“The Voice: Season 11” Battle Rounds continue

Miley, Blake, Alicia, and Adam pose before the taping of the Season 11 Battle Rounds. (Photo property of NBC & MGM TV)

Miley, Blake, Alicia, and Adam pose before the taping of the Season 11 Battle Rounds. (Photo property of NBC & MGM TV)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Last night, The Voice: Season 11 Battle Rounds began!

Did you miss Round One? Here are the artists that will be performing in the Knockout Rounds:

Team Adam: Billy Gilman, Riley Elmore & Jason Warrior (stolen from Team Alicia)

Team Miley: Ali Caldwell & Lauren Diaz (stolen from Team Alicia)

Team Alicia: We McDonald, Christian Cuevas & Courtnie Ramirez (stolen from Team Miley)

Team Blake: Sundance Head

Tonight was Round Two of the Season 11 Battle Rounds! Which artists stepped up to the plate? Who was stolen? Read on to find out!

As Adam and Blake hugged it out, Miley paired Lane Mack and Sophia Urista together for her first battle of the night. I was surprised that the former Hannah Montana paired two of her Blues-Rock power players together. Miley chose Pink Floyd’s “Money” for the duo’s performance. Miley’s guest mentor, Joan Jett, wanted the duo to build it to the climax. Both of them had different approaches to the track. Lane’s growls took me to a whole another level, while Sophia’s high notes made me grin like a Cheshire Cat. The coaches were divided as Blake wanted Miley to choose Lane, while Alicia advised her to go with Sophia.  Miley wanted to be a guide for Sophia, and she advanced to the Knockout Rounds.

While Miley wiped away tears after saying goodbye to Lane, all eyes were on Team Blake’s Courtney Harrell and Ethan Tucker. The duo was excited to meet their mentor, the Divine Miss M, and together they tackled John Mayer’s “Gravity.” However, the duo had a problem forming a connection and Bette suggested that they acted like a couple. Bette’s suggestion and advice paid off as the duo delivered a soulful duet that blew everyone away.  I liked Ethan’s raw vocals, but Courtney’s clear vocals were exquisite pieces of ear candy. Despite Miley throwing Ethan’s name into the mix, Blake chose Courtney to become the second member of his Knockout Round team.

After a quick montage, it was time to the last battle of the evening. Team Alicia’s Dave Moisan and Michael Sanchez tackled the late Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie.” Guest advisor Charlie Puth stated it best: “Young John Mayer vs. Randy Newman.” Alicia decided that the duo should rotate playing the piano into their performance and that idea helped the duo deliver one of the most memorable battles in the past few seasons. I loved the way that both of them commanded the stage and how they mastered their choreography with the piano. In addition, both men shined individually on their solos and their on-point  harmonies were excellent. Their performance was the only four coach standing ovation of the night! While Alicia kept Michael, Dave became the latest member of Team Adam.

Next week, “The Voice: Season 11” Battle Rounds continue!


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