‘AGT: Season 17’ Live Shows Enter Week 2

AGT Season 17 Live Show 2 acts
The second set of ‘AGT: Season 17’ performers took to the Pasadena Civic Center stage. (Photos property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Last week, NBC’s talent competition went live for the first time this season! America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 17 has a new format; 11 acts perform, and only TWO move on to the finale, where they would compete to earn the show’s $1 million prize and headline the Luxor Las Vegas live show!  

Which acts soared to new heights? After last week’s buzzer fest, did any of the judges (Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum) press their buzzers? Read on to find out! 

After Terry made his epic entrance and introduced the judges, the Pack Drumline started the evening. I love this group so much, and it broke my heart when I watched the pre-package when the co-founders revealed that some of their members live on the streets. I could not stop smiling as the group performed (even blindfolded). The Pack Drumline would bring a different energy to Vegas, and I pray they are part of this week’s Top Five. 

The Brown Brothers had to follow the Pack Drumline. The duo served in the US Armed Forces (thank you for your service, gentlemen), and now the Brown Brothers were at the AGT live shows. They sang “A Million Dreams” as Mickey Mouse, Venom, Goofy, Elmo, Gollum, Donkey, and Simon Cowell (which made the Got Talent creator smile). I got to give them credit for showing their potential without the celebrity voices. 

When I saw the list of acts that made it to the AGT: Season 17 live shows, I was surprised to see comedian Mr. Pants. The giant trousers-wearing comedian was okay but did not leave a strong impression on me. It took him a while to recover after being buzzed by Simon, but Mr. Pants delivered an average set. C

I was excited to see what Fusion Japan would bring to the Season 17 live shows. These two rival Japanese dance troupes performed live tonight and hypnotized me from the beginning. I thought that the routine was electric and very Vegas-worthy. A

The Freckled Forest’s champion, music fairy Freckled Zelda, surprised everyone with “Colors of the Wind” during the auditions. She hoped to level up her performance. I was impressed that she increased her ensemble, but I could not hear her voice while she sang. This performance left me a little confused. B- 

Argentinian acrobatic duo Nico and Flor, known as Duo Rings, made their live show debut. Duo Rings raised their act to new heights as they swung across the AGT stage. I thought the beginning was okay, but once they performed near the judges and on top of the audience, I woke up! That death-defying drop, along with performing their stunts on top of judges, redeemed themselves. B+ 

Wyn Starks has the challenge of keeping up with this season’s mighty music acts. Avery Dixon, Chapel Hart, and Drake Milligan have carved their place in the competition, Wyn needed to do that tonight, and in my opinion, he did not deliver with his cover of Benson Boone’s “In the Stars.” Wyn needed to select a better track to perform because it did not connect with me, and there were several screechy moments. C+ 

I have been waiting to see what Aiko Tanaka brought to the AGT stage. She made me smile during her audition, and I hoped she was not buzzed tonight. This set was called Aiko Tanaka: I Do My Own Stunts. Her material talked about her Japanese accent, the English language, and how she wants to hear compliments twice. I could not stop smiling during her set. We have not had a comedian in the final for a while, and I hope she has a chance to perform in Vegas. A- 

Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer, Maddie, is an AGT superfan, and tonight, the young singer sang Kygo and Whitney Houston’s version of “Higher Love.” I see a lot of Bianca Ryan, Anna Graceman, and Jackie Evancho in Maddie. I think she has a strong chance of receiving a recording contract at the end of her AGT journey. B+

Yu Hojin is one of this year’s strongest magicians. His audition blew me away but did not impress Simon. He used photos of special memories in his act, including bringing random yellow objects to the stage. I was so impressed with his storytelling abilities; his passion for his craft is outstanding! I want to see him in the finale! A+ 

The Season 17 Group Golden Buzzer act, Chapel Hart, closed the night. The country music trio’s lives changed after their audition; Dolly re-shared their audition on Twitter. They sang another original song tonight and continued to flex their star power. I felt like I was watching an award show performance, and I got the only set of chills tonight. I believe there is room for two country acts in the final, and I hope that America rallies and votes for them. Bravo, Chapel Hart! A+ 

Tomorrow night, Jon Dorenbos returns to the AGT stage as two acts advance to the finale!

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