“The Voice: Season 11” enters Round Three of Battle Rounds

The Voice Season 11 Coaches Battle Rounds

Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, and Adam Levine pose during a taping of the Season 11 Battle Rounds. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

We are nearing the home stretch of the Season 11 Battle Rounds!

Right now, here are the artists that will be competing in the Knockout Rounds:

Team Adam: Riley Elmore, Billy Gilman, Ponciano Seoane, Jason Warrior & Dave Moisan (Both stolen from Team Alicia)

Team Alicia: Christian Cuevas, We McDonald, Michael Sanchez & Courtnie Ramirez (Stolen from Team Miley)

Team Miley: Ali Caldwell, Sophia Urista, Josette Diaz, Maye Thomas & Lauren Diaz (Stolen from Team Alicia)

Team Blake: Sundance Head & Courtney Harrell

So far, Team Adam and Team Alicia might be the teams to beat this season.  But did Miley or Blake acquire any talented artists who might turn the tide in their favor?  Read on to find out!

Team Adam’s Johnny Rez and Nolan Neal opened up the night. Their coach and the Maroon 5 front man assigned them to tackle Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” for their Battle Round. Team Adam Guest Advisor Sammy Hagar was impressed with both artists but preferred Johnny’s falsetto. However, when Adam played the drums during the last rehearsal, Season 10 returnee Nolan soared. During the Battle Round, I was impressed with both artists, but Nolan’s husky voice commanded the stage from the first note that he sang. Blake kicked off the commentary, and he stated that it was an even matched battle. Alicia loved the fact that they worked the stage but suggested that Nolan should move on. Meanwhile, Miley sided with Blake and enjoyed watching Johnny perform. Adam decided to go with Nolan Neal because he connected with him more.

Girl Meets World star Darby Walker and Karlee Metzger tackled Melanie’s “Brand New Key.” This was a fascinating song choice that Miley chose for them, but it did not work for me. The performance was way too middle school talent show rather than a Voice Battle Round blowout. Despite this terrible battle, Miley chose to go with Darby! I hope Darby grows in the Knockout Rounds. Luckily, Karlee was given one final chance when Blake stole her from Miley.

Blake paired Blaine Long and Josh Gallagher together to tackle “Stranger in My Home.” Blaine struggled singing the cover and needed to show confidence. Meanwhile, Bette noticed that Josh was forcing their vocal delivery. Bette also advised Blaine to get a better wardrobe for his Battle Round performance.  She also urged them to act out the song and Blake said that if they follow her advice and put on a great acting as well as a fantastic singing performance, he would declare that person—the winner. This battle was leagues better than Team Miley’s first vocal fight of the night. Just like Nolan and Johnny, Blaine and Josh were evenly matched, and I loved the harmonies near the decrescendo of the song. Alicia admired Josh’s showmanship, but Blaine’s tone won the battle. However, both Adam and Miley voiced that she would want to see Josh move onto the Knockout Rounds. Blake stated that it was a heartbreaker, but he declared that Josh won the battle.

Alicia paired Josh Halverson and Kylie Rothfield together. As the duo met with their coach, it was a mini reunion as Kylie was reunited with Charlie Puth, who went to high school together. I am going to be honest. Before the battle, it was hard for me to divorce myself from friends of the blog: Haley Reinhart and Kimberly Nichole’s epic vocal covers. Thank goodness that Alicia’s coaching and Charlie’s advice guided both Josh and Kylie to deliver an epic vocal-guitar duet. This battle woke me up from my half-slumber and gave me the first case of the goosies tonight! Miley liked Josh, but Adam and Blake wanted to see what else Kylie had in her wheelhouse. However, Alicia listened to the veterans’ advice and went with Kylie! Luckily, Josh got a second chance when Miley pressed her tongue on her steal button!

Team Blake’s final battle of the night belonged to Christian Fermin and the youngest artist in the competition: Gabe Broussard. Blake chose Hoobastank’s “The Reason” for the young guns to sing. Bette wanted Gabe to relax his face when he went to his upper register, while Blake wanted to Christian sell the song visually. During the final rehearsal with Bette, the Divine Miss M advised them to sell this song to someone in the audience and to engage with them. While it was nice to see that both guys grew as artists, I have to say that Christian gave me chills. But unfortunately, it was Blake that had the final decision and named the winner to be Gabe.

Miley’s final battle of the night pitted two of my favorites together: Aaron Gibson and Se’Rayah! They tackled Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart’s “I’ll Take Care of You” and it turned into one of the night’s best battles. Joan wanted to hear the pain come from Aaron’s voice, while Miley wanted her to step out of her comfort zone. Aaron reminds me of the second coming of friend to the blog and Rising Star winner Jesse Kinch. His raw vocals and guitar playing shined during the performance. Meanwhile, Se’Rayah’s powerful, soulful voice gave me Patti LaBelle vibes at times. I have a feeling that we will be talking about this battle for a long time!  Aaron and Se’Rayah earned the only four coach standing ovation of the night, and they also redeemed Team Miley after the Darby-Karlee debacle earlier.  While Miley chose Aaron to represent her team in the Knockout Rounds, Alicia and Blake went to war for Sa’Rayah! After hearing both options, Sa’Rayah chose Alicia to be her coach.

Tomorrow night, the Battle Rounds conclude and Blake has the last steal!

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