“The Voice: Season 13” Blind Auditions continue

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By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Last week, Oscar and Grammy-winning singer Jennifer Hudson joined The Voice USA family to kick off the Season 13 Blind Auditions.

Before we go to the recap, here is where the teams stand after one week of Blind Auditions:

Team Adam: Brandon Showell, Dave Crosby, and Dylan Gerard.  

Team Miley: Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson, and Ashland Craft.

Team Jennifer: Chris Weaver, Lucas Holliday, Shi’Ann Jones, and Maharasyi.

Team Blake: Mitchell Lee, Esera Tuaolo, Keisha Renee, and Red Marlow.

Did Adam and Miley catch up to both Jennifer and Blake with their Season 13 recruitment drive? Or did the duo leave them in the dust? Read on to find out!

As the coaches arrived at the Universal Studios Hollywood soundstage and checked in with veteran host Carson Daly, 38-year-old full-time session singer and father Adam Cunningham hoped to step into the spotlight.  Adam tackled The Allman Brothers Band’s “Midnight Rider” for his Season 13 Blind Auditions. I loved Adam’s rough and tough vocals. Also, he reminds me of a particular country rocker who won this competition during Season 11: Sundance Head. It turned into a battle royale as Blake and Jennifer entered the ring to recruit Adam to their teams. Adam and Miley pimped Jennifer and told Adam not to go with the obvious choice. Meanwhile, Jennifer loved the soul and added that Blake could not teach him that. However, Adam went with his fellow honorary Nashville citizen: Blake Shelton.

18-year-old Hannah Mrozak is a beautician but had a passion for singing. She decided to audition for The Voice in honor of her late brother, Mason, who committed suicide in 2016. Hannah has a clear and impressive voice that could be heard in today’s Top 40 crowd. Also, she made waves with her cover of Hailee Steinfeld’s “Starving” as she caught the attention of Adam, Blake, and Jennifer. Adam called an accomplished singer with tone, while Jennifer was already prepping her a spot on Team JHUD. However, Adam stated that there were no girls on his team so far and Hannah became his first female artist of Season 13.

Jewish music has enriched Shilo Gold’s family history. While she left the religious side of the music industry for a more accessible sound, Shilo proved that she was a force to be reckoned with as she wailed Mary J. Blige’s “Stay with Me Baby.” I loved her husky tone, and she reminded me of the late Dusty Springfield. Thankfully, both Jennifer and Miley turned their chairs around just before she stopped singing. Blake shared that Shilo made Voice history for having two chairs being turned at the last minute.  Miley stated that Shilo had her rasp with Jennifer’s vocal range, but Shilo made the difficult decision based on the coach who understood her voice and it was Season 13 returning coach Miley Cyrus.

As Miley “demanded ” to the crew to put many dehumidifiers in Shiloh’s hotel room, 17-year-old Noah Mac turned his backyard shed into a recording studio. He perfected his craft and recently recorded an EP of soul music. His father even stated in the pre-performance package that his son was made of music. For his Season 13 Blind Audition, Noah performed “Way Down We Go.” While I was not familiar with the song, his voice completely left me speechless. Noah caught the attention of both Jennifer and Blake. After Miley declared that he was hot, Jennifer felt his soul and added that he took her on a roller coaster ride. However, Blake convinced Noah to join his team.

Baltimore, Maryland native Davon Fleming beat the temptations of the Baltimore gang scene through his love of music. He dreamed of becoming a singer since Davon heard his mom sang in church at three-years-old.  The church leader sang Any Winehouse’s interpretation of “Me & Mrs. Jones.” I fell in love with Davon’s voice instantly. His vocal range was insane!  All four coaches turned their chairs around, and Blake made a bold statement that no matter what happens, he will be in the finale! Jennifer Hudson and Davon instantly bonded over their mutual love of Whitney Houston, and they sang “I Will Always Love You, ” and he became the latest member of Team JHUD!

Kathrina Feigh came from a large Flipino family who loved singing. While she fell in love with musical theatre, Kathrina wanted to be a recording artist. For her Season 13 Blind Audition, she tackled Jessie J’s “Big White Room” (the song was last covered by Season Eight’s India Carney, who was on Team Christina). I liked that there was only a guitar accompanying Kathrina because it gave her a chance to highlight her gorgeous voice. She reminded me a hybrid between Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Nettles. Kathrina caught the attention of both Blake and Jennifer.  The Dreamgirl stated that Kathrina had “the voice,” and Ms. Feigh said that she has always been a fan and added that she saw Jennifer on Broadway in The Color Purple. Katharina decided to become the second artist in the row to enlist in Team Jennifer.

Addison Agen experienced the biggest culture shock when she arrived in LAX to compete at the Season 13 Blind Auditions. Her family owns a record store and when they installed a stage in their store, Addison was the only person qualified to christen it.  She tackled Ray LaMontagne’s “Jolene” for her audition, which caught the attention of both Adam and Miley. The 16-year-old impressed Jennifer and Blake declared her: “Awesome.” Adam even compared her to Season Four winner Danielle Bradbery. Miley even bonded with Addison by stating that she knows how to deal when her voice cracks. Despite Adam’s heartfelt pleas, Addison chose Miley as her coach.

Adam Pierce returned to The Voice for round two of the Blind Auditions. He took the notes that Adam, Alicia, Gwen, and Blake gave him in Season 12 and tackled Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded” for his Season 13 Blind Audition. Just like last time, Adam Pierce’s vocals gave me chills. I am so glad that he got a second chance to showcase his vocals in front of the entire country! Adam Levine was so happy when Adam Pierce took the stage, and Miley added that every single note was fantastic. However, Adam Pierce decided to enlist with the Maroon 5 frontman.

16-year-old Moriah Formica concluded the night’s festivities. She blew the coaches away with her interpretation of Heart’s “Crazy on You.” It takes chutzpah to cover the one and only Ann Wilson. Moriah’s voice impressed me and I believe that in a field of Dayas, Selenas and Taylors, we need more Florence Welches and Lzzy Hales. All four coaches turned around for Ms. Formica, but only Adam, Blake, and Miley gave her a standing ovation. Miley, who turned around for Moriah first, stated that she has been waiting for that performance. Adam called her a “pint-sized powerhouse” and stated that she could fill one of the Wilson Sisters’ shoes. Jennifer commended Moriah for the time and energy that she put in her craft. All four coaches pitched hard for Moriah, but at the end…Moriah recruited with Team Miley.

Tomorrow night, The Season 13 Blind Auditions continue!


  1. Ms. Random says

    This season, playoffs were pretaped, rather than airing live. For the first time, each coach selected their top 3 to move onto the top 12.

    Each coach also selected one comeback artist. The artists listed first were selected by the coach to move onto the top 12.

    Team Adam
    Jon Mero
    Addison Agen
    Adam Cunningham
    Emily Luther
    Anthony Alexander

    Team Blake
    Keisha Renee
    Red Marlow
    Chloe Kohanski
    Mitchell Lee
    Esera Tuaolo
    Natalie Stovall (comeback artist)

    Team Miley
    Brooke Simpson
    Janice Freeman
    Ashland Craft
    Karli Webster
    Adam Pearce
    Moriah Formica (comeback artist)

    Team Jennifer
    Chris Weaver
    Davon Fleming
    Hannah Mrozak
    Noah Mac
    Shi’Ann Jones

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