Voices and wild cards headline final round of “AGT: Season 12’” quarterfinals

Which acts impressed Howie, Mel B, Heidi, and Simon tonight? (Photo and graphic property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

As a longtime viewer and recap columnist of America’s Got Talent, it has been very hard for me to watch this season.

There have been numerous kid acts that have been voted through by the American public like never before.  While dancer Merrick Hanna, ventriloquist Darci Lynn, and nine-year-old phenom Angelica Hale have truly earned their place in the Season 12 Semifinals (and possibly the finale), I truly believe that Christian Guardino, Evie Clair, and Celine Tam did not deserve their spots in the semifinals. Because of America’s horrible decisions, several talented acts such as Just Jerk, Bello Nock, and the Masqueraders are eliminated from the competition.

Tonight, was the final round of America’s Got Talent: Season 12 Quarterfinals and if there were a theme for this round, I would call it “Voices and wild cards.”  Most of the Round Three acts are impeccable vocalists, but also there are two Wild Card acts that might turn the season around: Videomapping act Oskar and Gaspar and singing quartet Final Copy.

But who impressed Simon, Heidi, Mel B, and Howie? Who made an impression on the Dolby Theatre audience? Read on to find out.

Up first to face the judges and America was DaNell Daymon and Greater Works Gospel Choir. This is one of the best singing groups to enter the competition. They took one of Grease’s signature songs, “You’re The One That I Want,” and transformed the song into holy water. I felt like I was watching Joyful Noise. They put a smile on my face, received a standing ovation from all four judges, and it was a fantastic way to start the show! A

After Tyra plugged the American Red Cross’ mission to help out the Hurricane Harvey survivors, it was time for Junior and Emily to take the stage. Just like the Hurricane Harvey survivors, dancer Junior and Emily overcame their tragic past to make it to the AGT stage. However, the siblings had a lot to overcome especially after their rough Judges’ Cut performance. I believe that these two are the next Derek and Julianne Hough, plus they have shades of friends to the blog: Ryan and Ashleigh Di Lello.  They had a lot of fancy footwork, but if they advance to the next round, I hope Junior and Emily showcase some more complicated moves. 

Wild card act Final Draft returned to the competition after being eliminated in the Judges’ Cuts. They knocked everyone out with their excellent cover: “It’s A Man’s World,” in the Judges’ Auditions, now Final Draft was looking for redemption. The quartet surprised everyone with their high octane cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” I felt like I was watching an X Factor final performance with award quality like vocals. I thought that this was the best use of the Wild Card. They did not disappoint, and I believe that Ed Sheeran would be proud of their performance. A-

Choreographer Oscar Hernandez has spent years helping his cheerleaders prepare to entertain the audience at numerous football games. I got to admit Oscar has incredible moves and he took no prisoners. That was insane from start to finish; Oscar has the moves…but can he sustain that type of entertainment level for a 90-minute show? Maybe not. B-

Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer act, Angelica Green, took the Dolby Theatre stage. I could not connect with Angelica, and I would have buzzed her just as she opened her mouth. She was screechy in parts of the song. Bottom line, too many kids and I believe that we do not need another kid in the semifinals. F

I have been waiting for Colin Cloud to perform on the Dolby Theatre stage since his first audition. Colin invited Simon to the stage, so he could “murder” the legendary television personality. Colin asked Mel B to pick out a random lady, so she could get a chance to get revenge on Simon. As Mel’s participant walked to the stage, Colin asked the Dolby Theatre crowd to think of a naughty memory. Next, Colin correctly guessed that an audience member’s dog bit her in the butt on the camping trail. Colin revealed that Mel B’s volunteer would be the naughtiest person of them all.  As Mel B’s volunteer picked out a “murder weapon,” Mel B walked up to the stage and stood behind Simon. Colin revealed that Mel B’s volunteer was a physical therapy student named Kirstie, who was mad at Simon for “stealing someone’s Justin Bieber CDs.”  While it was a little long, it was one of the most spectacular things I have seen on AGT. I think that Colin Cloud could go toe-to-toe with both Oz Pearlman and The Clairvoyants. B+/A-

As Colin left the stage, New York subway singer, Mike Yung took to the stage. He took everyone to church with his cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” Mike has one of the strongest voices this season, and I truly believe that he gave the performance of the night and left me with many chills! I hope that he advances to the next round.  A

Wild card act Oskar and Gaspar returned to America’s Got Talent. Tonight, the video mapping act brought out two dancers who brought their visions to life as an unknown male singer was singing Sia’s “Diamonds.” I got chills watching Oskar and Gaspar bring their vision to life. This is a performance that I believe we will be talking about for years to come. Bravo and I hope that Oskar and Gasper become the first Wild Card acts to win the show! A+

In all honesty, I do not understand why Sara and Hero made it to the Dolby Theatre live shows. While they added a new pup into the mix, Loki, I felt that the dogs were almost out of control. I would have buzzed them immediately. F

Chase Goerling performed an original song on AGT and his risk earned him DJ Khaled’s Golden Buzzer.  His latest original piece of work focused on heartbreak. He has a good voice and sturdy songwriting skills, but he is completely an Ed Sheeran copycat and I do not like copycats. D+

I have no words for the Los Angeles-based dance act Diavolo. They are truly one of my favorite acts that have ever auditioned for the show. Diavolo’s tribute to the International Space Station blew me away. My jaw dropped multiple times during the performance and I truly think that this group is ready for Vegas! A++

Kechi ended the night with a spectacular performance of Katy Perry’s “By the Grace of God.” While she does have an emotional backstory, Kechi does have an impeccable talent and I think she could be this season’s wild card. I think that Katy Perry would be proud of that performance. A- 

Tomorrow night, Season Nine champion Mat Franco joins forces with fellow magicians Piff the Magic Dragon and Jon Dorenbos  provides the entertainment as the final group of semifinalists are revealed!


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