A Conversation with Hans

International superstar Hans returns to compete on the second season of America’s Got Talent: The Champions. (Photo courtesy of NBC’s Trae Patton)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com 

I am so happy to welcome one of my all-time favorite America’s Got Talent (AGT) acts, international superstar, Hans, to Jake’s Take. 

I became a huge fan of Hans the moment he first walked onto the Season 13 stage during the Judges’ Auditions. His rendition of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” made me smile, and in every round, Hans brought fire and passion into every single performance. Since his time on America’s Got Talent, Hans traveled across Australia and the United Kingdom with his Like A German show. 

Hans is returning to AGT to participate in the sophomore season of America’s Got Talent: The Champions, where is expected to reunite with judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum. Before he took the stage, Hans corresponded with me for “A Conversation.” Hans reminisced about performing “Spice Up Your Life” in front of former judge Mel B, his time as a guest judge on Australia’s Got Talent, and previewed his America’s Got Talent: The Champions performance. 

Jacob Elyachar: Hans, it has been two years since you auditioned and performed on America’s Got Talent. How have you grown as an entertainer since you performed on the Dolby Theatre stage? 

Hans: Oh my gosh. Well, since AGT, I have barely had time to sit still. I have been able to perform all around the world with my show. I have met so many new people who would have never have seen me before. It sounds cheesy, but AGT does help open doors. In terms of how I have grown as a performer… Honey, let me say that the budget has increased, so expect even MORE glitter and feathers! 

Hans’ “Spice Up Your Life” remains one of the most memorable performances in AGT history. (Video property of Fremantle, NBC & Syco Television)

Jacob Elyachar: One of my favorite performances from Season 13 was “Spice Up Your Life.” What did it mean to you to see Mel B’s reaction to your phenomenal performance? 

Hans: First of all… What do you mean ONE of your favorite performances, huh??? (Smiles and winks)  I was always a HUGE Spice Girls fan growing up, so when we came up with the idea to do “Spice Up Your Life” for Mel B, I knew I had to SELL it on stage. Because if it fell flat, it would have crushed my 13-year-old dreams!! I remember on the night being SO nervous, but there was a moment in the performance when I saw Mel get out of her chair and start dancing, and I remember thinking, “OK, phew, now we can just have a party!”…. Of course, I am still furious that she did not invite me to be the support act for the Spice Girls reunion tour last year… And even more furious that I had to buy my ticket! 

Jacob Elyachar: What are some of the challenges that you face bringing your amazing performances to life? How did you overcome those obstacles? 

Hans: My performances always have a lot of different elements to them. No disrespect to people who do, but I am not just standing up there with a microphone and singing a ballad. Even though it looks fun, and it’s meant to, there’s always a LOT of preparation that happens: dance rehearsal, music rehearsal, creative meetings, et cetera. I have always put all my shows together myself. I like to be across every element of the performance. At AGT, there are MANY people involved, so getting everyone on the same page is sometimes a challenge, but I think we all get there in the end. 

Jacob Elyachar: You are the very first America’s Got Talent alum to be a guest judge on a Got Talent franchise. Last year, you visited Australia’s Got TalentWhat did it mean to you when the Australia’s Got Talent producers asked you to sit on the panel? 

Hans: I didn’t know that I was the first?? That’s kinda cool! It was an exciting experience to be on the other side of the desk. I won’t lie, I DID enjoy the power, like and German… But also I knew how much being there meant to the contestants and how hard they had worked, so I wanted to be fair to them and make sure they had an enjoyable experience. 

Jacob Elyachar: What can my readers expect from your America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ performance? 

Hans: Look, honey… Expect the most spectacular show on Earth, and you will already be underestimating what’s coming. I am taking what we did last time and amping it up 100 times over. I am bringing a performance so bright you will need cataract surgery afterward! Hope you’ve got your sunglasses! 

Jacob Elyachar: If you had the opportunity to meet with aspiring performers who want to audition for America’s Got Talentwhat advice would you share with them? 

Hans: My advice would be to STAND OUTAGT has now been on the air for 15 years, so what can you do that’s different? Find that and show it to the audience. Don’t play it safe and try to get everyone to love you; not everyone ever will. But the ones who do will be able to see the real you and remember, even if some hate you… They will still be talking about you! 

For more information about Hans, visit his website

You can also connect with Hans on social media. Visit his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube channels.


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