Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Invades ‘Masked Singer’

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visited The Masked Singer. (Photo property of Exploring the Right Brain | Wikimedia Commons)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

The Masked Singer got raunchier tonight! Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (voiced by Robert Smigel) visited the FOX talent competition as he joined the panelists (Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger) in this edition.  

Tonight, five performers faced off to stay in the competition. Did anyone survive Triumph’s jabs? Who was forced to join Dr. Drew, Raven-Symone, and Sherri Shepherd in the Season Two unmasking club? Read on to find out!

After Nick Cannon made his dramatic entrance, he acknowledged the panel and guest judge Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, it was time to get down to business! The Fox returned to the stage and revealed that he has been in show business in 30 years, plus he is always surrounded by guys. The Fox performed Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step” and immediately I heard Wayne Brady’s voice. However, the panelists thought it was Jamie Foxx. After showcasing some cool choreography, the Fox received some high praise from Ken and Triumph. The panelists thought Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean, Lou Dobbs, and Sterling K. Brown.  For his physical clue, the Fox brought out a boombox (a gift from his father).

As Triumph scared Nicole Scherzinger and ticked Ken Jeong, it was time for the Ladybug to shine. The Ladybug revealed that she had family drama, insecurity issues, and a passion for make-up. She sang 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Youngblood.” After weeks of being left in the dark, I finally heard a voice that I recognized: Kelly Osbourne! Triumph loved her energy, while Nicole loved her confidence. The panel guessed that the Ladybug was the Olsen Twins, Jamie Lynn Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Jackson.  For her physical clue, she brought back out a golf cart.

Patti LaBelle…I mean the Flower took the stage. She revealed that she is an introvert and loved gardening. Tonight, she sang Lonestar’s “Amazed” and moved me to tears. While the back-up dancers were a little much, Flower Mask delivered another stellar performance! Nicole called her ”captivating,” while Ken still believes she is Bjork! However, Robin Thicke was on the money and said it was “Patti LaBelle.” The Flower’s physical clue was a deck of playing cards. Triumph guessed Jennifer Holliday as the Flower walked off the stage.

After Triumph the Insult Comic Dog made fun of Dr. Ken, the Tree took to the stage. She revealed that she was on Broadway and referenced Strangers with Candy. The Tree sang Meghan Trainor’s “No Excuses” and I believe that this sparkling performer is SNL veteran Ana Gasteyer! Triumph stated that the Tree looked like it was the last thing that Sir Elton John saw before he took Ambien. The panel thought it was either Molly Shannon, Cheri Oteri, Lauren Graham, and Amy Sedaris. The Tree’s revealing clue was a bowl of soup.

The Rottweiler was the night’s final performer. The singer revealed that his North Carolina roots gave him the opportunity to be where is he now. After the panel revealed that the Rottweiler was one of their favorites, he sang Ed Sheeran’s “Castle On A Hill.”  I still think that Chris Daughtry is behind this mask. This was one of his best performances and Jenny agreed with me. Triumph jokingly stated that the Rottweiler was his son. The panel guessed that James Franco, Gavin DeGraw, and Darren Criss were the performer, however after seeing the Rottweiler’s physical clue, a portrait of Triumph, it was the American Idol alum.

All five masked performers returned to the stage to receive the results. The Ladybug would be unmasked tonight. Before she unmasked, the panel made their final guesses: Paris Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, and Jamie Lynn Spears. It turned out that Kelly Osbourne was the Ladybug!


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