Why Mariah Carey can save American Idol

Mariah Carey photo

Mariah Carey’s hiring will rekindle the long running FOX singing competition. (Photo property of Mariah Carey).

By: Jacob Elyachar

News broke yesterday that five-time Grammy winner Mariah Carey will join the long running FOX singing competition.      While many fans have been divided on the decision of the R&B diva joining the panel, here are five reasons why Mariah Carey will be the perfect addition to the American Idol judging panel.

She has Idol experience

One of the most important things that she brings to show is experience.  Mariah was a guest mentor on American Idol: Season Seven and she gave great advice to the contestants and it resulted from great performances from the Davids (Archuleta and Cook) and Syesha Mercado.   Her advice could actually bring out outstanding performances from the future stars.

Keeping up with the competition…

Back in 2010, American Idol made the announcement that both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez would join veteran judge Randy Jackson on the panel.  Since then, The Voice, X Factor and America’s Got Talent have been copying their rival by bringing out the big guns to join their show’s judging panel.   Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Howard Stern have successfully brought new energy into their respective shows.   Mariah Carey could not only rekindle American Idol’s diminished flame but it would keep up with their rivals.

Honest judging

The judges have been too kind to the contestants in the past two seasons.   If Mariah Carey does like anything she hears, she will voice her displeasure.   Could she be blunt like Britney and honest like Howard Stern?  Absolutely!  Mariah’s honesty will weed out the bad singers and send more future superstars to the live shows.

No more WGWG

All five past winners have been WGWG, which is Idol-slang for “White Guys with Guitar.”  Some of the winners like David Cook and Kris Allen were excellent winners, while their successors have been either average or abysmal.    With Mariah on the panel, we might have more Adam Lamberts, Jessica Sanchezes and Haley Rineharts advance further in the competition and sing in the finale than seeing future Phil Phillips getting crowned.

Her connections

Mariah Carey has performed with dozens of A-list singers.   She easily has a Rolodex of legendary singers and producers who can come in and mentor the contestants or sit along side Carey as guest judge for the performance show.    Just imagine Patti LaBelle, Walter Afanasieff or Jermaine Dupri mentoring the contestants or having Brian McKnight, Babyface, Tony Bennett or even Aretha Franklin as guest judges.   By having Carey on Idol, it will give the show more options for mentors and judges than Jimmy Iovine’s Interscope artists.

What are your thoughts about Mariah Carey joining Idol?


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