Jake’s Take’s AGT: Season 16 Acts to Watch

Here are the acts that are competing on the AGT: Season 16 Live Shows. (Photos & graphics property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

America’s Got Talent (AGT): Season 16 is returning from its Olympics hiatus and will broadcast live from the Dolby Theatre for the first time since Kodi Lee won the series in 2019. On Thursday, August 5, AGT revealed the acts competing for the $1 million prize on social media.   

Each season, Jake’s Take has revealed the acts that we are rooting for this season. Without further ado, here are my favorite performers of AGT: Season 16. 

1aChord (Singing Trio) 

Singing trio 1aChord (Tavis, Julian, and Christoff) kick off this list. The UNC-Greensboro students were the very first act that AGT dropped an early release onto the YouTube channel. 1aChord reminds me of both Forte Tenors and Resound as they were able to leave the audience astonished. Their cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You” gave me chills, and it has been viewed over 3 million times. If they pick the correct song choice and connect with America, I could see 1aChord in the finals.

Brooke Simpson (Singer) 

I am so proud of Brooke Simpson’s vocal growth. She first made her debut on The Voice and became Miley Cyrus’ only finalist during Season 13. Brooke blew audiences away almost four years later with her powerful take on Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You” on the AGT stage. I hope that Brooke can take Miley’s lessons she learned during The Voice and bring them to the Dolby Theatre. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Brooke’s dreams to become the first major indigenous pop star come true.

The Curtis Family C-Notes (Family Band) 

I love revisiting AGT auditions. One audition that I kept gravitating towards was The Curtis Family C-Notes‘ “I Was Made to Love Her.” I love their arrangements, energy, harmonies, and vocals. If “I Was Made to Love Her” was any indication, the San Francisco family is going to be one of the highlights of the night. 

Dustin Tavella (Magician) 

In all honesty, Dustin Tavella was robbed of a Golden Buzzer. Dustin’s emotional storytelling of his son Xander’s adoption and combining it with innate talent was one of the best magic-based auditions that was on par with Season 11 Runners-Up The Clairvoyants and Season 13 Winner Shin Lim. If Dustin continues to use this format at the Dolby Theatre, he could win this competition.

Gina Brillon (Comedian) 

One of the funniest people that have auditioned for AGT this season is Gina Brillon. The Bronx native made me laugh with her set that included material about her Midwestern husband, writing her wedding vows and her identical twin sister. I cannot wait to see what Gina has to offer the Dolby Theatre audience.

Jimmie Herrod (Singer; Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer) 

Jimmie Herrod’s decision to go against Simon’s wishes to sing Annie’s “Tomorrow” paid off big time as he secured one of the Season 16 frontrunners’ spots. His voice reminded me so much of a combination of Adam Lambert and Season Seven fan-favorite Andrew De Leon, and I was so thrilled that Sofia used her Golden Buzzer on him. If he continues to select the correct songs and takes care of his voice, Jimmie can be one of the last acts standing.

Kabir Singh (Comedian) 

Kabir Singh was the second comedian that made me laugh so hard this season. Kabir’s material may push the boundaries, but I truly believe that his material will make the Dolby Theatre audience laugh. I cannot wait to hear his material.

Klek Entos (Magician) 

Outside of the Sacred Riana, one Got Talent magician has spooked me, and that is Klek Entos. The masked magician was able to teleport a tarantula onto the Judges’ Desk and transported into smoke. I am looking forward to seeing how he scares the Dolby Theatre audience during the Season 16 Live Shows. 

Head to the second page for more of my picks & which act I want to see return to the competition as “America’s Wildcard.”

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