‘AGT: All-Stars’ Enters Round 2 of Competition

Howie, Heidi, Terry, and Simon pose together during a taping of AGT: All-Stars. (Photo property of NBC’s Trae Patton)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Before starting with this recap of AGT: All-Stars, I want to address the superfans who voted at the first taping. WHAT THE F— WERE YOU THINKING? Either Alan Silva, Jimmie Herrod, or Jeanick Fournier should have joined AGT icon Terry Fator in the Top Three over a Halsey wannabee (Caly Bevier) and the Bello Sisters. Also, to think the Bello Sisters are even surpassing the great Terry Fator and performing in the finals is inexcusable! Rant over… 

Tonight was the second round of AGT: All-Stars! Several runners-up and winners were here to compete to earn two spots in the AGT: All-Stars finale. Which act earned a Golden Buzzer? Who impressed judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Got Talent creator Simon Cowell? Did anyone get buzzed? Read on to find out! 

After Terry made his respective entrance, the host revealed he was in charge of the Golden Buzzer. India’s Got Talent winners Divyansh & Manuraj took the AGT All-Stars stage. They admitted to the judges that they formed the group once their partners went missing. The duo not only received the Golden Buzzer and won the title, but their lives also changed for the better as they received an offer to score a Bollywood film. Their act brought flute and beatboxing together with outstanding results. I loved their rendition of Imagine Dragons’ “Believer.” A- 

Terry proclaimed that Sara James was AGT: Season 17’s superstar when he reunited with her before she faced the judges. The Polish singer received Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer and a massive following on social media. She received a hero’s welcome in Poland and tremendous applause from the audience. The 14-year-old tackled Harry Styles’ “As It Was,” and the performance reminded me of a combination of SZA and Halsey. I wished the music team did not auto-tune at the beginning because I would have buzzed it. I loved the vocals when it was just her voice, and she redeemed the performance. B/B+ 

I screamed when I saw Malevo cross the AGT: All-Stars stage. This unique Argentinian dance troupe blew me away back in 2016. They received the Golden Buzzer from George Lopez, but sadly they were eliminated before the finale. This dance troupe performed with Ricky Martin and Cirque Du Soleil. My jaw dropped from watching their outstanding routine. It was fiery and made me scream multiple times! I wished former judge Mel B was there as she would be screaming her head off…this was a finale-worthy routine! I wished I had the Golden Buzzer, so I would have given it to them! A+ 

Howard Stern era act Tone the Chief returned to AGT. I found it a waste of time. I wished that Andrew De Leon, Branden James, Daniel Joseph Baker, Eli Mattison, or the Forte Tenors should have had his spot, as they are superior performers! F

Season 16 Champion Dustin Tavella walked onto the stage. I was thrilled when Dustin won and happy to learn that he met one of his heroes David Copperfield and appeared on The Ellen Show. He asked Heidi and Terry to join him on stage, and Dustin put a quarter in Heidi’s hands, and it vanished. He asked Terry to think of encouraging words for Simon, and the words instantly appeared on a piece of paper. Dustin used his past by revealing a yearbook photo with “I Do Not Matter.” Dustin told the audience that he met his mentor, Keith, who changed his life and revealed another poster: “I Matter.” That was a phenomenal performance, Dustin! A- 

AGT: Season 16 Runner-Up Aidan Bryant returned to redeem himself. The 18-year-old self-taught acrobat blew the nation away with his high-flying routines. However, magician Dustin Tavella took home the crown, and now, Aidan is ready to tackle the All-Stars challenge. His aerial performance was one of the most intense things I have ever seen on a Got Talent series. It was spellbinding from start to finish. Win or lose; Aidan has what it takes to dominate the Vegas scene and the world stage. 

I am so happy that Britain’s Got Talent: Series 15 runner-up ventriloquist Jamie Leahey and Chuck decided to compete on AGT: All-Stars. His routine put a smile on my face, and Jamie does have the potential to be one of his generation’s top ventriloquists. We are going to be hearing his name for years to come. A- 

Comedian Jackie Fabulous made her first AGT appearance during Season 14. Jackie revealed that during her final performance, she lost her rhythm. Jackie appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon twice thanks to her time on the show and married her husband. Her AGT: All-Stars set focused on turning 51 years old and marriage life. Jackie’s personality shined, and she made me laugh. She has truly improved since her last performance. B+ 

I will be BRUTALLY HONEST; the Detroit Youth Choir should not have been cast this season. They are one of the weakest choirs I have seen on this show. Angel City Chorale should have been in their place, and I think having Terry Crews press the Golden Buzzer again for them after all of the acts that performed tonight, such as Aidan, Jackie, Jamie, and Malevo, proved themselves to be worthy of champions. 

Ballerina Vitoria Bueno was born with a genetic defect, but that did not stop her from discovering dancing. She loved watching Got Talent and auditioned for Germany’s Got Talent, and Vitoria received the Golden Buzzer and made it to the finals, where she took home second place. She danced a routine to “You Say,” which was one of the most magical moments that AGT had this decade. Thank you for showing your incredible gift, Vitoria. A- 

Tonight, the superfans advanced Aidan Bryant, Divyansh & Manuraj (WOW!), and Vitroia to the Top Three! Vitoria Bueno came in third leaving Aidan and Divyansh & Manuraj into the Top Two! AIDAN BRYANT ADVANCED TO THE FINALE!

Next week, AGT: All-Stars will continue!!

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