Winners, runners-up headline week 4 of ‘AGT: The Champions’

Which ‘Champions’ impressed Howie, Mel B, Terry, Heidi, and Simon tonight on ‘AGT’? (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

America’s Got Talent (AGT): The Champions has been on fire for the past few weeks! Several acts from around the world have gathered to face off against some of AGT’s legendary acts.  There have been some shocking results such as Angelica Hale receiving Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer over Jon Dorenbos and the 50 State Superfan Initiative voting Preacher Lawson and Cristina Ramos into the finale over Sofie Dossi and Darci Lynne Farmer respectively. 

Despite those controversial decisions, AGT: The Champions has been a massive success! Tonight, ten more acts face off for two more spots in the finale. Who joined Preacher, Cristina, Angelica, Paul Potts, Susan Boyle, and Deadly Games in the finale? Read on to find out!

Host Terry Crews revealed that the Got Talent creator himself, Simon Cowell, is in charge of the Golden Buzzer.  Up first was 10-year-old Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Issy Simpson. Simon called this young magician a young “Harry Potter.” While she lost to Tokio Myers two years ago, she wanted to win this series. She teleported the audience to her enchanted library using three of her favorite books and playing cards. I loved her showmanship and she commanded the AGT stage.  

Season Four finalists The Texas Tenors celebrated their tenth anniversary by returning to the AGT stage, but they lost to Kevin Skinner. However, they are probably more successful than him.  The trio performed “Unchained Melody” for their chance to enter the finals. While I am not a fan of the song, I got chills from the trio’s beautiful harmonies. The Texas Tenors received a standing ovation from all four judges and Simon added that they got better with age.

Season 10 runner-up comedian Drew Lynch’s life changed when Howie Mandel pressed his Golden Buzzer. Before he got on the stage, Simon called him “gutsy” to appear on the same night as his rival and Season 10 champion Paul Zerdin. Drew was devastated when he lost to Paul and now wants to win AGT: the Champions.  I believe that he has grown a lot since the last time the last time he stepped onto the stage and Howie took the words right out of my mouth!

Season 10 champion ventriloquist Paul Zerdin returned to the America’s Got Talent: the Champions stage. He started out with a quick stand-up routine revolving an elevator operator. Next, he brought out Sam and the puppet asked, “What the hell went wrong?” after Paul told him that they are back on AGT.  After Sam reminded him of Howie’s signature question of “How are you going to up your game?” the Season 10 champion hummed “Tom’s Diner” and tried to get Sam to join him.  I thought that this was a hysterical bit and I am glad that they brought Paul back.

Denmark’s Got Talent winners, the Moonlight Brothers, made their AGT debut. The brothers grew up watching AGT and were honored to be a part of this series. The guys entertained the audience through a combination of graphics and comedic choreography. Their performance was okay, but not AGT: Champions worthy. (Was Diversity, the winners of Susan Boyle’s season, not available?)

Tape Face is one of my favorite acts of the Simon Cowell era of AGT. This impeccable mime made audiences laugh with his hysterical routines during Season 11. For his act, Tape Face summoned Howie to join him on stage. While the Deal or No Deal host put on a “Stay Weird” hat, while the mime flashed a vinyl cover of Simon’s Forever Hits. Tape Face forced Howie to mimic his movements. Next, he summoned Terry Crews to join him and asked him to put on some working clothes, and the football player acted like a stripper. Tape Face gave him the Golden Buzzer for his efforts. Howie stated that Tape Face was one of the most memorable acts from his time on the show, plus he revealed that the mime got his own Vegas show: The House of Tape. Heidi added that Tape Face was funny and totally original.

Before Season 12 finalist Kechi took the stage, she bonded with fellow competitor and Season 11 alum Brian Justin Crum about their AGT experience. Tonight, she performed Calum Scott and Leona Lewis’ “You Are The Reason” for a chance to perform in the finale. Kechi delivered a good performance and got Simon’s Golden Buzzer.  However, I would have saved the Golden Buzzer for either Brian Justin Crum or Kenichi. Also, does Kechi have the pipes to take on Susan Boyle or Paul Potts…I don’t think so!

I screamed in horror when Stevie Starr stepped onto the stage! I hate EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ACT! Oz Pearlman, William Close, Collins Key, Fighting Gravity, or Team iLuminate should have had his spot! I am happy that Simon buzzed him during the performance.

I am so happy that they invited Brian Justin Crum back to the competition! In all honesty, either Brian or the Clairvoyants should have won Season 11 over Grace VanderWaal. The Season 11 finalist tackled one of my all-time favorite Elton John tracks, “Your Song,” and he took the song to another level of excellence! He should have gotten the Golden Buzzer over Kechi and he has a future in music.

Season Eight winner Kenichi Ebina returned to AGT: Champions to defend his title. He admitted that his age is catching up to him and was worried that other dancers were catching up to him. Kenichi transported the audience back into a video game and delivered one of the best performances of the season! No matter what happens, Kenichi remains one of the best winners in show history!

Everyone returned to the stage Terry revealed the 50 States Initiative votes. For the first time this season, there was a tie to get into the Top Three. Drew Lynch and Tape Face tied to get the last spot, while Brian Justin Crum and Paul Zerdin received to the first two spots. Both Tape Face and Drew Lynch came in third place, while Paul Zerdin and Brian Justin Crum faced off for the final spot. Brian Justin Crum won the last spot!

Next week, Shin Lim, Jackie Evancho, Sons of Serendip, Colin Cloud, and Sal Valentinetti return for the final round of auditions! Meanwhile, Attraction, Lost Voice Guy, and Tokio Myers make their America’s Got Talent debut.


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