How the Dark Knight Rises could reignite DC Comics’ films

By: Jacob Elyachar When the clock strikes Midnight on July 20, countless of fans will begin watching the finale of Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise.   Over the past seven years, both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight have earned $1.3 billion … [Continue reading]

New Music Tuesday-Week of July 15, 2012

By: Jacob Elyachar Welcome to the latest edition of New Music Tuesday! In this edition, I will review the latest albums from Frank Ocean and Matisyahu and the newest singles from Jason Aldean, No Doubt and the Killers. Channel Orange by Frank … [Continue reading]

The Dark Knight Rises 101

  By: Jacob Elyachar One of the best film franchises of the 2000s will come to an end on Friday when Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is released worldwide.   This final chapter takes place eight years after the Dark Knight … [Continue reading]

Jacob Interviews….Stand-Up Comedian Jeffrey Baldinger

  By: Jacob Elyachar Many people claim that Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the United States. Besides heading to Disneyland or waiting in line to catch the latest taping of So You Think You Can Dance or the Price is Right, … [Continue reading]

Jacob’s Reviews….Snow White and the Huntsman

  By: Jacob Elyachar 2012 might be considered to be Snow White's year. Earlier this year, ABC’s Once Upon a Time wrapped their first season and is starting their second season in the fall that focuses on the war between Snow White’s family … [Continue reading]

Jacob’s Eye On….The Newsroom

  By: Jacob Elyachar One of my favorite new dramas that I love to watch is HBO’s The Newsroom.  Written and created by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network & The West Wing), Newsroom focuses on the behind the scenes antics and … [Continue reading]

Avengers vs. X-Men: War Report #2

  By: Jacob Elyachar If you have not read my last war report, please read before moving on to this edition: Things have definitely changed since the last time I reported … [Continue reading]

The 10 Greatest Spider-Man Villains

By: Jacob Elyachar My series on Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary continues as I countdown the Wall Crawler’s greatest and deadliest opponents. 10. Mysterio Our countdown begins with Mysterio, the Master of Illusion. Former stuntman and special … [Continue reading]

Jacob Reviews…Ted

  By: Jacob Elyachar Imagine if you are an eight-year-old boy, who is friendless and growing up in Boston.   It’s Christmas morning and you receive a teddy bear that you instantly bond with and before you go to bed, you make a wish about … [Continue reading]

Jacob Interviews….Great White Studio’s Luke Amble

  By: Jacob Elyachar Two years ago, Luke Amble and his friend Mike Smith founded Great White Studio in Tucson, Arizona.     Luke and Mike established the studio to help both local and national recording artists understand the complex music … [Continue reading]

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