Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews: Week of May 21, 2021

Artists to Watch:

Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back! Here are a few up-and-coming artists that have the potential to take the music industry by storm. 

MK xyz’s Sweet Spot – EP is a superb R&B EP. (Album cover property of Epic Records)

Sweet Spot – EP by MK xyz 

Epic Records recording artist MK xyz was discovered by the legendary Tricky Stewart and has built a massive following in the R&B world. Even several significant music media outlets, including Bustle and Wonderland Magazine, are fans. Her latest EP, Sweet Spot, might remind longtime music fans of Rihanna’s first albums, including 2005’s Music of the Sun and 2007’s Good Girl Gone Bad. If MK xyz surrounds her with the right people, she will go far. B

Tracks to Download: “Dennis Rodman,” “One Time,” & “She Knows.” 

Superstar producer Foreign Teck teamed up with Justin Quiles, Jay Wheeler, Bryant Myers, Eladio Carrion & Tory Lanez for his debut single: “Conexion.” (Music video property of WK Records)

“Conexion” by Foreign Teck featuring Justin Quiles, Jay Wheeler, Bryant Myers, Eladio Carrion & Tory Lanez

Multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated producer Foreign Teck dropped his first single, “Conexion.” The collaboration showcases Foreign Teck’s roots in Hip-hop, Latin, R&B, and trap music. The track also does a superb job in weaving both English and Spanish verses together. I genuinely believe that Foreign Teck is on his way to becoming one of his generation’s top influential voices in the industry. B+

Joy Oladokun and Grammy-winning singer Maren Morris teamed up for a superb new song: “Bigger Man.” (Music video property of Universal Music Group)

“Bigger Man” by Joy Oladokun & Maren Morris 

Emerging artist Joy Oladokun teamed up with Grammy-winning superstar Maren Morris for her latest track. The “sorry isn’t good enough” singer-songwriter co-wrote “Bigger Man” with “The Middle” singer-songwriter, Jimmy Robbins, and Laura Veltz. It is a beautiful track from start to finish, and I believe that music lovers will get lost in this luscious song. B+/A- 

“Hell On Earth” by Turbo

10K Projects/Homemade Projects rising artist Turbo is aiming to push music’s boundaries. His latest single, “Hell on Earth,” combines outlaw country, rap, and EDM for an epic track. I am looking forward to seeing where Turbo goes because “Hell On Earth” has “Old Town Road (Remix)” potential. A- 

The Warning’s “CHOKE” is one of the best rock music singles I have heard all year! (Music video property of Lava Records)

“CHOKE” by The Warning

Monterrey, Mexico sisters Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra Villarreal might inspire a new generation of rockers. The sisters, who are signed to Lava Records and Republic Records, released their latest single: “CHOKE.” Paulina’s spectacular drumming, Daniela’s outstanding vocals, and Alejandra’s killer bass lines showcase why the Warning is one band to watch in the years to come. A+ 

WONHO and Kiiara’s “Ain’t About You” is the song that music lovers have waited to hear. (Music video property of BMG)

“Ain’t About You” by WONHO featuring Kiiara.

WONHO wraps up this edition of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews. The K-Pop superstar dropped his latest track: “Ain’t About You.” He teamed up with Kiiara for a beautiful K-Pop meets EDM track: “Ain’t About You.” I love the lyrics, and the track’s production value, and listeners could describe “Ain’t About You” as a delicious piece of ear candy. 

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