Monsta X Holds ‘All About Luv’ Listening Party In NYC

Monsta X visited New York City to promote their first English language album: All The Luv. (Photo property of Monsta X)

Hundreds of fans waited in line around New York City’s Chelsea Music Hall for a chance to join hear K-pop group Monsta X’s latest record.

Since 2015, singers Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, and Hyungwon, along with rappers Joohoney, and I.M. have entertained audiences around the world. Monsta X’s unique blend of pop and hip-hop music amassed a loyal social media following that includes 1.3 million Facebook fans, 3.4 million Twitter followers, and 4.3 million Instagram followers.

Last year, Epic Records (who has AJ Mitchell, Mariah Carey, Meghan Trainor, Ozzy Osbourne, Raja Kumari, and Rence on their artists’ roster) signed the Seoul, South Korea music group to release their English-language recordings. ALL ABOUT LUV is Monsta X’s first English language album off of their recording contract.

On Thursday, February 20, a select group of hand-picked fans and media members got to listen to the album. As the fans (known as the Monbebe) piled into the Chelsea Music Hall’s basement, they immediately sang (or in some cases screamed) some of Monsta X’s top singles. Journalist Jeff Benjamin moderated the conversation with the group, and once Monsta X took the stage, the fans aggressively screamed as each member walked out.

Monsta X participated in a Q&A as they discussed their latest album: All About Luv. (Photo property of Jake’s Take)

The group shared some tidbits with the fanbase. Monsta X spoke about meeting collaborator rapper French Montana on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live. There was also a debate that happened during the Q&A; the Monbebe wanted to know about a mystery word that was featured in the track: “Love U.” The group also stated that there is a possibility of recording music in English again.

However, Monsta X has other priorities. The group dropped the news that they were currently in developing their fourth Korean-language album. The K-pop group’s last Korean-language album was 2019’s Take.2 We Are Here. Fans also tried to get answers from the guts regarding the subject of “She’s the One.” Monsta X generically declared that the track was dedicated to their female fans and parents. As the Q&A wrapped up, Monsta X surprised their fans with a unique showcase such as “Love U,” “Middle of the Night,” and “You Can’t Hold My Heart.”


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