Fake Paddy’s Day. February 2013 Highlights […]

Ashton’s Monthly Recap-January 2013

Hello everyone! Our favorite DJ has had a busy January. This new feature will recap some of DJ Ashton Martin’s greatest hits of the month and preview what he has in store for his fans next…. January 2013 Highlights Zócalo success Ashton continues to take Zócalo to new heights during his weekly set at the […]

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