The Group A Wild Card Enters ‘Masked Singer: Season 5’

How did Group A react to the arrival of the first Wildcard performer on The Masked Singer stage? (Photos & graphics property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

For the first time in Masked Singer history, Wild Card performers entered the mix.

Just as the Raccoon, Robopine, the Russian Dolls, and Seashell thought it was safe to compete, a Wild Card performer has entered the show. This contestant targets a spot in the competition, and they could potentially send one of the Group A established performers home.

Who was this mysterious challenger? Were they successful in sending one of the Masked Singer contenders home, joining Kermit the Frog and Caitlyn Jenner in the Season Five elimination club? Meanwhile, how did Cluedle-Doo continue to wreak havoc on the season? Plus, did any panelists (Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg) correctly deduce the performers’ true identities?

Read on to find out!

Before we got to the Wild Card performer, guest host Niecy Nash made a fierce entrance, and fan-favorite Joel McHale rejoined the Masked Singer panel as this week’s guest panelist. The Russian Dolls returned to the stage, and In this week’s pre-performance package, they revealed a health scare and the sun-moon-Earth. They performed Shawn Mendes’ “Wonder,” and I think that E! was correct to believe that the Hanson brothers are the Russian Dolls. Robin praised their harmonies, and they revealed self-portrait that was almost Andy Warhol pop art. He thought it was Sugarland, while Ken thought it was members of the Jackson family. As they left the stage, Cluedle-Doo revealed that the Russian Dolls could have a fourth member. 

The Racoon is one of the worst performers ever to grace the stage. He revealed that he was a champion fighter and trained a Hollywood leading man before becoming the star. My guess is Machete himself (Danny Trejo), and he butchered Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” While Nicole fawned over the Racoon, Joel was left speechless by the performance. His self-portrait had stars and bats on it. Robin guessed Tony Danza, while Nicole thought it was Sylvester Stallone. Meanwhile, Jenny guessed that her Season Five boyfriend was Jon Voight.

Robopine made his return to the Masked Singer stage. In his pre-performance package, there were police officers, a stuffed cat, and a lightning bolt. He sang John Legend’s “All of Me,” and I got my first set of Season Five chills. I am guessing either Leslie Odom, Jr. or Ruben Studdard. The Wrap reported that Robopine made Nicole weep, while Joel thought that the red-eye was looking at him. Robopine’s artwork had a rock star vibe and spiders. Nicole guessed Jason Derulo, but Robin thought Wesley Snipes. However, Ken assumed it was the legendary Eddie Murphy. 

The Seashell returned! She revealed that it was “ages since she stepped onto the stage” in her pre-performance package. It also contained a two-minute stopwatch, baked goods, and baseballs. She sang Demi Lovato’s “Confident.” This new set of clues left me confused. However, her performance was dynamite! The Seashell’s “Mona Lisa” contained a tornado, a book, and dumbbells. Joel thought it was Ashlee Simpson, while Ken thought it was Jenny Slate. Meanwhile, Robin guessed Haylie Duff!

The first Masked Singer wild card was revealed to be the Orca! The Orca’s pre-performance package was involved with pizza and punchlines. He delivered a lucky pizza box to a falcon. He sang Twisted Singer’s “We’re Not Going to Take It.” I liked the vocal, and it put a smile on my face. Jenny thought that the Orca delivered, and Robin loved his grit. Once the panel made their initial guesses, the Orca’s painting contained a surfboard and a rocket ship. Nicole thought it was Dave Grohl. Joel thought it was Billy Corrigan, while Jenny guessed Kevin Bacon. 

It turned out that the Orca was successful in knocking out an original member of Group A as the Raccoon was sent home! Ken’s first impression guess was Mike Tyson, but he changed it to Danny DeVito. Jenny’s first impression guess was Dustin Hoffman, but she switched to it, Gary Busey. Nicole guessed Sylvester Stallone, and Robin changed his guess to Tony Danza.

It turned out I was right…RACCOON was DANNY TREJO!

Next week, the first Group B Wild Card performer invades The Masked Singer!

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