Jake’s Take-The 30 Greatest Talents that “American Idol” Discovered-Part One

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com In four days, American Idol will air its final auditions! I have watched Idol since Season Two (2003) and professionally reviewed the show since Season 11 (2012) and one thing that keeps me coming back to the FOX singing competition is the show’s ability to transform ordinary people into household names […]

Amber Holcomb & Angie Miller steals “Idol” quarterfinals

By: Jacob Elyachar Despite the behind the scenes controversy between Mariah Carey and the show’s producers surrounding her firing and the possible return of Jennifer Lopez, American Idol’s leading ladies still performed two songs tonight. Which contestant(s) gained momentum for the May finale? Who lost steam from this week’s performances?  Read on to find out… […]

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