Jake’s Take’s Top 20 Reality TV Performances of 2019

Here are my Top 20 Reality TV Performances of 2019 (Bitmoji property of Jacob Elyachar)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Reality TV has had an incredible ride in 2019! Jake’s Take searched across the world and found 20 of the best performances from some of your favorite shows!

Madison VanDenburg’s cover of “Shallow” remains one of the best performances from the American Idol reboot. (Video property of ABC)

#20-Madison VanDenburg: “Shallow” (American Idol: Season 17) 

Madison VanDenburg kicks off our Top 20 countdown with her cover of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Golden Globe, Grammy, and Oscar-winning song: “Shallow.” It was a spectacular vocal, and it received a standing ovation from judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan.

The Thingamajig (Victor Oladipo) melted hearts with his performance of Kacey Musgraves’ “Rainbow.” (Video property of Smart Dog Media & FOX)

#19-Thingamajig Mask (Victor Oladipo): “Rainbow” (The Masked Singer USA: Season Two) 

The Thingamajig was one of my favorite Masked Singer performers during the sophomore season. Victor Oladipo delivered probably one of the season’s best performances when he covered Kacey Musgraves’ “Rainbow.” Not only did he make me, Nicole, Robin, and the entire studio audience weep, but he showcased that athletes can be singers too, I hope that Victor records this song in the future.

Shellyann Evans’ perfect cover of Sia’s “Alive” won her the final series of All Together Now. (Video property of BBC & Remarkable Television)

#18-Shellyann Evans: “Alive” (All Together Now UK: Series Two) 

Sadly, Shellyann Evans’ “Alive” was the final performance on the canceled UK singing competition: All Together Now.  Her earth-shattering vocal cover of Sia’s “Alive” was one of the best international performances of 2019, not only earned the respect of all members of the 100 (a collection of music experts and performers) but the £50,000 grand prize.

Colin Thackery’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” was one of the best BGT performances of the year. (Video property of iTV, Syco Entertainment & Thames)

#17-Colin Thackery: “Wind Beneath My Wings” (Britain’s Got Talent: Series 13)

Chelsea Pensioner and Korean War veteran Colin Thackery showcased his powerful voice during Britain’s Got Talent: Series 13. He delivered an emotional cover of Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” in honor of his late wife. After that performance, it cemented his place in the competition, where he went on to win the series.

Guest judge Ellie Kemper broke her chair during Carmen Carter’s electrifying cover of “Come Together.” (Video property of FremantleMedia North America, NBC & Syco Entertainment)

#16-Carmen Carter: “Come Together” (America’s Got Talent: Season 14) 

Former Dancing with the Stars backing singer Carmen Carter delivered a fiery cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together” during the Season 14 Judge Cuts rounds. She electrified the Universal Studios Hollywood soundstage and was awarded a spot at the Dolby Theatre live shows.  

Sheldon Riley hypnotized The Voice Australia audience with a captivating cover of Madonna’s “Frozen.” (Video property of iTV Studios Australia, Nine Network & Talpa Media Group)

#15-Sheldon Riley: “Frozen” (The Voice Australia-Season Eight)

Voice Australia: Season Seven finalist Sheldon Riley returned for a second chance to compete as an “All-Star.” His former mentor, Boy George, recognized Sheldon’s voice right away as he sang Madonna’s “Frozen.” Sheldon delivered a show-stopping performance that immediately caught the attention of Delta Goodrem, who coached him to the semi-finals.

Prince Poppycock returned to America’s Got Talent: The Champions with a phenomenal cover of Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory.” (Video property of Fremantle USA, NBC & Syco Entertainment)

#14-Prince Poppycock: “The Edge of Glory” (America’s Got Talent-The Champions: Season One)

I was so happy when Prince Poppycock strutted across the Champions stage. I have always wondered what happened to him and why we have not heard from him in years. He tackled Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory,” and it was a remarkable performance that showcased why he is one of the most extravagant performers in AGT history. 

Kodi Lee’s inspirational cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was included in my Top 20 countdown. (Video property of FremantleUSA, NBC, & Syco Entertainment)

#13-Kodi Lee: “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (America’s Got Talent: Season 14)

One of my all-time favorite songs is Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” While Clay Aiken delivered a masterclass vocal performance of the song on American Idol years agoKodi Lee’s cover inspired millions of viewers. Kodi did not need a massive choir or orchestra behind him, his piano playing and vocals cut through the Dolby Theatre audience and sent him on a path to win Season 14.

Monster Mask (T-Pain) made everyone cry with his heartbreaking cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me.” (Video property of FOX & Smart Dog Media)

#12-Monster Mask (T-Pain): “Stay With Me” (The Masked Singer USA: Season One)

There was no way that my Top 20 countdown would be the same if I did not include Monster Mask (T-Pain)’s cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me.” It was one of the show’s breakout moments. T-Pain made several audience members and panelists (including both Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg and Nicole Scherzinger) weep. It was also the performance that made T-Pain win the Fox singing competition.

Collabro’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” remains one of Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions‘ best moments. (Video property of iTV, Syco Entertainment & Thames)

#11-Collabro: “Who Wants to Live Forever” (Britain’s Got Talent-The Champions: Series One) 

Longtime Jake’s Take friends and Britain’s Got Talent winners Collabro ends the first half of the Top 20 countdown. The quartet celebrated its fifth anniversary by returning to Britain’s Got Talent for their Champions series. This performance showcased Jamie, Matt, Michael, and Thomas’ growth as a quartet, but as vocalists! Bravo, Collabro!!!

Voices of Service delivered a beautiful cover of Leona Lewis’ “Footprints in the Sand” during AGT: Season 14 finale. The Top 20 countdown would not be the same without them. (Video property of FremantleUSA, NBC & Syco Entertainment)

#10-Voices of Service: “Footprints in the Sand” (America’s Got Talent: Season 14) 

Voices of Service is my favorite vocal groups that made their debut this year. This quartet represents the best that the United States Armed Forces has to offer, and their dedication to helping veterans speaks volumes. During the Season 14 finale, this phenomenal quartet delivered a robust cover of Leona Lewis’ “Footprints in the Sand.” It gave me goosebumps from the first note and was the perfect way to end their time on AGT. 

It was hard to pick out a specific performance from Bee Mask (Gladys Knight)’s run on The Masked Singer, so I put all of them onto my Top 20 countdown. (Videos property of FOX & Smart Dog Media)

#9-Bee Mask (Gladys Knight)-Every Performance (The Masked Singer USA: Season One)

I immediately recognized Gladys Knight’s legendary voice when she sang Sia’s “Chandelier.” The Empress of Soul delivered outstanding performances of today’s Top 40 anthems. From showing sass on Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven” and elevating Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” to a level of excellence, Ms. Knight delivered robust performances showcased why she has one of the greatest voices in music history.

Susan Boyle’s “Wild Horses” was the first Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ first season. (Video property of FremantleUSA, NBC & Syco Entertainment)

#8-Susan Boyle: “Wild Horses” (America’s Got Talent-The Champions: Season One) 

Got Talent’s greatest vocalist, Susan Boyle, returned to America to compete on the inaugural season of America’s Got Talent: The Champions. I am so happy that she sang her outstanding cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses.” It was a magnificent performance from start to finish and was the perfect choice for Mel B’s final Golden Buzzer.

NDLOVU Youth Choir delivered an exceptional cover of Kygo’s remix of Whitney Houston’s “Higher Love.” (Video property of FremantleUSA, NBC & Syco Entertainment)

#7-NDLOVU Youth Choir: “Higher Love” (America’s Got Talent: Season 14) 

When it came to picking the Top 20 countdown, I needed to include a performance from NDLOVU Youth Choir. I loved their entire AGT journey! One of my favorite tracks from this South African cover is their unique take on Kygo’s remix of Whitney Houston’s cover of “Higher Love.” The performance was full of joy and life that made me grin from ear-to-ear. 

Flower Mask (Patti LaBelle) gave an impeccable performance of Lonestar’s “Amazed” during The Masked Singer. (Video property of FOX & Smart Dog Media)

#6-Flower Mask (Patti LaBelle): “Amazed” (The Masked Singer USA: Season Two)

Minus the cheeky Romeo & Juliet background dancing, the Flower Mask delivered a beautiful rendition of Lonestar’s “Amazed.” I knew that it was Patti LaBelle’s outstanding voice under the mask, and I was thrilled when she showcased this different side of her voice.

Paul Potts’ powerful performance of “Caruso” was truly a highlight of America’s Got Talent: The Champions. (Video property of Fremantle, NBC & Syco)

#5-Paul Potts: “Caruso” (America’s Got Talent-The Champions: Season One)

Paul Potts, the first winner of Britain’s Got Talent, traveled to Los Angeles to compete in the Got Talent Olympics. He delivered an outstanding cover of Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla’s “Caruso.” I got chills from the first note and there was no note out of place!

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon’s cover of “We All Fall in Love Sometimes” made Katy Perry weep. (Video property of ABC, Fremantle, & 19 Entertainment)

#4-Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon: “We All Fall in Love Sometimes” (American Idol: Season 17)

Forget, Alejandro and Cade, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon will probably be this season’s breakout star! During Elton John week, Jeremiah reworked “We All Fall in Love Sometimes” and it brilliantly showcased his artistry. Not only did the performance astonished Lionel Richie, but Jeremiah made Katy Perry weep.

Australia’s Got Talent winner (and future AGT: Champions-Season Two participant) Jack Vidgen made his return to Australian television thanks to his explosive take on Adele’s “Hello.” (Video property of ITV Studios Australia, Nine Network & Talpa Media Group)

#3-Jack Vidgen: “Hello” (The Voice Australia-Season Eight)

Australia’s Got Talent winner Jack Vidgen made his triumphant return to Australian television with his powerhouse performance of Adele’s “Hello.” Jack’s vocals are probably the best male vocals that I have heard on a Voice program since Jordan Smith and Billy Gilman. It was also amazing to see both Australian recording artists Delta Goodrem and Guy Sebastian’s heartfelt reactions after they turned around during his performance.

Jai McDowall made his triumphant return to Britain’s Got Talent, where his cover of Lady Gaga’s “I’ll Never Love Again” gave viewers chills. (Video property of iTV, Syco Entertainment & Thames)

#2-Jai McDowall: “I’ll Never Love Again” (Britain’s Got Talent-The Champions: Series One)

Jake’s Take friend Jai McDowall made his return to Britain’s Got Talent after a public falling out with Simon and SYCO Entertainment. The West End star showcased his outstanding vocals when he covered Lady Gaga’s “I’ll Never Love Again.” In addition to Jai’s impeccable performance, fans were moved when they Got Talent creator genuinely apologized to Jai during the Judges’ comments.

Bianca Ryan made her emotional return to the Americas’s Got Talent stage with her cover of A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something.” (Video property of Fremantle, NBC & Syco Entertainment)

#1-Bianca Ryan: “Say Something” (America’s Got Talent-The Champions: Season One)

The original America’s Got Talent winner won this year’s countdown with her remarkable cover of A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something.” The inaugural season of Champions marked Bianca’s return to the Got Talent franchise after recovering from a paralyzed vocal cord. This performance gave me chills and proved why she is one of Got Talent’s most impeccable vocalists.


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