Jake’s Take Fifth Anniversary: The Top 30 Greatest Female Singers Discovered on Reality TV-Part Three

Missed reading part two of this series? Click here to read it! This is it! Here are the ten female singers whose spectacular voices not only shaped singing competitions but also played a significant role in inspiring people to pursue a career in the music industry. #10: Gerphil-Geraldine Flores (Asia’s Got Talent: Season One) Pack […]

The 12 Best Female Performances in American Idol history

By: Jacob Elyachar One of the most successful Reality T.V. shows of all time returns tomorrow night on FOX. Idol veterans Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson will welcome Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban to the Judges’ Panel and will also begin their search to find the next superstar. Hopefully, the next American Idol […]

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