‘Masked Singer 9’ Has Battle of the Saved

Did the Gargoyle survive the 'Masked Singer: Season Nine' Battle of the Saved? (Photo and graphic property of FOX)

Did the Gargoyle survive the ‘Masked Singer: Season Nine’ Battle of the Saved? (Photo and graphic property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Throughout The Masked Singer’s ninth season, our panelists (Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg) have used the “Ding Dong, Keep It On!” Bell on three disguised celebrities. Medusa, Gargoyle, and Mantis faced off for the final spot in the Season Nine quarterfinals tonight.

Which undercover celebrity advanced to the quarterfinals? Whose dreams of joining T-Pain, Kandi Burress, Nick Lachey, and Amber Riley in the Masked Singer’s Winners’ Circle came crashing down? Plus, did our panel correctly deduce the eliminated performers’ true identities? Read on to find out!

After all three rescued performers entered, Medusa Mask returned to redeem herself. Nicole saved her during New York Night. In her pre-performance package, there was a sun and a trophy. Tonight, she tackled Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy,” and once again, she delivered a knockout performance. I still believe that Medusa is Joss Stone. Jenny called it “a winning performance,” while Nicole praised Medusa for “stirring their souls.” The Man in Black brought out the clues, and one sign stated, “Alias.” Nicole stood by her guess of Lorde; Ken guessed Susan Boyle and Robin suggested Kesha as the Sun (LeAnn Rimes) sang her song on her season.

Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg saved Gargoyle during DC Super Heroes Night. His pre-performance package featured a gummy bear and lightning. Gargoyle sang Usher and Pitbull’s “DJs Got Us Fallin’ in Love” to remain in the competition. I was not a fan of the performance and could not tell who it was under the mask. The Man in Black’s clue was a coin that stated “pregame.” Robin suggested DeSean Jackson, while Jenny thought it was Michael B. Jordan, and the audience booed Ken after he suggested Anthony Mackie.

Robin Thicke saved Mantis from being eliminated on Warner Bros. Movies Night and revealed in his pre-performance package that Masked Singer was his daughter’s favorite show. Tonight, he sang The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me.” For my life, I did not know who this undercover celebrity was under the mask. While Nicole stated she loved his song choice, the Man in Black brought out a sword with “movie maverick” on its title. Ken thought of Oscar-winning actor Brendan Fraser, while Nicole suggested Steve Buschemi. 

The Masked Singer panel and the studio audience voted to advance Gargoyle and Medusa to the Battle Royale. I was surprised that Mantis Mask was the first performer to be eliminated. The panel’s final guesses consisted of Dennis Quaid (Robin Thicke), Steve Buschemi (Nicole Scherzinger), Kevin Bacon (Jenny), and Branden Fraser (Ken). No one got it right; Emmy-nominated actor Lou Diamond Phillips was MANTIS!! 

After Lou Diamond Phillips changed his clothes, he joined Robin and Jenny to introduce the Battle Royale. Tonight, the duo sang Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries.” This was a better vocal from Gargoyle, but still no dice. Medusa took the song by the horns and delivered an emotionally charged performance with a high-octane ending.

The judges awarded MEDUSA the second chance to reenter the competition! Which meant that Gargoyle was being sent home. The final guesses were Joey Bosa (Robin), Marshawn Lynch (Nicole), Anthony Mackie (Ken) and Michael B. Jordan (Jenny). KEENAN ALLEN was GARGOYLE!

The Masked Singer: Season Nine quarterfinals are next week! 

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