When the Dark One meets the God of the Underworld

Hades Once Upon A Time

Did the Lord of the Underworld use Rumple’s hatred of Hook to make a deal? (Photo property of ABC Studios)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

What happens when Once Upon A Time’s resident Dark One meets the Lord of the Underworld?

Tonight, we got the answer to that question as Mr. Gold met Hades!

What deal did Storybrooke’s resident antagonist make with the Lord of the Underworld? Read on to find out…

In his chamber, Hades tried to force Hook to write three names of his friends on the graves. The good captain refused to help the fiery villain and threw the chisel to the side. That decision did not seem to please the hot-headed god, who grabbed Hook by the head and showed him the River of Lost Souls. Hades reminded him that if he ever touched the River, he would become a mindless zombie.

Back at Snow and Charming’s Underworld apartment, the Storybrooke gang tried to salvage whatever weapons they could as they prepared to save Hook from Hades’ clutches. Suddenly, Gold appeared and told them that Hades is on to them and has surrounded his headquarters with more obstacles that could turn the heroes’ quest to save their comrade into a catastrophic disaster. Gold pulled Emma aside and described Plan B to her. The duo would have to recruit a “helpful” dead person to lend them their aura so that they could unlock Hades’ magic.  Emma was shocked at Gold’s change of heart, and the Dark One replied that he had to get home to his wife.

While Gold confronted his ex, Milah, and offer her the chance to be reunited with Captain Hook, Hades continued to torture Hook. The Lord of the Underworld shackled the good captain and began to take his hope away from him. Hooks’ lovers, Milah and Emma, had an icy encounter and headed into the Underworld’s equivalent of Emma’s house. The trio ventured down to the basement.

Inside the cellar, Emma revealed Neal’s fate to his family and told them that he moved on to heaven. Relieved, Milah offered her assistance to Gold and Emma. Despite Gold’s warnings, Emma wanted Neal’s mother to accompany them.  While the trio inched closer to Hook, Regina found Cruella and wanted information about the Underbrooke graveyard.  The new Underbrooke mayor gave the Evil Queen a map of the cemetery that had three settings: still in Underbrooke, moved on to a better place and the River of Lost Souls.

Emma left the bickering ex-lovers at the boat while she rescued Hook, who she was able to save her lover from the River of Lost Souls. As the duo raced back to the boat, Milah revealed that her unfinished business to her ex-husband was Neal. While his ex-wife poured her heart out, Hades appeared and wanted to make a deal with the Dark One.

Hades praised Gold for being an impeccable supplier. He also wanted Gold to personally destroy the boat and used Belle as his leverage. Gold agreed to assist the Ruler of the Underworld and promptly destroyed the raft and got his revenge against his wife one final time by throwing her into the River of Lost Souls.


Once reunited with the Storybrooke gang, Regina tried to retrieve Emma’s heart…but she could not! Hades revealed his dirty trick, he picked three names at random: Emma Swan, Regina Mills and Snow White. As the trio tried to figure out, Gold tried to get Hades to send him home. But, the Lord of the Underworld refused to honor his deal. Hades blackmailed the Dark One into working for him…in order to save his and Belle’s unborn child’s life!

Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, Rumple and Milah found Baefire was bitten by a poisonous snake. The duo rushed over to the Healer and asked if he could heal Baefire. The healer revealed that he had a potion that could save Baefire’s life, but at a cost of 100 gold pieces. Shocked at the price, Milah told Rumple that he could steal the potion. Using a dagger and a kiss, Milah manipulated her lover into stealing the potion. As Rumple left, Milah ran into Hook, who saved her from a rapist.

While Milah flirted with the pirate, Rumple entered the Healer’s house and began to search for the potion. He accidentally woke the Healer and he threatened him with a knife.  Rumple refused to kill him and in exchange, the Healer, gave him the potion and cautioned that they will be a price that he would have to pay in the future: a second born child!  Furious, Milah walked out on her lover and son.

Next week, Hook’s brother comes to divide the heroes!


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