‘Masked Singer 10’ Celebrates ‘Trolls’ Night

Ken Jeong posed with Branch the Troll when The Masked Singer: Season 10 celebrated Trolls Night! (Photo property of FOX)

Ken Jeong posed with Branch the Troll when The Masked Singer: Season 10 celebrated Trolls Night! (Photo property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

DreamWorks Animation’s popular Trolls franchise invaded The Masked Singer. The remaining Group C performers (Anteater, Candelabra, and Donut) returned to the stage and sang tunes associated with the film franchise. However, the season’s final Wild Card performer, Cuddle Monster, decided to make their presence known and had other plans. Did Cuddle Monster advance to the Group C finale? Did our panelists (Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg) correctly deduce the eliminated performer’s identity? Read on to find out! 

After Branch and Poppy appeared, host Nick Cannon revealed that the remaining Group C performers would perform boyband jams and that the final Wild Card would make their presence known. Anteater Mask kicked off the evening, and in his pre-performance package, there were red balloons, a race car, a watermelon, and a coin with Jenny and Nicole’s faces on them. Anteater Mask sang the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” and I put the clues together and thought that John Oates was under the costume as he participated in “We Are the World” and that Jenny and Nicole were both “Rich Girls.” For the evening’s clues, the Trolls stars Poppy and Branch searched for clues across the studio lot. After causing chaos in Studio Three, they pointed to a “Hall of Fame” sign. Robin stated that the “Hall of Fame” sign could be interpreted to be either the Hollywood Walk of Fame or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jenny thought it was Bob Seeger or Willie Nelson. Meanwhile, Nicole thought it was John Mellencamp. 

Candleabra Mask was the second Group C performer to return to The Masked Singer stage. In her pre-performance package, the clues included dance shoes, a diamond ring, butterflies, and a castle. She sang K-Ci & Jojo’s “All My Life,” and the performer gave chills! I still believed that Monica was under the mask. Nicole loved the song choice and felt her heart in her performance. Poppy and Branch made a mess at craft services and left behind tea cups that said: “real tea.” Nicole thought it was Keyshia Cole, while Ken Jeong thought it was Kelly Rowland due to her Michelle Williams connection. 

Donut Mask returned for his second chance. His pre-performance package include the number one film slate, revealed that his wife passed away, mangoes, and a coloring book. He sang 98 Degrees’ “I Do (Cherish You),” and I honestly thought it was Sir Tom Jones, but I changed my mind. However, Branch and Poppy used “seasonings” and was an entertainment veteran. Ken thought it was Stanley Tucci, and Robin doubled his guess of Sir Tom Jones. Nicole guessed her great friend- Englebert Humperdink – who lost his wife years ago.

The final Group C Wild Card, the Cuddle Monster, set the Masked Singer record for the tallest performer in show history. Their pre-performance package included a moon tattoo, sneakers, boxing gloves, and the Wall Street Bull. He sang New Kids on the Block’s “You Got It (The Right Stuff),” which made Jenny glad. However, I could not pick out his voice. The Trolls’ final include that he has a world championship. Robin guessed Dennis Rodman, while Ken suggested Draymond Green. At the same time, Nicole added Shaquille O’Neal into the mix. 

The Masked Singer panel and audience voted to send Donut & Candleabra to the Group C finale, while Cuddle Monster and Anteater had to battle it out in the smackdown. Cuddle Monster sang “Can’t Stop This Feeling,” and while he put on a great show, I did not like his vocals. Anteater took a soulful rock approach to the J***** T******** song. I thought that Anteater delivered and he won for the second week in the row!  Robin thought Cuddle Monster was Dennis Rodman, while Ken doubled down his Draymond Green guess. Jenny thought it was Tristan Thompson and Nicole ended the round with her Shaq guess. 



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