‘Masked Dancer’ Group A Faces Off in the Playoffs

The Masked Dancer’s Group A (Exotic Bird, Hammerhead, Cricket, and Tulip) returned to the stage for fight in the Super Six. (Photos and graphics property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Group A is back on The Masked Dancer! Cricket, Exotic Bird, Hammerhead, and Tulip returned to the stage for three spots in the show’s first Super Six.

Which performer shined? Who was forced to unmask and join Ice-T, Bill Nye, and Elizabeth Smart in the Masked Dancer eliminated club? Did the panel (Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green, and Ashley Tisdale) correctly deduce their identity?  Read on to find out!

This week, 911: Lone Star actor Rob Lowe joined The Masked Dancer panel. The Exotic Bird was the first performer to take the stage. In her pre-performance package, she talked about how her mother helped her prepare to get over her sickness to persevere and conquer her fears. The clues that appeared included an Apple Pie and a football trophy. Based on the clues, I thought of American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, whose father, Phillippi, played for the NFL. 

The Exotic Bird performed Disclosure and Sam Smith’s “Latch.” I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and thought she brought her A-game. Ashley called the performance “Amazing,” and Ken declared her “a star.” Paula fought with Ken about the Exotic Bird being Janet Jackson before “Word Up.” This week’s clue was “Number One,” and I heard Jordin’s voice. Paula thought it was Jordin Sparks (she’s right)! Meanwhile, Rob Lowe thought it was Kate Hudson. Brian guessed Megan Thee Stallion.

Cricket was the next Masked Dancer to perform. In his pre-performance package, Cricket said that he was performing a 90s routine. There was a phrase “superphone” and the initial “ph” as clues. He completed an intriguing routine to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.” If it were another show, I would buzz him because the performance was dull! The panel gave him a standing ovation, which was not deserved. Cricket’s “Word Up” involved “All-Star.” Paula thought Cricket was a musician and thought it was either Adam Levine or Brian McKnight. Ken thought it was Olympics icon, Michael Phelps. Meanwhile, Rob Lowe guessed Ryan Lochte and Brian Austin Green agreed with him. 

The Hammerhead is one of the show’s frontrunners. In his pre-performance package, he used a stand-up stage and a wedding cake. He danced to The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights,” and I loved his footwork! I predict that he could be one of the show’s top finalists. Paula praised his solo, and Ashley noted the TikTok influence in his performance. Hammerhead’s “Word Up” clue was “Heartbreaker.” Ken thought Hammerhead was Ryan Seacrest and Rob Lowe thought Joe Rogan and Brian Austin Green agreed with him again. Paula thought it was Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

Tulip Mask was the last performer of the evening. She danced to Eva Cassidy’s cover of “Fields of Gold.” I got chills from the contemporary routine. It was probably one of the best routines so far this season. The performance moved the panel. Paula thought it was a dancer, while Rob thought Tulip could be a gymnast. Tulip’s “Word Up” clue was “Princess.” Paula thought of Kristen Bell due to her Frozen ties. Meanwhile, Ashley still thought Tulip was Charli D’Amelio. Brian guessed Olympics icon Simone Biles. 

After voting, host Craig Robinson revealed that Cricket was eliminated. The panel’s final guesses were Ashton Kutcher (Ashley Tisdale), Michael Phelps (Ken), Ryan Lochte (Brian + Rob Lowe), and Brian McKnight (Paula). It turned out that PAULA was RIGHT…CRICKET was BRIAN MCKNIGHT! 

Next week, The Masked Dancer Super Six compete against each other for the first time! 

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