Jake’s Take: Potential replacements for Howard Stern on “AGT”

Howard Stern leaves AGT

After the 10th anniversary season concludes, Howard Stern will end his reign as “America’s Judge.” (Photo property of NBC, SYCO TV & FremantleMedia North America)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Hate to break it to you, America’s Got Talent fans…but after this season, the King of All Media is leaving the show!

Howard Stern broke the news to his Sirius Radio listeners that he will leave the table as soon as the winner is crowned.

Jake’s Take has some casting suggestions on who might replace America’s judge for AGT: Season 11.


Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson AGT

The former “Idol” judges are the perfect candidates to replace the King of All Media when he leaves “AGT.” (Photo property of FOX & 19 Entertainment)

Simon Cowell

The Got Talent franchise creator has been AWOL since its inception 10 years ago! Now that X Factor USA is officially dead and American Idol is on its way out, the Reality TV icon could be taking Mr. Stern’s chair when the show returns in 2016. In addition, Stern stated on his June 24th show, he would be “good at it.” If he did join the panel, he might have to prepare himself for Howie’s antics (which are 10,000xs annoying than David Walliams’ shenanigans on Britain’s Got Talent).

Randy Jackson

I miss the DAWG! The music producer and American Idol veteran would bring some excitement to AGT. His catch phrases and eye for talent made Idol an impeccable show to watch for the FOX singing competition’s prime seasons. Yes, the audience might get annoyed with “pitchy,” “YO” and “IN IT TO WIN IT,” but just to watch him buzz abysmal acts would be absolutely priceless.

Piers Morgan returns to AGT

While original judge Piers Morgan is briefly returning to assist the judges with the next round, could Piers Morgan be Howard’s replacement for “AGT: Season 11”? (Photo property of NBC & SYCO TV)


Piers Morgan

Speaking of buzzers, it is time for NBC to bring the King of Mean back home on a permanent basis. For six years, Piers Morgan buzzed acts left and right as he left numerous hopefuls in tears with his spiteful (at times) critiques. Despite being a thorn in fans’ sides, he has eye for talent as several of the shows successful alums such as Terry Fator, Jackie Evancho, Fighting Gravity, iLuminate, Recycled Percussion and Barbara Padilla have gone on to do incredible things. Piers will temporary return to show as Mel B’s advisor for the next round of competition. Hopefully, this might leave a door open for his return to the NBC summer series in the near future.

Harry Connick, Jr.

When Idol leaves the airwaves in May 2016, Harsh Harry could possibly make his way over to the Peacock Network to take over Howard’s role. For NBC executives, it would be a dream-come-true, after The TV Page reported that the actor-singer turned them down three years ago after Sharon Osbourne’s controversial departure. If Harry sat alongside Mel B, Howie, and Heidi, a lot of mediocre singers (like Kevin Skinner and Miguel Dakota) would not make it passed the first audition.

Billy Crystal

The legendary Oscar host is one of the most revered entertainers of all-time! Mr. Crystal has been in the entertainment industry for 40 years and can bring his nearly five decades of experience to the America’s Got Talent stage. His insights could also help fans pick out the contenders from the pretenders.


If you want audiences to "Scream" with delight, NBC should ask Usher to switch shows. (Photo courtesy of NBC, One Three Media & Warner Horizon Television)

If you want audiences to “Scream” with delight, NBC should ask Usher to switch shows. (Photo courtesy of NBC, One Three Media & Warner Horizon Television)


AGT might just get hotter ratings if they successfully convince the veteran Voice coach to join the talent competition. The entertainer has a great taste in picking out talent (Justin Bieber, Michelle Chamuel, and Josh Kaufman) and I think the auditionees might actually bring their A-game for their auditions if the “Scream” singer is on the panel.


Travis Wall potential Howard Stern replacement for AGT

Travis Wall can dance, plus he has “All the Right Moves” to judge “America’s Got Talent” dancers. (Photo property of Bobby Quillard)

Travis Wall

Okay, So You Think You Can Dance fans! Before you verbally attack me on why this is a bad idea, please read why I think Travis would be a good fit for the show. Over the past few seasons, Got Talent’s dance category has grown leaps and bounds and I believe that the category need a judge (besides Mel B) that can give them honest feedback and challenge them to succeed. Travis is one of the best choreographers in the entertainment industry and I strongly believe that his feedback will be both instrumental and crucial to their journeys on-and-off the America’s Got Talent stage.

Tyler Oakley

With 7,000,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,290,000 Twitter followers, media personality Tyler Oakley could bring both the Digital and Millennial generations to the NBC talent competition in the droves. Just like Raven Symone did a couple of weeks ago when she was named a permanent co-host on The View, Tyler could make history as the first male millennial to become a member of a judges’ panel on a Reality TV show!

What do you think of my suggestions? Who else do you think should replace Howard Stern? Tweet me your suggestions at @JacobElyachar!



  1. Jay Leno
    David Letterman
    Jerry Springer
    Regis Philbin
    Ed Asner
    Wilford Brimley
    Barry Manilow

    • jacobjournalist says

      JBT, I like your suggestions but I do not think Letterman will never return to NBC. The Peacock Network burned their bridge with him a long time ago. It might be awkward for Jerry or Regis to judge since they were the hosts of Seasons 2/3 and Season One respectfully. However, Jay Leno and Barry Manilow might be intriguing choices to replace Howard!

  2. David Letterman, Jay leno are good.I think David will be better.Simon(boring).His days as reality tv judge are done.Someone fresh would be best.David has the likes of Howard stern and has a huge fan base.He is smart witty and he will be very direct with what he says.

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