Jake’s Take’s AGT: Season 16 Acts to Watch

Korean Soul (Vocal group) 

South Korean quartet Korean Soul does have the potential to deliver outstanding vocal performances on the Dolby Theatre stage. Their spectacular cover of K-Ci & JoJo’s “All My Life” got me out of my seat, and the group’s harmonies are out of this world. Whether they win or not, Korean Soul does have a future in the music market.

Lea Kyle (Quick-Change Act; Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer) 

Usually, I am not a massive fan of the quick change magic genre. However, Lea Kyle changed my mind as she showcased her act in front of the judges. I am glad that Heidi gave her the Golden Buzzer because Lea has the potential to be the first female magician to win the show. 

Matt Johnson (Escape Artist) 

Matt Johnson spooked the AGT fan base and judges when he barely escaped the two circular saws. I hope that Matt continues to harness the energies from his time on Britain’s Got Talent to deliver stunts that Twitter and Reddit will be talking about for months to come. 

Michael Winslow (Voicetramentalist) 

Actor and stand-up comedian Michael Winslow will have the chance to showcase his talent of being a voicetramentalist to the Dolby Theatre stage. I am very excited to see what he has in store for us in the live rounds. 

Peter Antoniou (Mentalist) 

Peter Antoniou continues the grand tradition that the Clairvoyants started in Season 11 of creating jaw-dropping moments. If his Pasadena Civic Center audition is any indication, the AGT fanbase and the Dolby Theatre audience should be bracing for one wild ride. 

Positive Impact Movement (Acrobatic quartet) 

Travis, James, Andreas, and Nathan are acrobats who spread positivity through movement. They remind me of a combination of Season 14 alums, the Messoudi Bros and (America’s Got Talent: The Champions Season Two winners) V.Unbeatable. I believe they have enough material for a show and could be this season’s dark horses. 

T.3 (Singing Trio) 

New York City-based T.3 (Liam Fennecken, Brendan Jacob Smith, and Jim Hogan) have the chance to be the Simon Cowell era’s Forte Tenors. Like the Season Eight finalists, Liam, Brendan, and Jim’s harmonies give me chills, and I feel that this trio will be delivering show-stopping performances that could send them to the finals. 

World Taekwondo Demonstration Team (Acrobatic Taekwondo Group; Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer) 

Since World Taekwondo Demonstration Team’s Golden Buzzer audition, I have put them as the top contenders to win AGT: Season 16. This group has everything to succeed in Las Vegas and fill up theatres across the country. 

My Wildcard Pick – Storm Large (singer):

I was shocked and disappointed to learn that singer Storm Large needs the America’s Wild Card show to rejoin the Season 16 competition. Storm’s powerful take of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” gave me a strong case of goosebumps, and it would be a shame if she were to be sent home before commanding the Dolby Theatre stage. 

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