Throwback Tuesday-Rat Race

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It has been nearly ten years since the release of the 2001 ensemble comedy Rat Race.

If viewers have not seen it, then they are in for a real treat.  This film will make them laugh so hard; they might pee in their pants.

This film stars an all-star cast that include Oscar winners Whoopi Goldberg and Cuba Gooding Jr., legendary comedians John Cleese, Jon Lovitz and Rowan Atkinson and actors Breckin Meyer, Seth Green and Kathy Najimy.   Rounding out the cast is Gloria Allred, Wayne Knight, Oscar winner Kathy Bates and the band Smash Mouth, who all make cameo appearances in the film.

The film’s plot revolves around six groups of people racing from a Las Vegas casino to a train station in Silver City, New Mexico.   Inside the train station, there is a locker containing two-million dollars…and whoever opens the locker wins the game and keeps the cash.    Sounds like an easy game but in this comedy, nothing is easy.  In fact…the chase for the two-million leads into tons of hysterical scenes that will have viewers falling on the floor from laughter.

Here are some of the best scenes from the 2001 film:

Never Mess with A Woman Scorned

Breckin Meyer’s character Nick Schaffer meets Amy Smart’s character helicopter pilot Tracy Faucet in an airport.  The two connect and Faucet offers to help Schaffer to get to Silver City in her helicopter.  They make a quick stop at her boyfriend’s house where she discovers that he cheated on her.  This makes Faucet very angry and bloodthirsty.

To watch her reaction, click on this link:

The Nazi Car

This sequence follows Jon Lovitz and Kathy Najamy’s characters as they travel to Silver City.   After losing time to visit a “Barbie” museum-honoring a dead Nazi, the characters steal Hitler’s Mercedes Benz and continued their journey while on the road, they accidentally flip off a biker who sends her entire crew after them and destroy parts of the car.   Then, things take a turn for the worse when Stewart’s character drives the car into a World War II veteran tribute.

Find out what happens here:

You Should Have Bought a Squirrel

While Whoopi Goldberg’s character, Vera Baker, and her on-screen daughter

Chapman are driving to Silver City, they come across the Squirrel Lady played by Oscar-winning actor Kathy Bates.   The Squirrel Lady offers them a squirrel to take with them on the road but the ladies refuse and give them directions to their doom.

Viewers can find out what happens by clicking here:

A Bus Full of Lucy Ricardos 

When Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s character steals a bus driver’s disguise at a pit stop, he did not realize that he would be driving a bus full of I Love Lucy fans that are heading to a convention dressed up as Lucy Ricardo.    This scene illustrates a conversation between Gooding, Jr.’s character and a Lucy.

Overall Thoughts and Grade: What a terrific movie from start to finish! This was one of the best ensemble films of the 2000s.   If viewers have not had the pleasure of watching the film…go out and rent this movie.  A+

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  1. I watched this a long way back when I was six or seven, and remember thinking it was one of the most uninteresting movies I had ever seen lol. I’m sure if I saw it again I would like it more though. Great review!

    You have a new follower!

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