Alesha Dixon Joins ‘AGT: Champions’ As Season 2 Begins

Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon joins the AGT: Champions judges’ panel for the sophomore season. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

It is the most wonderful time of the year!

America’s Got Talent: The Champions (AGT: Champions) is back.  Joining Simon, Howie, and Heidi Klum at the Judges’ Desk this season is Simon’s fellow Britain’s Got Talent colleague Alesha Dixon. I believe that Alesha Dixon has a good eye for talent.  Her Golden Buzzer picks normally go very far in the series.

Tonight, 10 acts performed for the judges. Which act received the Golden Buzzer? Who advanced to the next round? Read on to find out!

After Terry Crews made his entrance, he introduced the crowd to the judges (including Alesha Dixon and Heidi Klum) and announced that four acts would advanced. One performer will advance courtesy of the Golden Buzzer from returning judge Heidi Klum. The three additional acts would compete in the AGT: Champions semifinals.

I am so happy that salsa duo Paddy and Nicko made it to America’s Got Talent: The Champions. The duo was the first act to perform tonight. They received two different Golden Buzzers on both Britain’s Got Talent (In 2014 by Amanda Holden), and more recently, Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions (last year by David Walliams). As Alesha Dixon reassured Howie that he would like them, Nicko “woke up” Paddy from her nap as “Young at Heart” was playing. Once the music changed to Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud,” the duo showcased their impeccable choreography that shocked Howie, Heidi, Terry, and the Pasadena Civic Center audience. The pair received a standing ovation from all four judges.  Howie, Heidi, and Alesha praised the act, but Simon thought that Nicko slowed the act down.

As Heidi Klum revealed that she loved several acts such as Hans and Duo Transcend, Season 12 semifinalist Mike Yung facetimed with his family. He had several brushes with fame, but he had to pull back due to a family emergency. Howie introduced Alesha Dixon to Mike as the “Subway guy.” Tonight, Mike performed his collaboration with Martin Garrix, “Dreamer.” I love Mike’s vocals, but the production drowned his sound.  Heidi Klum led the standing ovation and praised his vocals, while Alesha loved his humility.  While Howie did not like the song choice, Simon hoped that the superfans rallied for Mike Yung.

Myanmar’s Got Talent winners Junior Creative made their American television debut. MJsBigBlog reported that Junior Creative is a group of young performers won their show by using their shadow dance group to inspire their generation to express themselves through dance. Their storytelling was impeccable and gave me chills throughout their presentation. The group received a standing ovation from all the judges, and Heidi praised their mission to fight for other children. Alesha Dixon said that they presented it “beautifully.”

As Simon lost several buttons on his shirt, Hans’s crush on the Got Talent creator reemerged. Hans was a huge bright spot on America’s Got Talent: Season 13. I truly enjoyed every performance that the international superstar did during his season. Tonight, Hans performed Lizzo’s “Juice,” and I loved his arrangement on the song. While Simon gave him an “X,” Heidi and Alesha Dixon defended Hans’ performance.

Australia’s Got Talent winner Jack Vidgen made his American television debut. He revealed some of his greatest challenges to the show, overcame those obstacles, and found his love of singing. He covered Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” and he took us to church.  Alesha Dixon loved his rediscovered voice, while Howie stated that he needed to find the confidence. However, Simon called the performance “way too safe.”

Season 13 finalists Duo Transcend returned to compete on the spin-off’s sophomore season. Their massive accident during the Judges’ Cuts round made headlines on various entertainment television news shows such as Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. However, that did not stop Mary and Tyce from performing. Before they performed, Tyce shared with the AGT audience that a very successful eye surgeon reached out to them and offered them a way to stop Tyce’s eye disease from progressing. As Tyce harnessed up, Alesha Dixon noted to Heidi that Tyce looked like He-Man. I have to admit I was scared when they replicated their infamous fall, plus when they put on blindfolds, I thought it was “game over.” I have to say that Duo Transcend did an impeccable job redeeming themselves with this performance.

Season Nine semifinalist Dan Naturman returned for a chance for redemption. He performed on Late Show with David Letterman, Conan, and HBO. His re-appearance divided the panel as he joked about being an uncle and blamed Facebook for ruining high school reunions. Simon immediately buzzed him, and thankfully Dan put Simon in his place. That comeback made Heidi Klum forgive Dan and left me wished that former AGT judge Howard Stern (who would have defended Dan) was there to take on Simon. 

Norway’s Got Talent winner Angelina Jordan fell in love with jazz music, and she had over 400 million YouTube videos. However, her ultimate goal was to sing in front of Simon. She won the show when she was just 7-years-old. The 13-year-old proclaimed Simon a legend, which is valid before she sang for the Pasadena Civic Center audience. She tackled Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and I was surprisingly impressed. Angelina’s voice reminded me of a Norah Jones/Amy Winehouse tone. All four judges gave her a standing ovation, and Alesha Dixon called her a “star.” Howie stated that the performance would change her life forever, and he was right as Heidi Klum pressed her Golden Buzzer. 

As Angelina Jordan celebrated her victory, strongman Eddie Williams entered the stage. He competed on Australia’s Got Talent, and now he wanted to prove he is a champion. I have great respect for his strength, but I almost wanted to buzz him as soon as he sat down. Thankfully, he sang a quality cover of John Legend’s “Ordinary People,” however, Howie immediately buzzed him. Simon stated that he wanted to see what the 50 state initiative had to say.

Spain’s Got Talent finalist Dania Diaz concluded week one of AGT: Champions-Season Two. This magician had a roller coaster ride and sold out theatres in Europe. She told the AGT audience about her life using close-up magic. I loved her storytelling, and I could see her as a frontrunner to win the series. 

The Superfans voted and it was time to reveal the three semifinalists. Terry Crews revealed that Duo Transcend and Diana Diaz would all be competing in the AGT: Champions-Season Two semifinals. However, the judges decided the last spot. Heidi chose Hans, while Alesha chose Junior Creative and Simon picked Jack. This meant that Howie had the deciding vote and the veteran judge picked Hans.

Next week, more legendary acts take the stage!


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