Jake’s Take Exclusive: ‘AGT 16’ Semifinalists, Simon Cowell, Heidi, & Howie SPEAK!

AGT Season 16 crew
Jake’s Take returned to the AGT virtual press room to talk with the acts after the show went off the air. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Once again, Jake’s Take had the incredible opportunity to visit the America’s Got Talent (AGT) virtual press room after the show went off the air from the Dolby Theatre.  Here are some of the highlights:

Hoping for the Finale:

All the acts hoped that they delivered a performance worthy of America’s votes.  As I spoke with the performers, everyone had the desire to make it to the Season 16 finale:

“It is crazy to think about at this stage right now to have the opportunity to get voted into the finale,” said aerialist Aidan Bryant. “It is such a dream to be here. It would mean so much to me to get voted into the finals because it makes my dream easier to accomplish, and It means that I am one step away from the final prize.”

“I would be so happy if I were able to make it to the finals and have the chance to perform in Las Vegas,” said singer Peter Rosalita. “I would be grateful to God.”

“It would feel like all of my childhood dreams finally came true,” said singer Tory Vagasy. “As a kid who had such bad stage fright, I would never believe that I am here singing for America. I want to do it (make the finale) for myself and the little kid that I was.”

“Honestly, it has been a dream so far,” said singer Madilyn Bailey. “This is I have ever wanted to do. Be an artist, sing my songs, and getting to do it on the (Dolby Theatre) stage is incredible. Making it to the finale would be just another opportunity to sing my songs to the world.”

“It would be incredible to be voted into the finale,” said magician Dustin Tavella. “It would be a dream come true.”

“It would feel like people understand me and love me for who I am,” said singer Jimmie Herrod, Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer act. “I would be super humbled if I was voted into the finale.”

Preacher Lawson Visits: 

Four years ago, comedian Preacher Lawson had the opportunity to perform on the Dolby Theatre stage. The Season 12 veteran and soon to be participant in the AGT Las Vegas show parted some wisdom on the lucky acts who were lucky enough to be voted into the finale.

“I would tell them to do their best,” said Preacher Lawson. “You cannot really do more than your best and hope for the best.”

Simon’s Take: 

For the first time in Jake’s Take history, I had the chance to speak with the Got Talent creator himself – Simon Cowell. The television veteran and judge stated that the first night of the AGT: Season 16 semifinals was one of the best that he has seen judging either America’s Got Talent or its UK counterpart: Britain’s Got Talent. 

“This was the best live show so far this year by a mile,” said Simon Cowell. “It was up there with one of the best semifinals that we have had in a long time. Pretty much everyone raised their game, took it seriously, and stepped up. It was good, and that’s what you want for a semifinal.”

Howie on the Semifinals:

Veteran judge Howie Mandel named his standout acts of the night: both Golden Buzzer acts – Jimmie Herrod and World Taekwondo Demonstration Team (Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer). The comedian and podcast host also believed that this semifinal round stood out against previous seasons.  

“I think this semifinal rises to a level above any other in our past,” said Howie Mandel. 

Heidi’s Eye on America: 

Heidi Klum thought that the semifinals were fantastic and believed that fans had to make some difficult decisions when selecting their finalists. The model and entrepreneur also stated that she is interested in fans’ selection process during all results shows.  

“It is always interesting to see when we do the Results Shows and what America thinks,” said Heidi Klum. “So many times, I have been wrong, and I think: “I can’t believe that they did not vote these people through!” But everyone has a different flavor, and people like different things.” 

Tonight, the first set of AGT: Season 16 finalists will be revealed! Will your favorites make it to the Season 16 finale?

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