Jake’s Take Casts ‘AGT Champions-Season 3’

Here are the 24 acts that should be invited to compete on AGT Champions: Season Three. (Photo property of NBC)

It is hard to believe that AGT Champions’ sophomore season is coming to an end. If NBC, Simon Cowell, and the producers can come up with an agreement, we could see a third season. 

Since Jake’s Take was successful in pitching Collabro, Hans, Oz Pearlman, and Paddy + Nicko to the AGT production team, we are trying it again. I have 24 acts on who should compete on AGT Champions’ third season.

Terry Fator could possibly take some time away from Vegas to compete on AGT Champions’ third season (Photo courtesy of Terry Fator)

Terry Fator (Winner-Season Two; Ventriloquist)

It’s hard to believe that America’s Got Talent’s top winner has not made an appearance on AGT Champions. The ventriloquist is one of the Got Talent franchise’s most recognizable champions has conquered the entertainment world, and it has been over 14 years since he competed. I think it is time for the legendary Las Vegas entertainer to showcase his incredible skills to a new generation of fans. 

Jabbawockeez (Participants-Season Two; B-boy and hip-hop dance crew) 

Yes, the world-famous B-boy and hip-hop dance crew did audition for America’s Got Talent: Season Two. Sadly, the then-judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff did not invite them to compete in the live rounds. However, the joke was on them! The Jabbawockeez won America’s Best Dance Crew, and their fame skyrocketed since then. However, it is time for them to showcase Simon, the AGT Champions producers, and fans what they missed out. 

Sideswipe (Participants-Season One & Top Eight Finalists-Season Two; Martial Arts dance crew)

Long before the Messoudi Brothers stripped their shirts off to showcase their strength, Sideswipe creator Matt Mullins and three of his friends delivered shirtless routines that contained fiery stunts and choreography. The group expanded and previously performed in Las Vegas. With the success of Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid and the Cobra Kai YouTube series, I think it is time for Matt and his team to visit AGT Champions.

Barbara Padilla should be invited to compete on AGT Champions’ third season. (Photo property of NBC & Syco TV)

Barbara Padilla (Runner-Up: Season Four; Opera Singer) 

I kept scratching my head on why Barbara Padilla was not included in the past two AGT Champions seasons. The Season Four Runner-Up and longtime friend of Jake’s Take is one of the greatest vocalists ever to perform on AGT. Also, she opened the door for Jackie Evancho, Laura Bretan, and Cristina Ramos to have success on the show. I guarantee that Barbara still has the vocal power to create showstopping and viral moments. 

Fighting Gravity (Third Place-Season Five; Blacklight performers) 

Fighting Gravity remains one of my all-time favorite variety acts! It has been ten years since the group auditioned for the show, and I feel that we would not have seen acts like iLuminate, Kenichi Ebina, and Light Balance. They have performed with will.i.am and Jennifer Lopez and entertained audiences across the country. I think it is time for the group to return to showcase their talent to a new generation. 

iLuminate (Third Place-Season Six; Glow-light dance crew) 

Team iLuminate made my jaw drop when they first appeared on America’s Got Talent: Season Six. Their excellent combination of smooth choreography and fabulous technology elevated the show to the next level of excellence. This March, iLuminate will launch a Las Vegas residency show titled Happy Hour: The Show at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Hopefully, this might be their ticket back to compete on AGT Champions. 

The Olate Dogs (Winners-Season Seven; Dog-tricks act) 

Germany’s Got Talent winner Alexa Lauenburger’s success on both AGT Champions and Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions could leave to the door open for the Olate Dogs to return for the third season. While Richard and Nicholas Olate could be the primary trainers for the dogs, they have expanded since their 2012 appearance to incorporate more family members and their furry friends into their act. 

Andrew De Leon’s return to AGT Champions could potentially bring fans back to the show. (Video property of NBC)

Andrew De Leon (Semifinalist-Season Seven; Singer)

When I spoke with the America’s Got Talent: Season Seven fan-favorite earlier this year, Andrew De Leon enthusiastically stated that he would want to return to compete on the spin-off’s third season. 2020 marks his eighth anniversary appearing on this show, and I think the fanbase is ready to see him return to AGT Champions. 

Forte Tenors (Fourth Place-Season Eight; Opera trio/quartet) 

Both the Forte Tenors and their fanbase have heavily campaigned on social media to get them on an installment of AGT Champions. However, I think that Simon and the production team should extend to all four members (Josh Page, Fernando Varela, Sean Panikkar, and Hana Ryu). I believe that this quartet could give a lot of acts a run for their money. But there is another Season Eight opera act that I would also reach out to…

Season Eight fan-favorite Branden James & his husband, James Clark, could definitely be front-runners if they compete on AGT Champions’ third season. (Video property of Branden + James)

Branden James (Top 12 Finalist-Season Eight; Opera singer) 

Longtime Jake’s Take friend Branden James brilliantly soared when he made it to the America’s Got Talent: Season Eight Radio City Live Shows. His interpretations of “You Raise Me Up,” “Alone,” and “Hallelujah” set the standard for singers performing on this show. Since Branden appeared on the show, he fell in love and incorporated his husband-cellist James Clark into his act. When I saw them perform at Feinstein’s 54Below, I knew that they could shake up AGT Champions. 

Season nine winner Mat Franco could be a strong candidate to compete on AGT Champions. (Photo property of NBC)

Mat Franco (Winner-Season Nine; Magician) 

Mat Franco is one of my generation’s top performers. His close-up magic made the America’s Got Talent: Season Nine audience’s jaws collectively drop! After winning the title, Mat has gone to entertain audiences at the LINQ Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I think Mat could deliver a breakout performance on AGT Champions. 

Emily West (Runner-Up-Season Nine; Singer) 

Singer Emily West’s phenomenal vocal performances elevated America’s Got Talent: Season Nine’s Radio City Music Hall shows. I still listen to her impeccable covers of “Nights in White Satin,” “Chandelier,” and “Who Wants to Live Forever” weekly. I believe that Emily would definitely make the competition more memorable if she participated in this third season. 

AcroArmy (Third Place-Season Nine; Acrobatic Group) 

AcroArmy’s impeccable choreography and stunts raised the bar for every aerial act who has competed on America’s Got Talent. I think that AcroArmy could potentially run away with the AGT Champions’ third season if they were invited to compete on the spinoff. 

Emil & Dariel could find their second chance on a future season of AGT: Champions. (Video property of NBC)

Emil & Dariel (Top 12 Finalists-Season Nine; Sibling cellists) 

Jake’s Take friends Emil and Dariel were taught by their grandfather to play the cello. However, they raised the bar for music acts once they performed in front of Howie, Heidi, Howard, and Mel B. Their interpretations of “Satisfaction” and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” set the standard for youth acts. They were robbed from performing in the Season Nine finale and I think it is time for AGT Champions to give them their second chance.

Sharon Irving America's Got Talent
Singer Sharon Irving could find redemption if she is invited to compete on ‘AGT Champions.’ (Photo property of NBC & SYCO Entertainment)

Sharon Irving (Semifinalist-Mel B’s Golden Buzzer: Season 10; Singer) 

Mel B’s first Golden Buzzer recipient, Sharon Irving, is probably one of the strongest candidates on my list to appear on AGT Champions. Her soulful interpretations of “Take Me to Church,” “Imagine,” and “Glory” elevated the tenth anniversary season to the next level of excellence. Also, she was wrongfully robbed of a spot in the Season 10 finale. I think AGT Champions is her second chance of success.

Linkin’ Bridge (Finalists-Season 11; Vocal group) 

I distinctly remember watching Linkin’ Bridge audition for Simon, Mel B, Heidi, and Howie at the Pasadena Civic Center. When they sang the first few notes of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” the audience immediately rose up from our seats. After they received a four “Yeses,” I prayed that they made it to the Season 11 live shows. They rode that wave of excellence all the way to the Season 11 finale and I hope that they are invited back to AGT Champions. 

Malevo (Semifinalists-George Lopez’s Golden Buzzer; Season 11; Malambo dance group)

The Buenos Aires, Argentina dance group introduced the America’s Got Talent: Season 11 audience to Malambo dance. They immediately became frontrunners for their season once George Lopez pressed the Golden Buzzer. Up until Season 11, I never have seen a dance act so in sync and had a fire in their eyes to improve the family’s lives. I think it is time for the Malevo men to return to elevate AGT Champions to a new level of excellence.

Musicality could potentially either receive the Golden Buzzer or win AGT Champions if they compete on the spin-off. (Video property of Musicality)

Musicality (Semifinalists-Season 11; Youth vocal group) 

I believe that Musicality paved the way for both the Detroit Youth Group and NDLOVU’s success last season. Under Michael Gibson’s direction, the Curie Metropolitan High School students showcased their vocal prowess to America. Their performances of “Night Changes,” “Skyscraper,” and “Born This Way” moved me to tears and I strongly believe that they were robbed of a spot in the Season 11 finale. AGT Champions could be their second chance to compete and if they revisit their tenth-anniversary performance of “From Now On,” I guarantee that they could be worthy of a Golden Buzzer. 

Tyra Banks’ Golden Buzzer act, Zurcaroh, almost won AGT: Season 13. Could they finally score a win on AGT Champions? (Video property of NBC)

Zurcaroh (Runner-Ups: Tyra Banks’ Golden Buzzer: Season 13; Acrobatic group)

Tyra Banks’ final Golden Buzzer act, Zurcaroh, is probably one of the acrobatic and gymnastic groups that have competed on the Simon Cowell era of the show. They elevated their craft through their outstanding routines and I think Zurcaroh could create more viral moments if they were invited back to compete on AGT Champions.

AGT Champions superfans could bring the Angel City Chorale to the finale if the group sang another song similar to “The Rising.” (Video property of NBC)

Angel City Chorale (Semifinalists: Olivia Munn’s Golden Buzzer-Season 13; Choir)

I love Angel City Chorale! Under Sue Fink’s impeccable direction, singers from all across the Los Angeles area came together to showcase unity and harmony. I became an instant fan of the choir during their flawless interpretation of Toto’s “Africa” and was thrilled when they received Olivia Munn’s Golden Buzzer. In all honesty, Simon and the producers need to give this group a fast pass for the AGT Champions’ third season preliminaries! I foresee them as frontrunners if they compete.

Christina Wells America's Got Talent
Christina Wells will deliver show-stopping powerhouse performances if she appeared on AGT Champions. (Screenshot property of NBC)

Christina Wells (Semifinalist; Season 13; Singer) 

When I spoke with Season 13 standout and vocal powerhouse Christina Wells last year, she would be open to returning to compete. Christina’s spectacular voice would leave a mark on AGT Champions. 

Fans could definitely demand that Season 14 winner Kodi Lee could compete on AGT Champions’ next season. (Video property of NBC)

Kodi Lee (Winner: Gabrielle Union’s Golden Buzzer; Season 14; Singer and pianist) 

Nearly 53 million people have watched Kodi Lee’s historic first audition on YouTube. The Season 14 winner stunned the audience with his phenomenal interpretation of Leon Russell’s “A Song for You.” He inspired the world throughout his run with his powerful performances. I have a strong feeling that Kodi Lee could be an intricate part of AGT Champions’ next season. 

NDLOVU Youth Choir’s “Africa” showcases why they are perfect for AGT Champions’ next season. (Video property of NBC)

NDLOVU Youth Choir (Finalists- Season 14; Choir) 

The final choir that I believe deserves a shot on AGT Champions is South African choir NDLOVU. I felt inspired by each performance. Under the direction of choirmaster Ralf Schmitt, these young men and women have impeccable showmanship and I would love to see them test their abilities against Angel City Chorale and Musicality. 

Close-up magician Eric Chien could have a better showcase on AGT Champions. (Photo by & courtesy of NBC’s Trae Patton)

Eric Chien (Semifinalist-Season 14; Close-up magician) 

Asia’s Got Talent winner and Season 14 semifinalist Eric Chien wraps up this edition of my wish list. While he might be up against some stiff competition against Mat Franco, Eric’s storytelling and magic abilities are effortless and captivated fans. Those skills are needed in order to succeed in this high-stakes spinoff. I hope that he gets the invitation to perform. 

Who do you think should compete on America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ next season?


  1. Most of us fans strongly agree with you on #8! Like I said earlier, this could be Andrew’s first time performing for Simon Cowell!

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