Jake’s Take’s Top 30 Favorite ‘AGT’ Auditions

#10 – Andy Gnosis [Andrew De Leon] (Season Seven SEMIFINALIST)

Without Andy Gnosis’s outstanding audition, I do not think Jake’s Take would have covered Got Talent for this long. The self-taught opera singer made his national debut during the Season Seven Austin Auditions and blew everyone away with his haunting cover of “O Mio Babbino Caro.” Andy’s audition set the standard for both future contestants and viral moments. 

#9 – Angel City Chorale (Season 13 SEMIFINALISTS; Olivia Munn’s Golden Buzzer) 

Angel City Chorale breathed new life for choirs when they auditioned for AGT during Season 13. Under the direction of founding director Sue Fink, Angel City Chorale performed their beautiful interpretation of Toto’s “Africa” that included superb choreography, splendid harmonies, and outstanding soloists. 

#8 – Kodi Lee (Season 14 WINNER; Gabrielle Union’s Golden Buzzer) 

Like most of the world, I was extremely moved by singer and pianist Kodi Lee. His rendition of Leon Russell’s timeless “A Song for You” brought everyone at the Pasadena Civic Center to their feet. His powerful Talent not only received former judge Gabrielle Union’s Golden Buzzer but started down a path that led him to win the show’s fourteenth season. 

#7- World Taekwondo Demonstration Team (Season 16 FINALISTS; Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer) 

While I have seen many martial arts-based acts compete in the Got Talent franchise, the World Taekwondo Demonstration Team is the best group in this genre. Their high octane audition made my jaw drop several times, and I was astonished by this multi-country team’s stunts, and I was thrilled when Terry Crews used his Golden Buzzer for them. 

#6 – Marcelito Pomoy (AGT: Champions – Season Two FOURTH PLACE FINALIST) 

Pilipinas Got Talent: Season Two champion Marcelito Pomoy became an instant fan favorite after performing the soprano and tenor parts of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer.” I got goosebumps throughout the performance, and despite not receiving the Golden Buzzer, he proved to be one of the best male vocalists in Got Talent history. 

#5 – The Clairvoyants (America’s Got Talent: Season 11 RUNNERS-UP) 

Jake’s Take friends The Clairvoyants made their Got Talent debut during Simon’s first season judging America’s Got Talent. My jaw dropped when Amelie correctly deduced Heidi Klum’s lipstick, the white AT&T iPhone, and Howie’s eye drops. It was one of the best magic and mental acts I have ever seen. Despite not winning AGT, the Clairvoyants have continued to mystify audiences worldwide.


#4- Susan Boyle (America’s Got Talent: The Champions – Season One FINALIST; Mel B’s Golden Buzzer) 

Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle became an international superstar after her breakthrough performances on BGT’s third season. Despite not winning her season, she sold over 20 million records. Nearly a decade after stepping onto the Got Talent stage, she auditioned for AGT Champions’ inaugural season. Her stunning “Wild Horses” performance gave the audience chills and earned Mel B’s final Golden Buzzer. 

#3-Cristina Rae (America’s Got Talent: Season 15; THIRD PLACE FINALIST; Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer) 

Cristina Rae is the best vocalist I have seen in the ten years I have covered AGT. She automatically blew me away with her powerful rendition of Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight.” But when Simon asked for another song, Cristina accelerated to another level of excellence with her high octane performance of the Rolling Stones classic “Gimmie Shelter.” That performance cemented her place in the show’s pantheon and a place in the season as Heidi Klum gave her the Golden Buzzer. 

#2- V.Unbeatable (America’s Got Talent: Season 14 – FOURTH PLACE FINALISTS: Dwayne Wade’s Golden Buzzer; AGT Champions: Season Two WINNERS: Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer) 

Mumbai, India-based dance troupe V.Unbeatable is the only dance troupe in America’s Got Talent history to receive two Golden Buzzers and improve their final standings. When I saw V.Unbeatable first perform on Season 14, my jaw dropped several times thanks to their precise choreography. When they stepped on the AGT Champions stage, V.Unbeatable proved that they were worthy of winning the spin-off with their perfect performance. 

#1- Shin Lim (America’s Got Talent: Season 13 WINNER + America’s Got Talent: The Champions: Season One WINNER) 

AGT’s two-time champion Shin Lim perfected the art of close-up magic and set the standard for future magicians to audition for this show. His showmanship, presentation style, and storytelling ability cemented his place as the franchise’s best magician. He remains the only performer to win back-to-back seasons of the main show and a spin-off. 

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