AGT: Season 17 Auditions Enter Week 8

AGT Season 17 On-Air Team
Howie, Heidi, Terry, Sofia, & Simon pose together during a taping of America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 17. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

All the America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 17’s Golden Buzzers have been used! Three acts DID NOT DESERVE THE GOLDEN BUZZERS! Singers Sara James, Madison Taylor Baez, and Lily Meola robbed other deserving performers such as light act MPLUSPLUS, ventriloquist Celia Munoz, and dance crew Urban Crew Flyers. While I hope the latter acts make it to the Season 17 Live Shows to face America’s votes and compete against saxophonist Avery Dixon, dance group Mayyas, and country trio Chapel Hart, I will pray that the singer trio of James, Taylor Baez, and Meola is eliminated early in the competition. (End of Rant!) 

Tonight, more acts tried to impress AGT judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum. Did anyone receive a buzzer? Which act received three or four Yeses to move to the deliberation round? Read on to find out!

When I first saw music fairy Freckled Zelda walk out onto the AGT stage, I was worried that she would be buzzed when she opened her mouth. The Freckled Forest native performed Pocahontas’s legendary “Colors of the Wind.” Her vocals gave me chills, and I loved her ocarina solos. It was one of the most beautiful auditions of the season! Heidi led the Pasadena Civic Center in giving Freckled Zelda a standing ovation. Simon admitted that he was wrong about his initial judgment about her and told the music fairy that he loved her appearance and called her interesting. Sofia called the performance “unexpected” and joined the judges in giving Freckled Zelda “four yeses.” 

Magician Maxence Vire came from France to audition. I loved his personality from the word go, and his comedic antics made me laugh so hard. This audition blew me away as he superbly combined magic and comedy. I could see him go far in this competition. He received the third set of “four yeses” of the evening! 

RCC Aruba brought together athletes from Columbia and Cuba. Unfortunately, the props did not come in time for their audition. Thankfully, AGT production stepped in with props they could use for their routine. After the men went shirtless, the troupe brought the heat with their superb stunt work that at times channeled the Messoudi Brothers and Malevo. This was an edgy and thrilling audition and deserved the standing ovation that Howie and the ladies gave them. RCC Aruba received the fourth set of “four yeses.” 

A trio of comedians auditioned for AGT. Gina Stahl-Haven spoke about having kids in her routine and received three Yeses. Next, Kim Evey talked about her relationship with her mom and received the third “three Yeses” from Howie and the ladies. Finally, 62-year-old Don McMillan spoke about the geek versus nerd versus dork versus stalker debate. I loved how he was able to use charts in his presentation. He made me laugh, and Howie gave him a standing ovation. Sofia called it “perfection,” and Simon did not connect with the comedian for the third time in a row. Thankfully, Sofia, Heidi, and Howie gave him three “yeses.” 

After getting some encouragement from her brother, Ava Swiss met the judges. Simon correctly deduced the 18-year-old Oxford, Michigan native. She chose Lauren Daigle’s “Remember” for her audition. My heart broke when Ava mentioned that she was one of the survivors of the Oxford School Shooting. She delivered a haunting audition, and I got chills from Ava’s voice. Ava made her community proud with this performance. The entire Pasadena Civic Center audience gave her a standing ovation. Ava gave Sofia “goosebumps” and earned Simon’s respect. She earned 4,000 Yeses for her audition.

Dancers Trey and Ciara are best friends, and the dancers came from Maryland to perform on AGT. The duo delivered a beautiful contemporary routine. I loved their choreography, and they gave me chills. Their twirls were outstanding, and I loved how they interpreted the song. Both Heidi and Sofia joined the audience in giving them a standing ovation. Unfortunately, Howie felt it was too loose. I am glad that Ciara told them that this routine was based upon her return to the dance studio after losing her day. Thankfully, Simon and the ladies gave them “three yeses.” 

Las Vegas native Auzzy Blood found his inspiration for Ripley’s Believe It or Not. He started his routine by swallowing a sword and doing push-ups. I was grossed out when he brought a giant blade and used a hammer to nail it in his mouth. After he was forced to put in and pull a sword out of Auzzy’s mouth, Howie called him the “Beetlejuice of sideshows,” while Auzzy Blood promised Simon to break a world record if he moved onto the next round. 

After Simon handed out plums to the AGT audienceaerial act Duo Mico featured a familiar face to the AGT fanbase. Caroline previously assisted her husband, who auditioned for the judges in Season 12. This time, her husband worked backstage as Caroline teamed up with her new partner Max to impress the judges. Their aerial choreography was awe-inspiring, and so were the stunts. I literary had to pick my jaw up from the floor during the audition. Howie and the ladies gave them a standing ovation. Sofia called the performance – “sexy and mysterious.” They received “four yeses” from the judges! 

Singer-guitarist Debbii Dawson calls music “her legacy.” Debii revealed that she is the third generation of a line of musicians. After Simon ribbed her parents for not being there, Debbii performed an enchanting cover of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” All four judges received a standing ovation, and Howie told her that she had “star quality.” After receiving four “Yeses,” the judges called her parents to give them the good news. However, Debbii had some explaining to do after her father told them that she advised them not to come to her audition.

The Big Apple was the final act of the evening! This was an interesting audition to say the least. Both Howie and Heidi buzzed him after three jokes. Next, the audience commanded Sofia and Simon to press their buzzers, which they did. The apple turned out to be Sethward!

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