Top 50 Fictional Villains of All Time Countdown, Day Two

Warning: This blog entry is full of spoilers so if you have not seen this character in action…. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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Tired of dressing up as Edward Cullen, a mediocre witch or even an abysmal pirate? Try dressing up as one of these villains.

40. Megatron (Voiced by Frank Welker & David Kaye)

As the main leader to both the Decepticons and Predacons, Megatron has been the most consistent villain to appear in the Transformers franchise including the original 1980s cartoon, the popular CG animated series Beast Wars and the three Transformers movies.   Megatron is cruel, scheming and would love to control the universe.   Welker’s portrayal of the Decepticon leader will give chills to the viewers while Kaye brought a Shakespearean twist to his portrayal of the Predacon leader.

39.  Queen Beryl (Voiced by Naz Edwards)

There have been two villains that have made a major impact on Sailor Moon in her self-titled anime series.  You will find out more about the latter villainess later on in the countdown but right now let’s turn our attention towards Beryl, Queen of the Negaverse.   Beryl showed no mercy to her minions and used psychological warfare tactics, which included Sailor Moon’s boyfriend to become her minion to get under the heroine’s skin.   Ultimately, Beryl was banished back to the Negaverse after her intense battle with Sailor Moon.   Baz Edwards, who perfectly combined determination and cruelty, to brilliantly, voice the extraterrestrial queen.

38. Mystique (Created by Chris Claremont & Dave Cockrum; Portrayed by Rebecca Romijn, Colleen Wheeler & Jennifer Lawrence)

One of the best powers you could have as a villain is the ability to shape-shift into anyone.  You could lie, cheat, steal and deceit and get away with it.  The Mutant Terrorist Mystique perfectly represents this angle.  Throughout her career as a villain, she forced her foster daughter Rogue to fully absorb the powers of Ms. Marvel, brutally injured X-Men ally Dr. Moira McTaggert, who later on died, betrayed the X-Men numerous times and sent Wolverine to Hell literally.  Of all of the actresses have portrayed the calculating shape shifter only will stand out to fans: Rebecca Romijn, who brought a sexy side to Mystique in the first X-Men trilogy; Colleen Wheeler, who portrayed Mystique as a ruthless and feared leader in the animated series X-Men: Evolution; and Jennifer Lawrence, who brought a sensitive and caring side out of the blue-skinned shape shifter in X-Men: First Class.

37. Venom (Created by David Michelinie & Todd McFarlane; Portrayed by Hank Azaria & Topher Grace)

Imagine living with an alien? Okay…then imagine living with an alien symbiote on your body? Creepy…hell yes!  Then imagine what happens when the abandoned symbiote finds another person who hates your guts. Add them together and the result is the nightmarish villain Venom.  This Spider-Man arch-villain spent all of my lifetime to get his revenge on the Webbed Wonder.  For the 1990s and into the 2000s, Venom knew that Spider-Man is Peter Parker and psychologically tortured him through making appearances at Aunt May’s house and threatening Spidey’s then wife: Mary Jane Watson.   Venom is a complex character and the actors playing him could be hit-or-miss.  When Hank Azaria tackled the role of Venom, he played the symbiote in a sympathetic way.  However, when Topher Grace tackled the role in Spider-Man 3, Grace failed to portray Venom as a truly psychotic powerhouse villain.

36. Circe (Created by George Perez; Voiced by Rachel York)

Imagine going up against a goddess-level witch? Wonder Woman has to deal with this every time she goes up against Circe.  The sorceress has plagued the Amazon Princess since she was re-introduced in the late 1980s.  Several of Circe’s crimes included a failed attempt of taking over the fictional New York City and brainwashing the revitalized Amazons to invade the fictional Washington D.C. Circe appeared in the “This Little Piggy” episode of Justice League Unlimited where she turned her arch foe into a pig and battled with Batman and Zatanna.  Circe’s voice actor, Rachel York, portrayed her not only as a conniving and manipulating witch but a terrific singer too.

35. Cell (Voiced by Dameon Clarke)

One of the greatest villains that were featured in the Dragon Ball franchise is the monstrous android Cell.  A vengeful Doctor Gero, who was defeated by Goku-the main protagonist of the series, created this walking nightmare. This android is extremely powerful and was a huge threat that killed Goku and numerous others in order to conquer the Dragon Ball world.   Goku’s oldest son, Gohan, defeated Cell in the “Cell Saga’s” finale.   After his defeat, Cell made cameos in the latter episodes of Dragon Ball Z and made an appearance with our number 25 entry in the second arc of Dragon Ball GT.   Cell’s voice actor: Daemon Clarke does a brilliant job fusing comedy and drama into his character.

34. Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd (Voiced by Barbara Goodson & Robert Axelrod; Portrayed by Carla Perez & Ed Neil)

Children of the 1990s will remember this villainous couple from Power Rangers.  In fact-Rita and Zedd, who spent most of the decade battling three generations of Power Rangers, could be the first villains that 90s kids and children would remember.   Some of their crimes include destroying the Ninja Power Coins and the upper level of the Rangers’ Command Center.  After appearing in together in four Power Rangers seasons and two movies, Rita and Zedd were purified and became good in the series finale of Power Rangers in Space.  All four actors provided great memories as the Power Rangers villains’ fans loved to hate.

33.  Kingpin (Created by Stan Lee & John Romita, Sr.; Portrayed by Roscoe Lee Browne & Michael Clarke Duncan)

The most feared crime boss in the Marvel Universe is Wilson Fisk alias the Kingpin of Crime.  He may look obese but the Kingpin can handle his own against his arch foes including Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Punisher and other Marvel Comics heroes.  Fisk’s past crimes include hiring assassin Bullseye to murder Daredevil’s then girlfriend Elektra, ordered a hit on Spider-Man’s beloved Aunt May and overthrew the Man Without Fear as leader of the criminal organization of the Hand.   The two people who played the Kingpin of Crime the best were the late Roscoe Lee Brown and Michael Clarke Duncan.   Browne’s portrayal of the mastermind made the 1990s Spider-Man: The Animated Series memorable through his ability to combine intensity and rage every time his character was featured on the show.  Meanwhile, Duncan proved he was formidable during his final fight with his foe played by Ben Affleck.

32. Gordon Gekko (Portrayed by Michael Douglas)

“Greed is Good” One of the greatest quotes ever to come from the Silver Screen belonged to one of the nastiest fictional corporate raiders of all time.  When Gordon Gekko made his debut in the 1987 film Wall Street and returned in 2010’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.  In the first film, Gekko showed ruthless as a businessman deceiving Bud Fox by destroying the fictional Bluestar Airlines and the younger Fox.   Because of his portrayal of Gekko, Douglas won the 1987 Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of the crafty villain.  In addition to the Oscar, the American Film Institute proclaimed Gekko-number 24 of the top 50 movie villains of all time.

31. Deathstroke the Terminator (Created by Marv Wolfman & George Perez; Voiced by Ron Perlman)

Imagine a person that is able to use up to 90-percent of his brain.  That person would be a force to reckon with.  In December 1980, the New Teen Titans creative team introduced Deathstroke, a mercenary for hire.  Over the past 30 years, this assassin has caused more damage to the DC Universe than 200 H.I.V.E. soldiers.  His crimes have included sleeping with a minor, brainwashing his own daughter and other heroes and destroying Bludhaven, the home city of Batman’s first sidekick: Nightwing.   Ron Perlman voiced the mercenary for a majority of the anime styled Teen Titans cartoon series.


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