The Masked Singer: Season 5 Group B Has Its Finals

The Masked Singer Season 5 Group B Finals
Did the latest ‘Masked Singer’ Wild Card performer eliminate the Crab, Black Swan, Piglet, or Chameleon? (Photos and graphic property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

The Masked Singer: Season Five has had so many twists and turns this season!

For the first time in show history, Wild Card performers have entered the competition. Two of them (the Orca and the Crab) have eliminated established performers, the Raccoon and Grandpa Monster, from the competition. Tonight, the Crab joined Black Swan, Chameleon, and Piglet in the Group B finals. They were joined by the final Group B Wild Card performer.

Who was this mysterious Wild Card performer? Did they take out any of the Group B members? Who was forced to join Kermit the Frog, Caitlyn Jenner, Danny Trejo, and Logan Paul in the Masked Singer: Season Five elimination club? Did any panelists (Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg) correctly deduce the eliminated performer’s identity?

Read on to find out!

After guest host Niecy Nash made her entrance, it was time to get down to business. Black Swan kicked off the evening with her latest Masked Singer performance. She revealed in her pre-performance package her past that included three 10s and a backpack that had “Montana” written on it. She sang Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know,” and it was an outstanding vocal! I thought that Black Swan is Leona Lewis. After Nicole called her “the full package,” the Men in Black brought a unicorn head (from her home) who taught her to be herself. Jenny thought it was Emily Osment. However, Robin guessed Victoria Justice. Meanwhile, Ken thought it was Brenda Song. 

As Black Swan left the stage, she ran into Piglet. His pre-performance package included a spider (like Charlotte) and a blue ribbon with “1 DR”. He sang the emotional “7 Years,” and I immediately identified Nick Lachey’s voice. I predict that Piglet could be in the show’s finals. The performance made Jenny cry and want to hug her son. The Men in Black stole a set of dog tags from the Piglet’s house. Nicole thought it was Kevin Richardson, while Ken initially guessed his friend Bradley Cooper, but then changed his guess to Zayn Malik. Meanwhile, Jenny thought of AJ McLean.

The Crab had social media talking, and he revealed that he had a hard time breathing on the Masked Singer stage. He said that he has a passion for cooking, thanks to his mom. Tonight, Crab performed Rick James’s “Give It To Me Baby.” I still believe that Crab is Bobby Brown. Unfortunately, Crab Mask had an unforeseen problem. Before the show aired, E! News reported that the Crab was having difficulties breathing. As Nicole and Ken delivered their feedback, the Crab screamed: “I got to take a break” before several members of The Masked Singer production team rushed to his aide and escorted him backstage.

Crab returned to the stage, and the Masked Singer episode continued. Nicole loved his tone and called the performance “delicious.” The Crab’s household item that the Men in Black stone was a black bowler hat. Jenny thought of both Martin Lawrence and Bobby Brown. Meanwhile, Ken thought Crab was Shawn Stockman.

As Crab left the stage, the Chameleon walked to the stage. The performer dedicated the performance to his little Chameleon and revealed that he practiced martial arts. Chameleon rapped Dead Prez’s “Hip Hop.” The internet is rumbling that rapper Wiz Khalifa is the Chameleon, and I have to concur with them. The Men in Black revealed that the Chameleon was the owner of buffalo wings. Nicole guessed Waka Flocka Flame. However, Robin was right on the nose and guessed Wiz Khalifa. Meanwhile, Cluedle-Doo revealed that the Men in Black caught Nicole trying to find the Chameleon. However, he also said that the masked performer also frequented another type of studio.

The final Group B Wildcard made their first appearance, and it was the Bulldog! He performed New Edition’s “Candy Girl” and was dedicated to Niecy. I had no idea who might be the Bulldog’s true identity. Robin declared that Bulldog shook up the competition! Once the Masked Singer panel put their first impression guesses in the doghouse, the Men in Black brought out Bulldog’s clue (a cue card from Saturday Night Live). Ken guessed Chris Tucker, while Jenny thought it was Chris Rock.  

However, Niecy gave the final twist of the evening. She would have the power to send home ANY performer of her choice. Niecy chose the Bulldog, and it turned out to be Nick Cannon himself!  

Next week, Group A enters the finals!

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