“America’s Got Talent: Season 10” Quarterfinals conclude

Oz Pearlman Mentalist AGT

Mentalist Oz Pearlman stole week three of “America’s Got Talent” quarterfinals with his spellbinding routine! (Photo property of NBC, FremantleMedia North America & SYCO Entertainment)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Over the past two weeks, America’s Got Talent’s quarterfinalists have taken the Radio City Music Hall stage by storm!

While there have been some outstanding performances such as Siro-A’s spectacular live show opening routine to Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” Sharon Irving’s superb cover of “Glory,” Paul Zerdin’s game-changing Radio City Music Hall debut and Uzeyer Novruzov’s heart pounding balancing act; other fan-favorites acts such as Triple Threat and Freckled Sky failed to deliver with their routines and were immediately eliminated.

Tonight, the remaining 12 acts took to the Radio City Music Hall stage and pleaded their cases with America to grab the last remaining spots in the Semifinals.

Which acts rose to the occasion? Who received an “X”? Whose dreams will come true? Whose dreams were crushed? Read on to find out…

Up first to take the Radio City Music Hall stage was the Chapkis Dance Family. They are the first dance act to set the precedence for DADitute, Freelusion and Benjamin Yonattan. However, the size of the Chapkis Dance Family was too much for me and I honesty think that the routine would cost them a spot in the Semifinals. D+ 

The show headed to Liberty Park in New Jersey for Metal Mulisha Fitz Army’s routine. They did their routine to Fall Out Boy’s “Uma Thurman” and their death-defying stunts blew me away and really set the bar extremely high for the other acts. I really hope that this act makes to the Semifinals, because this is something that Sin City is lacking with their headline shows! A

After Nick checked in with Howard, DADitude took the stage. While they get points for bringing out the DeLorean, the quintet bored me so much and they became the very first to receive four “Xs” from all four judges! I cannot believe these guys were chosen over Aiden Sinclair, Vox, Chris Jones and Alex Boye. F

Singer Alicia Michilli had the monstrous challenge to lift everyone’s spirits after DADitute’s abysmal performance. She picked a very strong tune, “I Put A Spell On You,” and I think that she will receive the same luck that both Jesse Kinch and Jacquie Lee received after they performed the Nina Simone tune on their respective shows. Plus, the last notes were killer! I really hope that America votes her through! A-

I really enjoyed Gary Vider during the Judges’ Cuts. I really believe in his talent and I loved his material about his roommate’s feelings regarding a robbery in their apartment, his dating life and ordering at a deli. He made me smile and I believe that there is room for two comedians in this competition. I hope the viewers listen to Howie and Howard over Heidi when they are voting for the semifinalists. B+

It has taken me a while to get on board the Mountain Faith Band train. However, what I admire about this group is how their familiar bond has helped introduce the millennial generation to Bluegrass music. I was extremely happy with their Bluegrass cover of Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance.” They gave me chills and their musicianship filled up Radio City Music Hall. I really hope that the viewers give them a chance to perform in the semifinals. A-

Mentalist Oz Pearlman has become the dark horse of the competition! With Piff dividing the audience and the abysmal Derek Hughes one buzz away from being eliminated from the competition, I really hoped that Oz would do something that would rekindle the magic category. Oz wanted the judges to read his thoughts on how many gum balls were in the jar. After forcing Heidi to turn around for the Men of America, he wanted them to write down a three-digit number that was not the same. Both Howard and Mel B originally had the same number (325) until the King of All Media changed his number. After correctly showing his Instagram video that Mel B would be two gum balls off, Nick found the receipt of the gum balls and all the numbers of the receipt matched the judges’ numbers! This routine definitely deserved a spot in the semifinals! A+

Ever since Selected of God covered “The Prayer” at their audition, I have been a huge fan of this Detroit gospel choir! Their spine-tingling cover of Shontelle’s “Impossible” gave me chills and their harmonies were on point and I hope that they are the first choir to make it to the AGT semifinals. A

Stevie Starr, the Professional Regurgitator is an interesting contestant. While he was impressive during the auditions and Judges’ Cuts, I do not want to watch a 90-minute Las Vegas show of him regurgitating $500,000 pieces of jewelry and locks. If I were sitting on the bench, I would have buzzed him. F

Dancer Benjamin Yonattan has been one of the most inspirational acts this season. While Benjamin has lost a bulk of eyesight and still comes back show-after-show and gives 120-perecent to every routine that he choreographs. He did not disappoint with his routine and I really hope that several members of the dance community (Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Derek Hough, Mark Ballas, Misty Copland, Neil Haskell, Alex Wong, Melanie Moore and Mia Michaels) watched this performance and have the desire to take this incredible 14-year-old dancer under their wing and mentor him after the show. B

I have not been able to connect with Daniella Mass all season. First, there are too many strong female singers (Sharon Irving, Samantha Johnson, Alicia) who are far superior to her! Secondly on an opera standard, she does not have the same charisma of Season Four runner-up Barbara Padilla or Asia’s Got Talent songbird Gerphil Flores. I think its time for AGT fans to “Vote Her Home.” D

After Freckled Sky’s disastrous routine, I was worried that Freelusion Dance Company would suffer the same fate. The Los Angeles-based dance trio lost a member because he was uncomfortable with the routine. Despite his absence, the other two dancers delivered a spectacular performance that looked like it was set in both the Mustafar system and heaven. I really hope that the country rallies behind these dancers! A+

Acts Who Should Be Voted Into the Semifinals: Metal Mulisha Fitz Army, Alicia Michilli, Gary Vider, Mountain Faith Band, Oz Pearlman, Selected of God & Freelusion Dance Company

Tomorrow night, we will get the crucial results! Plus, Le Reve will provide the entertainment.

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