Dance, Magic & Music Headline ‘AGT Champions’ Week 3

Which acts impressed Howie, Alesha, Heidi, and Simon during week three of AGT: Champions? (Graphics property of NBC)

We are into week three of America’s Got Talent: The Champions (AGT Champions)’ second season, and it has been the wildest ride this season. 

Fans have seen impeccable performances (Angelina Jordan, Collabro, Marcelito Pomoy, and Oz Pearlman) and shocking moments (Simon Cowell stealing Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer). We also saw a lot of firsts (Ben Blaque became the first act to receive four Xs), and controversial decisions (Hans over Junior Creative). Tonight, 10 more acts are fighting to advance to the AGT: Champions finale. Which acts joined Angelina Jordan and Boogie Storm in the AGT Champions finals? Who made it to the semifinals? Read on to find out! 

After Terry Crews made his dramatic entrance, he revealed that Howie would have the Golden Buzzer. 11-year-old dog trainer and Germany’s Got Talent winner Alexa Lauenberger made her AGT Champions debut. She not only won the show but made it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions. Once Alexa and Heidi had a brief exchange in German, all of Alexa’s dogs appeared on the stage. Now, notably, I am not a fan of animal acts, but I have to give Alexa credit for all the training that she did with them. She got the first unanimous standing ovation of the evening. 

As Eric Cowell made an appearance, fan-favorite violinist and Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer from Season 14 Tyler Butler-Figueroa received a standing ovation from the entire AGT Champions audience. I am going to be bluntly honest, I find Tyler Butler-Figueroa very overrated, and I would have buzzed his performance. If we were going to have a youth performing act, I wished AGT Champions gave Tyler’s spot to either Emil and Dariel or Musicality Vocal Group.  

Magician Ben Hart is one of my favorite Britain’s Got Talent acts. This 29-year-old London native delivered impeccable performances on BGT and made it to third on his season. However, Ben became an international superstar. I loved his story, but I wished there was more to the act. Sadly, like Collabro, the judges were not exactly friendly with their commentary.  

Video projection act Freckled Sky returned to AGT Champions for redemption. They received Howard Stern’s final Golden Buzzer but failed to make it past the quarterfinals. I loved their performance, and I felt that they grew up on their last appearance. However, Simon buzzed them for being boring. What is it with him buzzing Howard Stern’s acts? I thought it was terrific and the same with Alesha, Heidi, and Howie. 

Italy’s Got Talent winner Moses Concas made his AGT Champions debut. This harmonica player stepped up to the plate as he rose to the Pasadena Civic Center’s roof to perform. I do not care with the judges said to Moses, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. 

One of my all-time favorite dance troupes, V.Unbeatable, returned to compete on AGT Champions. The Mumbai, India-based dance group became frontrunners once Dwayne Wade hit his Golden Buzzer during Season 14’s Judge Cuts round. Their impeccable choreography wowed all of the viewers, and V.Unbeatable made it to the Season 14 finals. Sadly, they lost to singer Kodi Lee. They became the pride of India and traveled across the country performing. However, the dance troupe decided to compete on AGT Champions, and the group came to win! That performance was electrifying, and Howie pressed the Golden Buzzer! Outside of Boogie Storm, V.Unbeatable became the second act to receive two Golden Buzzers this year.

Singer-songwriter Michael Grimm is the only AGT winner to compete on this season of AGT Champions. It has been over a decade since Michael bested Jackie Evancho, Prince Poppycock, and Fighting Gravity during the show’s fifth season. The Waveland, Mississippi native wanted to originally enter the show to help build his grandparents a brand new home. While he won the show and kept a promise to his grandparents, he was not ready for the “freight train” level of success and attention.  After taking a step back, Michael hoped to return to the spotlight and defend his title.  He sang a stripped-down version of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” and in all honesty, I was underwhelmed. I rather have seen a stronger vocalist such as Andrew de Leon, Barbara Padilla, Branden James, or Emily West in Michael’s spot.

Poland’s Got Talent winners Duo Destiny made their American television debut on AGT Champions. After Alesha Dixon welcomed them to the stage, Howie Mandel questioned if they were going to get married. Once the awkward exchange was over, Duo Destiny performed some impeccable stunts. My jaw dropped from their performance and that death-defying stunt. Howie, Heidi, and Alesha gave their “perfect and sexy” performance a standing ovation.

Norway’s Got Talent winners Quick Style’s lives changed since their appearance on the Norwegian spin-off. They choreographed four pieces for one of the world’s biggest boybands: BTS. Tonight, it was their chance to make their AGT Champions debut. Before they performed the routine, they explained both the judges and the audience that they would be playing a “risky” piece of choreography, which was much slower than the rest of the acts they have previously seen. They performed an exciting interpretation of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine,” and I thought it was spectacular until Howie angrily buzzed. I have to agree with Alesha, Howie, you should not be comparing V.Unbeatable with Quick Style. 

Horror magician Miki Dark ended the show by scaring the living daylights out of Heidi Klum and Terry Crews. The Germany’s Got Talent finalist is on par with both the Sacred Riana and the Haunting as being one of Got Talent’s most terrifying acts. He tore up a photo of Simon’s face and asked Heidi to hold it while he put the piece on the envelope. He also transformed Heidi Klum into a human dartboard. He threw the knife onto a fallen red envelope that contained Simon’s eye. I was horrified and impressed at the same time. 

After the superfans voted, they advanced Duo Destiny and Tyler (over Miki Dark and Moses? Really superfans?). The last spot belonged to the Judges’ Choice. Alesha stated that Alexa brought her joy during the episode and Howie thought Alexa could win Champions. Simon decided to advance Alexa to the next round.

Next week, it’s Alesha Dixon’s turn to hit the Golden Buzzer!


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