“The Voice: Season 10” Blind Auditions continue

Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams The Voice

Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams smile while filming “The Voice: Season 10” Blind Auditions. (Photo property of NBC & United Artists Media Group)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Last week, The Voice returned for its tenth season!

As original coach Christina Aguilera, the Queen of The Voice, reunited with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams, countless undiscovered artists stepped up to the plate to deliver fantastic Blind Auditions that landed them a coveted spot on one of the coaches’ teams.

Before we get into tonight’s Blind Auditions, here is where our teams stand:

Adam Levine: Caroline Burns, John Gilman, Katherine Ho, Laith Al-Saadi & Mike Schiavo

Pharrell Williams: Abby Celso, Caity Peters, Emily Keener, Joe Vivona, Jonathan Bach & Nick Hagelin

Blake Shelton: Adam Wakefield, Angie Keilhauer, Mary Sarah & Paxton Ingram

Christina Aguilera: Alisan Porter, Bryan Bautista, Kata Hay, Lacy Mandigo & Shalyah Fearing

Can Blake get his A-game back? Will Pharrell continue to dominate? Did Adam or Christina play any dirty tricks to get the artists that they want?  Read on to find out…

As the coaches got to their chairs, Omaha preschool teacher Hannah Huston was bit by the music bug after singing at a friends’ wedding.  Her students surprised her with a video of her students wishing her luck at her Blind Audition and she dedicated her Blind Audition to them. While I have not heard of the song that she sang (“Unaware”), her lovely vocals enticed me and I was surprised that she got a three-chair turn from Blake, Christina and Pharrell at the end. While Blake admitted that he liked her raspy falsetto and stated that it to be friends with her while Xtina liked her sassiness and fire, it was Pharrell who was really excited about her voice and personality that charmed Hannah and she joined his team.

Brian Nhira and his parents moved from Zimbabwe to Tulsa, Oklahoma to chase their dreams. While they have ten degrees between the two of then, Brian wanted to become a pop singer. For his Blind Audition, he performed a smooth version of Pharrell’s “Happy” that got the coaches in a good mood. It’s always risky to sing one of the coaches’ songs, but he was awarded by Pharrell (and Blake) turning their chairs around. Brian also sang an a cappella rendition of “Jesus Loves Me” that might foreshadow a steal in the Battle Rounds from Adam.  He became the second member of Team Pharrell of the night! I hope that he could record a duet with Season Eight alum Tonya Boyd-Cannon in the future!

26-year-old Brittany Kennell left her native homeland of Montreal, Canada to pursue a career in the music industry in the United States. After playing at multiple Nashville country clubs, she wanted to move to the forefront.  Brittany’s cover of Sheryl Crow’s “Strong Enough” did have some pitch issues, but she reminded me of a mix between Ann Wilson and Dolly Parton. Her cover caught the attention of both Blake and Pharrell. While the “Get Lucky” singer-songwriter desperately tried to steal Brittany, she went with Blake!

Last season, Natalie Yacovazzi failed to convince the coaches that she was worthy of a spot. However, Adam’s advice about “taking another swing” was the main reason why Natalie returned to the NBC singing competition. The second-time was the charm as Adam instantly turned his chair around for Natalie when she came out swinging with her cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. Know It All.” I got chills from her performance and I am glad that Natalie came back.

One artist that impressed me this evening was Malik Heard. He tackled one song that has been over done on the NBC singing competition: “Chains” by Nick Jonas. During his performance, he reminded me a hybrid of two former Team Christina singers: Season Five’s Matthew Schuler and Season Eight’s Rob Taylor.  His vocals caught the attention of both Xtina and Pharrell.  After Adam and Blake turned around, the duo eagerly stated that they were waiting for the Pharrell and Xtina showdown. While the Queen wanted to get inside his head and complimented his runs, Pharrell asked him to name his influences and Malik stated that he liked Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith and Bruno Mars. Things got intense when Pharrell dropped that he produced some of the artists that he mentioned while Xtina countered that she has been in the business since she was seven-years-old and is willing to nurture him. After hearing both pitches, Malik decided to enlist in Team Christina!

As Malik and Christina celebrated their victory with the Heards, 20-year-old Peyton Parker traded cheerleading for music. While her parents support her, Peyton wanted to make sure that she could stand on her own two feet and hoped that a coach could turn their chair around. Her superb cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” caught the attention of Pharrell, Christina and Blake! If Stevie Nicks heard that cover, she would be extremely proud of Peyton. While Pharrell and Xtina desperately tried every trick in their book to steal Peyton away from the Mayor of Blakeville, Peyton became the latest member of Team Blake!

While Team Blake continued to fill up, 21-year-old Oklahoma native Kristen Marie balanced a job, an internship at a law firm and school while following her dreams as a singer. It is very hard to cover “Mad World” on a Reality TV competition after Adam Lambert’s epic Idol performance, but Kristen gave me a strong case of the goosies and reminded me of Adele, Lady Gaga and Sia. She caught the attention of both Blake and Xtina! While Blake tried to use the Oklahoma stichk with Kristen, Xtina’s love for Adele and Sia shined through and became the first coach to steal an Okie from Blake!

19-year-old Nate Butler was always around music since he was very young. While he overcame bullying to pursue his music, Nate’s perseverance and desire to be a part of the music industry drove him to audition for The Voice. His impressive audition of Mayer Hawthorne’s “The Walk” caught the attention of Adam, Blake and Pharrell.  After listening to all of the pitches, Nate went with Team Adam!

The final Blind Audition of the night belonged to 25-year-old Westmoreland, New York native Ryan Quinn. The teacher’s assistant always wanted to do music full-time, but he has helped students who suffered from traumatic experiences and grow their love of music. Ryan’s velvet interpretation of “Can’t Find My Way Home” stole the show as he became the only four-chair turn of the night! He reminds me so much of both Will Champlin and Josh Kaufman (and I believe like them)….Ryan is destined for big things for during and after the show.  I am glad that he went with Adam (but I hope Xtina steals him at the Battle Rounds).

Tomorrow night, The Blind Auditions continue!

Tonya Boyd-Cannon’s performance of “Happy” belongs to NBC & United Artists Media Group. Meanwhile, Adam Lambert’s “Mad World” performance on “American Idol” belonged to FOX, FremantleMedia North America & 19 Entertainment.


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