Masked Singer 9 HEADS TO SPACE!

Ken Jeong celebrates 'Masked Singer: Season 9' Space Night.

Ken Jeong celebrated ‘Masked Singer: Season Nine’s’ space night! (Photo property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

The Masked Singer: Season Nine is heading into space!

FOX’s favorite undercover celebrity singing competition is blasting off into outer space. New champion, the Dandelion, will have to deal with two invaders who were looking to get her crown and sash. Unfortunately, the Ding-Dong-Keep-It-On Bell is out of play as Robin Thicke used it to save Mantis.

Did the Dandelion keep her crown and sash? Who were the latest celebrities to join Dick van Dyke, Howie Mandel, Holly Robinson Peete, and Malin Akerman in the Masked Singer: Season Nine elimination club? Did any of the panelists (Robin, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg) correctly deduce the eliminated performers’ true identities?

Ken opened the show by channeling his inner Buck Rogers before Nick Cannon forced him back to the panel desk. Nick revealed tonight’s winner would face off against the California Rolls and the Macaw in the Season Nine quarterfinals. Reigning champion Dandelion took the stage first. The pre-performance package was an apple, a dog, and a holiday hat with a laughing face emoji. She performed Muse’s “Starlight,” I still believe this is Vanessa Williams. After Nicole praised Dandelion for being an intergalactic superstar, Rovi the Rover delivered a flag that said: “Space Star” and that she had plenty of experience with space. Robin thought it was Sara Bareilles, but Jenny guessed Milla Jovovich. Meanwhile, Ken ended the round by assuming Dandelion was Alicia Witt.

The Lamp made their Masked Singer debut. In her pre-performance package was an image of “Captain Nicole,” an energy drink, “teen queen darling,” and revealed that she locked lips with Ryan Reynolds and James van der Bek. She sang Bananarama’s “Venus,” and I could not pinpoint the voice, so I guessed Katie Holmes. Robin praised her performance before Melrose Place and Spaceballs actress Daphne Zuniga delivered a major clue with a rocket that stated “Cover Girl,” and she used “Maxim.” Nicole guessed Alyssa Milano, while Jenny guessed Melissa Joan Hart or Hillary Duff. Meanwhile, Robin added Ali Larter into the mix. 

The one-eyed UFO performer made her way to the stage. Her pre-performance package featured New England, “RIP Queen Victoria,” a crown, and the San Francisco Bridge. She performed Coldplay’s “Yellow” for her chance to remain on The Masked Singer. I loved her beautiful vocal tone but have yet to learn who she is. Jenny declared that UFO tugged on their heartstrings. Astronaut Mike Massimino, who sent the first tweet from space, revealed a clue that had “planetwide” on his helmet. Ken stated that it was Kendall Jenner, while Jenny guessed Gigi Hadid. Finally, Robin thought of Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber. 

The Masked Singer panel and studio audience voted to send the Dandelion (WHAT THE HECK?) back to Earth. Jenny stood by her guess of Milla Jovovich while Ken doubled down with Alicia Witt. Meanwhile, Robin thought it was Sara Bareilles, and Nicole suggested Zooey Deschanel. KEN WAS RIGHT AGAIN THIS SEASON…..ALICIA WITT WAS DANDELION! 

Ken beamed to introduce the Battle Royale of the evening, starring the Lamp and the UFO. Tonight, they sang “Rocket Man.” When the Lamp started singing, I thought I heard Melissa Joan Hart’s voice. However, UFO’s version gave me goosebumps; I thought she won. The panel agreed with me and sent the UFO Mask to the quarterfinals. Jenny guessed Melissa Joan Hart with the UFO and Robin joined her with the guess. Nicole revealed that her first show was Sabrina the Teenage Witch and joined the duo in guessing. However, Ken thought it was Michelle Williams. HOLY SMOKES, the trio and I were right…MELISSA JOAN HART WAS THE LAMP!

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