‘AGT’ Season 14 Judges’ Auditions Continue

Which acts impressed the ‘AGT’ crew tonight? (Graphic property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Last week, America’s Got Talent (AGT) celebrated its fourteenth season on NBC! The talent competition returned with new judges Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough as they joined AGT veterans Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Terry Crews.  However, the biggest breakout star they found during the premiere was 22-year-old Kodi Lee.

Kodi’s powerful rendition of Leon Russell’s “A Song for You” not only gave viewers chills but received Gabrielle Union’s Golden Buzzer.  His audition went viral and caught the attention of countless celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey.  Tonight, the Season 14 auditions continued.  Which acts impressed Simon, Julianne, Gabrielle, and Howie?  Who joined Kodi in the AGT: Season 14 semifinals via the Golden Buzzer?  Read on to find out!

Terry Crews rolled out a suitcase containing comedian Jonathan Burns. The comedian performed some hysterical interpretive dance to Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend.” Jonathan had Julianne on her feet as he stripped his clothes and put his body through various objects. I agreed with Julianne as she described his routine as Napoleon Dynamite meets bendy! He received the first four unanimous “Yes” of the evening!

Benicio Bryant, who participated in Germany’s edition of The Voice Kids, revealed that his Rockstar father inspired him. He also told that he was an AGT superfan. Benicio tackled Brandi Carlile’s “The Joke” for his performance. While I am not a fan of younger performers, I thought Benicio had star power potential, and Simon added that he reminded him of the first time he saw Harry Styles audition on The X Factor UK. He received the second unanimous “Yes” of the evening.

The Emerald Belles hoped to insert high kicks to AGT. The South Lake, Texas natives, filled the Pasadena Civic Center stage and delivered a high octane routine that wowed the audience. The dancers received a standing ovation from Simon Cowell, while actress Gabrielle Union stated that the routine reminded her of her time on Bring It On. Meanwhile, Howie Mandel said that the routine was subpar and noted that the Radio City Rockettes would run circles around them. However, Gabrielle, Julianne, and Simon advanced them to the next round.

The Messoudi Brothers are a trio of Australian acrobats who learned everything from their father. For the first time in their careers, they would have to perform without their dad, who retired before they auditioned for AGT.  The trio riled the crowd with their superb feats of strength and Magic Mike-esque routine.  After they got accepted into the next round, they invited Terry Crews for an impromptu pec dance and balancing act.

Karamjit and Karawjit Singh brought danger to the AGT: Season 14 Judges’ Auditions. They wore a Guinness World Records badge on their uniforms. However, all eyes were on their 7-foot 6-inch companion as he stunned the judges and the Pasadena Civic Center audience when he walked on stage. Together, they form the Bir Khalsa Group.  As the group set up, Terry advised viewers to “not try this at home.” The tallest member laid down on the stage in the center of a circle made up of coconuts and watermelon.  The Singhs formed the fruit around him and brought out a silver sledgehammer. The younger Singh poured a gallon of salt onto the elder Singh’s eyes, which shocked the audience. He then tied a black handkerchief onto the blinded man.  Both the judges and audience watched in horror as he smashed the fruit with coming close to injure their 7-foot 6-inch companion at times. The judges gave them a standing ovation and Howie called their audition, “the craziest and dangerous thing he has ever seen.” The group got the latest unanimous “Yes” of the evening!

G-FORCE is a Toronto-based quintet that might be the next generation of Spice Girls or the second coming of L2M. The quintet performed an original song that showcased that they might be ready for Nickelodeon, Disney, and Universal Kids. Julianne called them, “Female Empowerment Divas,” while Gabrielle predicted that they could hear them on Radio Disney.  The girls screamed with delight as the judges voted them to the Judge Cuts round.

63-year-old singer Adaline Bates would not let her foot injury defer her from auditioning for AGT. The former vocal coach turned writer wanted to entertain America. She pulled a Victor-Victoria stunt with her act as she sang the Coles’ “Unforgettable.” I loved hearing her vocal range, and she made me smile. Both Simon and Julianne gave Adaline a standing ovation, while Howie called it a remarkable “surprise.” The judges gave her a unanimous “Yes!”

36-year-old comedian Ryan Niemiller wanted to entertain people. He revealed that he struggled to make a living trying to pursue his dream. Ryan hoped that AGT would lead him to bring his talent to the next level of excellence. The Indianapolis-based comedian wanted to inspire people with disabilities with his comedy. His routine talked about his previous occupations, his disability, and family history. Simon called him “Amazing,” while Howie called him a star and wanted him to be in the Season 14 finals! Gabrielle called him “Brilliant” and wanted to be his roadie. Ryan received 4,104 “Yeses” and advanced to the next round!

Light Balance brought their protégés to AGT. The Light Balance Kids hoped that they were worthy to follow in their mentors’ footsteps. Howie revealed that Light Balance was one of his favorite acts of all-time! The kids put on a fantastic show that paid homage to Iron Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The routine was amazing from start to finish! These kids had amazing choreography and stunning effects that made my jaw drop! I cannot wait to see Light Balance Kids in their next round.

Magician Nick Wallace brought the supernatural to the second round of the evening. Julianne freaked out when the AGT production assistants brought out a wooden rocking chair. Once Nick appeared on stage, he told a haunting story revolving the wooden rocking chair. Nick asked Gabrielle to join him on stage and asked her to sit down in the chair. He blindfolded the actress and held an Annabelle-like doll. My jaw dropped while Gabrielle mimicked the doll’s movements. The routine gave me the creeps, but I cannot wait to see what he does next!

Singer-songwriter Joseph Allen was the last act of the evening! He came from a blended family and found his passion for music. However, he became a Facebook sensation when he wrote an original song to his mom. He also wanted Terry Crews to pick him up if he received the Golden Buzzer. Joseph performed an original track about the judges! Joseph’s performance made me smile and I liked his rapping style. He does have star potential aura about him and I love his fighting spirit. Howie rewarded Joseph with his Golden Buzzer and as promised, Terry triumphantly picked Joseph up!

Next week, the Season 14 auditions continue!


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