The WINNER of ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ Is…

Who won 'AGT: Fantasy League'? (Photos and graphic property of NBC)

Who won ‘AGT: Fantasy League’? (Photos and graphic property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

America’s Got Talent (AGT) launched its latest spin-off, AGT Fantasy League, at the beginning of 2024!

Fans voted for the most memorable acts in the Got Talent franchise to compete in this spin-off. The twist was that the judges (Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and returning judge Mel B) picked acts to compete on their dream teams. Also, the Golden Buzzer was harnessed to award an act a spot in the AGT: Fantasy League finals OR to steal them from another judges’ team.  

Last week, the acts performed one final time for the superfans’ votes. Tonight, the winner was crowned! Who won the competition and took home the $250,000 grand prize? Read on to find out!

Brian Justin Crum and Loren Allred teamed up with Aidan Bryant, Billy and Emily England, the Ramadhani Brothers, and Sofie Dossi for one of the most electric AGT collaborations ever! The duo sang “The Greatest Show” from The Greatest Showman while the Englands, Ramadhanis, Aidan, and Sofie performed their stunts. However, Aidan and Sofie’s collaboration at the song’s end blew me away!! It’s one of the best AGT collaborations I have ever seen. 

As the acts left the stage, we had a recap of the AGT: Fantasy League finals with behind-the-scenes footage. Kodi Lee teamed up with rising star Stephen Sanchez to perform a beautiful duet of “Until I Found You.” I hope that the duo will record this track for streaming purposes soon! 

We celebrated Mel B’s return to AGT after six years, and Simon even admitted that he missed working with her. Next, Jake’s Take Friends Chapel Hart and Season 17 finalist Drake Milligan returned to rock the stage! After Mel B and Terry Crews swept Howie and Heidi in an emoji competition, Sainted joined Robin S for a rousing rendition of “Show Me Love.” We also had the opportunity to see the judges go behind the scenes with their mentoring sessions. I was so jealous of Team Simon members who visited his house.

Several members of the US Olympic Team appeared on AGT: Fantasy League and one of the athletes teamed up with Shadow Ace. Finally, the Pack Drumline and V.Unbeatable joined forces with music legend Sheila E. for an impeccable rendition of “The Glamourous Life.” 

As Shelia E left the stage, it was time for business. Sainted, V.Unbeatable, The Pack Drumline (BOO!!!), Musa Motha, & the the Ramadhani Brothers were the Top Five!

In Fifth Place: MUSA MOTHA (I’m pretty shocked) 

In Fourth Place: SAINTED (They delivered an epic run) 

In Third Place: V.UNBEATABLE (They were robbed!!!)

The winners of AGT: Fantasy League were THE RAMADHANI BROTHERS!!! 


Thank you, Mel B, for returning! We hope to see you soon. 

AGT: Season 19 will premiere this summer, with Sofia Vergara rejoining the Judges’ Panel. 

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