Variety Acts Shine During ‘America’s Got Talent: Season 13’ Round Two Quarterfinals

Variety acts entertained Howie, Mel B, Simon, and Heidi tonight on “AGT.” (Graphic & photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

The second group of hopefuls performed on the Dolby Theatre stage during night two of the Season 13 quarterfinals.  Their goal…earn a spot in the Season 13 semifinals. This group contained a lot more variety acts that ranged from a deranged illusionist and an abysmal cat act to acrobatic and dance duos.

Which acts rose to the occasion and delivered knockout performances during the second round of quarterfinals? Did any of the judges (Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel) press their buzzers? Read on to find out!

In all honesty, Makayla Phillips is probably the weakest Golden Buzzer acts this season. Heidi Klum’s golden choice is outmatched by Amanda Mena and Courtney Hadwin, who America advanced to the next round. After Heidi introduced her, Makayla took the stage and performed Julia Michaels’ “Issues.” While it was an average performance, it did not excite me like Courtney’s showstopper last week. Sadly, it’s a “No!” for me. C

I was so excited that Da Republik made it to the Live Shows. They are a variety act that I believe could be in the finale if they showcased all the right moves. Tonight, the dance crew transported the viewers to a city that was under alien invasion. Da Republik delivered a fiery routine that was not only deserving of the $1,000,000 prize, but also a Las Vegas show! A+

Former Glee actor Noah Guthrie was hesitant during his pre-performance. Thankfully, his father encouraged him to continue to pursue music, which led him to America’s Got Talent. Noah tackled “Show Me Some Mercy.” His raw vocals shook the Dolby Theatre and he delivered a performance that could give him a recording contract. However, I agreed with Howie and Mel B, Noah should have performed a cover song like “Billie Jean,” “Hello,” and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” B-/B  

I strongly believe that comedy duo Yumbo Dump robbed worthy contestants such as Lioz Shem Tov, Blue Tokyo, and the Fratelli Rossi of a spot in the quarterfinals. They are an embarrassing addition to the variety category. I would not pay money to see them in Las Vegas and I wish that I would have raced across the Dolby Theatre stage to press all four of the judges’ buzzers! I am shocked that both Mel B and Simon took back their buzzers! F

Since his first appearance on AGT, Samuel J. Comroe has put a smile on my face. While he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, it did not stop him from delivering a superb routine that roasted Yumbo Dump, introduced his Benjamin Button puppy to America, and his veterinary bills. It was an awesome set that made me smile and I pray to God that the viewers vote him to the next round! A  

Voices of Hope Children’s Choir received the Golden Buzzer from guest Ken Jeong during Judge Cuts. The technicolored chorus did their best to perform “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman, but this was their weakest performance. While I got chills near the end, I had to agree with Mel B, and they were not worthy of moving on to the next round. D+

The Savitsky Cats is an animal act that I don’t get. Sure, they represent the variety acts, and I give their owners credit for training their cats to do these incredible stunts. However, “Would you sit through a 90-minute show starring them?” If you answered “No” to my question, then you will agree with my D grade.

I am so grateful that Glennis Grace made it to the Season 13 Live Shows. This singer reminds me of listening to Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Leona Lewis for the very first time. Tonight, Glennis sang The Greatest Showman’s “Never Enough.” While I am surprised that she decided to sing a song that won Christina Wells a spot in the live show, she delivered a high octane performance that perfectly showed off her voice! This was one of the best moments of the night! A+

Many AGT fans not only were disturbed but outraged when the judges advanced the Sacred Riana to the Season 13 quarterfinals. The creepy and controversial Asia’s Got Talent winner was already accused of messing up this episode that ranged from the video wall malfunctioning during Samuel J. Comroe’s act and Simon went crazy during the Judges’ feedback after the Savitsky Cats act. This was a terrifying act from start to finish and there were no words to describe this horror show.  F

Martina McBride’s Golden Buzzer act, Quin and Misha, hoped to advance to the next round. The dancing duo transported the audience to Miami Vice with their routine to “She’s a Maniac.” They remind me so much of BGT’s Paddy and Nico, but they were highly entertaining compared to the wicked enchantress we saw before! I would love to see them go through to the next round. B+

Front Pictures introduced America’s Got Talent to the virtual world. They transported guests to an old hotel that reminded me of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Luigi’s Mansion. This presentation was a visual feast that showcased the future of entertainment. I have a powerful feeling that Front Pictures could not only win this season but also become the gold standard when it comes virtual variety entertainment. A+

Duo Transcend is one of this season’s most talked about variety acts! Tyce Nielsen and Mary Wolfe made headlines for their terrifying Judges Cuts performance when Tyce accidentally dropped Mary on the floor. The duo vowed to return and not make the same mistake. Tyce and Mary delivered a sturdy routine to “Toxic” that made my jaw drop. Thankfully, they redid the stunt and Tyce DID NOT DROP Mary! Thanks to their dangerous stunts and excellent choreography, I think that these guys will be performing in the Season 13 finale. Bravo! A-

Tomorrow night, the Illusionists and Light Balance will entertain the audience!

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