Jake’s Take’s Favorite ‘America’s Got Talent: Season 14’ Acts

AGT Season 14 Team
Here are the acts that I believe would please Terry, Simon, Julianne, Gabrielle, & Howie at the Season 14 Live Shows. (Photo property of NBC)

We have finally made it to the America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 14 live shows!

On Tuesday, August 13, AGT will broadcast live from the Dolby Theatre for the fourth year. Just like last season, I am revealing my favorite acts that have a shot at joining Terry Fator, Mat Franco, Grace VanderWaal, and Shin Lim in the winner’s circle.

Berywam’s musicality could take them very far in the Season 14 Live Shows. (Video property of NBC)


French beatboxing group Berywam is probably one of the top music acts this year. Ever since they made their debut at the Season 14 Judges Auditions, this quartet has blown everyone away with their arrangements. I believe that they have what it takes to make it to the semifinals.  

The Bir Khalsa Group is definitely one of Season 14’s top danger acts. (Video property of NBC)

Bir Khalsa Group

India’s Bir Khalsa Group is the only danger act that has impressed me since the beginning of Season 14. While I had a hard time with their competitors’ performances, the Bir Khalsa Group kept my eyes glued to the television. I hope that this trio brings more death-defying and smashing stunts to the Dolby Theatre.

Carmen Carter’s dynamite voice could be worth $1,000,000! (Video property of NBC)

Carmen Carter

If singer Carmen Carter looked familiar to longtime Reality TV veterans, she used to be part of Harold Wheeler’s orchestra during Dancing with the Stars’ early seasons. Carmen’s dynamo voice has taken her to the Dolby Theatre live shows.  Just like Jake’s Take friends Barbara Padilla, Christina Wells and Emily West, Carmen has potential to go all the way to the Season 14 semifinals (and hopefully…the finale).

Singer-songwriter Chris Klafford became a Season 14 frontrunner after his outstanding performance of “Something Like Me.” (Video property of NBC)

Chris Klafford

While Chris Klafford made an impression on the Season 14 audience with his cover of “Imagine,” it was his Judge Cuts performance that made Chris a frontrunner.  I truly believe that if he pulls out a combination of inspirational originals (“Something Like Me”) and covers, Chris could be the first WGWG winner in nine years.

Eric Chien must escape Shin Lim’s shadow in order to advance to the Season 14 finale. (Video property of NBC)

Eric Chien

Hanukkah came early this year as one of my favorite Asia’s Got Talent winners auditioned for the show! Magician Eric Chien executed brilliant routines and amazed the Season 14 auditions. However, he needs to escape Shin Lim’s shadow, if he does not, Eric could go home early.

Greg Morton transported Season 14 viewers to the movies through his fantastic impressions. (Video property of NBC)

Greg Morton

60-year-old Greg Morton is an impeccable impressionist. He made me smile throughout his Judges Auditions and Judge Cuts performances as he transported us to Star Wars and other cinematic adventures.

Jackie Fabulous has potential to be one of Season 14’s breakout stars. (Video property of NBC)

Jackie Fabulous

Comedian Jackie Fabulous has the potential to be one of Season 14’s breakout acts! Her material always makes me smile and she was the only comedian to make guest judge Jay Leno laugh during the Judge Cuts. I can see her going all the way to the end of the season and touring around the world.

Kodi Lee became Season 14’s first breakout performer during the season premiere. (Video property of NBC)

Kodi Lee (Gabrielle Union’s Golden Buzzer Act)

Kodi Lee became an overnight sensation after AGT aired his powerful audition. Not only did he receive Gabrielle Union’s Golden Buzzer, but the countless praise of everyone ranging from Oprah to Perez Hilton. There is a lot of pressure on him, but I believe that he will take the Season 14 Live Shows to another level of excellence.

Light Balance Kids are probably one of the best youth acts in Season 14. (Video property of NBC)

Light Balance Kids (Ellie Kemper’s Golden Buzzer Act)

The Light Balance Kids are following their mentors’ path to the road to victory. They received a Golden Buzzer just like their mentors (who received it from then host Tyra Banks), and hopefully, the Light Balance Kids can replicate their mentors’ creativity to impress the Dolby Theatre audience. I made a bold prediction on Twitter that we will be seeing the Light Balance Kids in the Season 14 finale. Hopefully, it will come true!

The Messoudi Brothers could be Season 14’s dark horses. (Video property of NBC)

The Messoudi Brothers

Throughout Season 14, the Messoudi Brothers brought the heat when they showed up and performed! The trio combines Chippendales with hand-balancing in an impressive combination that would guarantee to satisfy Las Vegas visitors.

The NDLOUV Youth Choir secured their spot in the Season 14 Live Shows with their phenomenal cover of Shakira’s “Waka Waka.” (Video property of NBC)

NDLOUV Youth Choir

No offense to Terry Crews and the Detroit Youth Choir, but I believe that the South Africa-based choir is Season 14’s far superior youth choir. I was moved every time that this amazing group performed on the stage. They remind me so much of Season 11’s Musicality and hopefully, they will secure a spot in the finale.

Robert Finley’s original songs struck a chord with the Season 14 audience. (Video property of NBC)

Robert Finley

The Vietnam War veteran tugged on my heartstrings during the Season 14 Judges’ Auditions and the Judge Cuts rounds. The 65-year-old singer showcased his phenomenal voice with his original tunes: “Get It While You Can” and “Medicine Woman.” He is one of my favorite acts of the season and hopefully, someone gives him a recording contract.

Ryan Niemiller’s jokes always made me laugh and smile. He is one act that I genuinely believe that he can take Season 14 by storm. (Video property of NBC)

Ryan Niemiller

Comedian Ryan Niemiller’s material made me laugh hard throughout Season 14. His honest material and story moved me during both the Judges’ Auditions and Judge Cuts. Hopefully, Ryan will be one of the acts that will be in the finals.

Voices of Service has the potential of being one of Season 14’s most inspirational acts. They have a bright future after the show. (Video property of NBC)

Voices of Service

Voices of Service reminds me so much of Season 11 finalists Linkin’ Bridge. Just like the Louisville, Kentucky quartet, these brave men and woman have impeccable harmonies and selected songs that gave the Season 14 audience chills and made them weep. I thoroughly believe that the Dolby Theatre will amplify their performances and I hope that several record label representatives are watching them perform!

V.Unbeatable is one act that genuiely believe has a shot winning Season 14! (Video property of NBC)

V.Unbeatable (Dwyane Wade’s Golden Buzzer Act)

V. Unbeatable is one act that I honestly believe could win Season 14! This Mumbai, India acrobatic dance group’s stunts made my jaw drop, and they are the definition of a Vegas act.

Which acts are you rooting for this season?


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