Top 50 Greatest Villians of All Time: Day One

Warning: This blog is full of spoilers so if you have not seen this character in action…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Its October that means it is time for Halloween and during this time-the fictional monsters, villains and evil doers want to be recognized by pop culture fanatics like me.

While there are numerous antagonists running around in pop culture, I took out reality T.V. antagonists (sorry Survivor villains) and decided to look into the worlds of movies, T.V. shows, literature, comics and anime to find out about these diabolical fictional fiends.

Each blog post will highlight 10 villains.  By the end of this series of blog posts, 50 Villains ranging from hysterical and over-the-top foes from shows like Ugly Betty, Glee and Reboot to serious and nightmarish villains that haunt all forms of media.

50. Wilhelmina Slater, Ugly Betty (Vanessa L. Williams)

This villainous fashionista had one main objective throughout the four-season ABC dramedy: take control of MODE magazine.   No matter how many times she tried there was always Betty or a member of the Meade family standing in her way.  One of her attempts of trying to bring the Meade family down was putting the Medusa X virus into MODE’s computer systems which wiped out the company’s entire database.  Ms. Slater is remembered for her icy queen reputation and over-the-top dramatics.   Vanessa L. Williams, who portrayed the villainous fashion mogul, was nominated three times for an Emmy during the show’s run.

49. Sideshow Bob, the Simpsons (Voiced by Kelsey Grammer)

Sideshow Bob started out as Krusty the Clown’s original sidekick but wanted to have his own show, so he framed his boss for armed robbery and had a chance at the spotlight.  Unfortunately for him, Bart Simpson uncovered the truth and Bob was sent to jail.   Since then, Bob and Bart have been mortal enemies and have faced off on the show ten times and every time they face off-both the ante and the comedy go up.   Grammer won an Outstanding Voice-Over Performance Emmy for his work as this kooky psycho in 2006.

48. Sue Sylvester, Glee (Jane Lynch)

Since season one of FOX’s phenomenon, the Queen of the Jumpsuits belittles, backstabs and manipulates her way to make sure the New Directions Show Choir at William McKinley High School are eliminated from existence.  From forwarding the group’s set list to rival teams for Regionals in season one to having the intent to re-route the Glee Club to Tripoli in order to miss Nationals in New York City, Sylvester will do anything to get her way.  Lynch won both a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award for her portrayal of the sly cheerleading coach.

47. C. Montgomery Burns, the Simpsons (Voiced by Harry Shearer)

If there were an award for the vilest man in the fictional city of Springfield, C. Montgomery Burns would win it in a heartbeat.   The wicked owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant has caused chaos throughout the long running comedy.  Burns’ crimes include blackmailing public officials, releasing his hounds upon unsuspecting victims and even blocking the sun from Springfield.   If Maggie Simpson was successful and killed Mr. Burns during the two-part arc “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” then viewers would find Springfield boring and come on who loves to see someone like Burns stir up trouble?

46. Devon Banks, 30 Rock (Will Arnett)

Speaking of stirring up trouble, no one likes to turn Jack Donaghy’s world upside down then his archrival: Devon Banks.  From trying to usurp Jack’s position with General Electric in season one to worming his way into President Obama’s inner circle and becoming head of a committee investigation Jack’s failings with his company.  Arnett brilliantly plays his character so well that he has been nominated for three Emmy Awards.

45. Gorilla Grodd, Flash and the DC Comics Universe (Created by John Broome & Carmine Infantino; Famous Portrayals: Stanley Ralph Ross & Powers Booth)

Before the Planet of the Apes franchise became popular, DC Comics had a talking ape that wanted to be Earth’s overlord.  Gorilla Grodd made his debut in Flash #106 in May 1959.  This super-powered brute faced off against the second Flash, Barry Allen, and it was hatred at first sight.   In recent years, Grodd manipulated some of DC Comics’ greatest villains including Solomon Grundy, Lady Shiva, the Icicle, Giganta, Mongul and others of capturing both Superman and Batman for Lex Luthor in the pages of Superman/Batman.  He also caused the crippling of Flash (Wally West)’s ally, Hunter Zolomon, which began his road becoming the deadly Zoom in the second volume of Flash.  Besides his comic book appearances, Grodd also was featured in Superfriends (voiced by Batman & Monkees writer Stanley Ralph Ross), Justice League and Justice League Unlimited (voiced by Powers Booth).  

44. Poison Ivy, Batman and the DC Comics Universe (Created by Robert Kanighter & Sheldon Molodoff; Famous Portrayals: Diane Pershing & Uma Thurman)

One of Batman’s most deadly foes is femme fatale Poison Ivy.  Before the Vixen of Vines made her debut in Batman’s June 1966, there had only been one female villain in the Caped Crusader’s Rogues Gallery: Catwoman.  What makes Poison Ivy stands out, as a villain is that not only she is very irresistible but also she is gifted mad scientist who uses plants and poisons to threaten the lives of both Gotham City residents and several DC Superheroes.  Uma Thurman portrayed the toxic Poison Ivy in the 1997 Box Office Bomb Batman and Robin while Diane Pershing voiced the vixen from Batman: the Animated Series to Justice League.

43. Ursula the Sea Witch (Created by Ron Clements & John Musker; Voiced by Pat Carroll)

Disney’s popular sea witch was introduced to movie audiences in 1989’s The Little Mermaid.  Ursula encountered Ariel and convinced the innocent title character that the only way to get the love of her life, Eric, was to turn into a human for three days and try to kiss him before the sunset on the final day or else Ariel would belong to Ursula for the rest of her days.  When Ariel failed to kiss Eric, Ursula let Ariel’s father Triton trade his freedom for his daughter and his kingdom.  After becoming a giant, Ursula was stabbed in the heart by Eric’s ship that killed her.   Pat Carroll has been voicing the wicked sea witch for 22 years and was featured in Disney shows including all three versions of Disney resort show Fantasmic, House of M and the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

42. Hexadecimal (Voiced by Shirley Milner)

The CGI Animated series Reboot had two primary villains in the course of its’ four season run.  Both the 42nd and 41st spots are for both of them.   The first Reboot villain is Hexadecimal.   On the show, Hexadecimal could basically be described as the “Queen of Chaos.”  Hexadecimal is an extremely emotional villain willing to get what she wants including causing chaos including taking over the computer’s system programs.  Milner voiced Hexadecimal brilliantly and managed to convey both insanity and in later seasons love for Bob perfectly.

41. Megabyte (Voiced by Tony Jay)

The main antagonist of the series was Hexadecimal’s brother: Megabyte.  This virus based villain calculated and manipulated his way to conquer Mainframe but was unsuccessful until the end of season two where he sent his arch rival, Mainframe’s protector: Guardian Bob into a portal that sent him through a web dimension.  He also tormented Enzo, the new Guardian of Mainframe.  Tony Jay’s incredible performance of the conniving virus astonished fans and voiced the character until his death in 2006.


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