The Top 10 Performances of “The Voice: Season 10”

Either Adam, Alisan, Laith or Hannah will become the winner of "The Voice: Season 10" tonight. (Photos and graphics are property of NBC & MGM TV)

Either Adam, Alisan, Laith or Hannah will become the winner of “The Voice: Season 10” tonight. (Photos and graphics are property of NBC & MGM TV)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Tonight, either Adam Wakefield, Alisan Porter, Hannah Huston or Laith Al-Saadi will become the winner of The Voice: Season 10!

But, before Carson Daly reveals the important results, Jake’s Take is celebrating the season by countdown our favorite performances of the season.

10-Moushumi: “Wicked Game” (Team Pharrell)

Our countdown starts all the way back to this season’s Blind Auditions! The 22-year-old Edison, New Jersey native caught the attention of Blake, Pharrell, and Xtina with her powerful take on Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”  Moushumi poured so much melisma into this haunting performance that captivated the country.

9-Hannah Huston: “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (Team Pharrell)

Team Pharrell’s last artist standing began her journey into the finale with her interpretation of this Bonnie Raitt classic. While Idol alum Allison Iraheta still holds the standard for covering this tune, Hannah brought a different element that no one has brought to the song in the 14-years of singing competition: Midwest heart. The audiences felt the warmth in the former preschool teacher’s voice as she sang this lovely tune.

8-Adam Wakefield: “Soulshine” (Team Blake)

Adam Wakefield solidified his frontrunner status during Top 12 with his superb cover of the Allman Brothers’ “Soulshine.” I got chills listening to Adam’s gritty and husky voice (which reminded me of the second coming of Bo Bice), and I think that he secured the future of Southern Rock with this performance.

7-Tamar Davis: “Lay Me Down” (Team Christina)

It is hard to believe that Tamar Davis did not make it to the Top 12 or even to the finale. She had one of the best voices in the competition. Her breathtaking of Grammy and Oscar-winning singer-songwriter Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” featured spectacular vocal runs that would have made her a potential threat in the competition. I hope that either Jimmy Iovine or LA Reid gives her a recording contract soon.

6-Paxton Ingram: “Break Every Chain” (Team Blake)

I am going to be blunt…many people expect that four-time winning Voice coach Blake Shelton would choose Joe Maye over Paxton Ingram to complete the Top 12. Social media exploded when Paxton received Joe’s spot and just before he got on my last nerve, Paxton performed “Break Every Chain.” This gospel hymn redeemed him, and he showed why it is cool to showcase your faith in singing competitions.

5-Laith Al-Saadi: “The Thrill is Gone” (Team Adam)

Laith Al-Saadi is featured twice in this countdown! My first selection from Laith’s playlist is his epic cover of B.B. King’s signature standard: “The Thrill is Gone.” His epic Blues guitar riffs not only gave me chills, but it took the NBC singing competition to a different standard of excellence.

4-Alisan Porter: “Stone Cold” (Team Christina)

Alisan Porter is the best female singer in this competition! She gave the viewers impeccable performance week after week and deserved to be in the Final Four.  The performance that got her into the finale was her cover of Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold.” The audience got to learn more about Alisan through this performance, as she continued to reveal how she overcame drugs to become sober and to follow her dream of becoming a recording artist.

Joe Maye's impromptu duet with Christina Aguilera remains one of the best moments of the season. (Photo property of NBC & MGM TV)

Joe Maye’s impromptu duet with Christina Aguilera remains one of the best moments of the season. (Photo property of NBC & MGM TV)

3-Joe Maye: “I’ve Put A Spell On You” (Teams Christina/Blake)

Ever since Jesse Kinch slayed this song on ABC’s one-season-only singing competition, Rising Star, I have been very protective of this track. However, when Season Nine’s Joe Maye returned for a second chance with the coaches, he gave the most aggressive interpretation of the track I have ever heard and given us a moment that he (or The Voice audience) would never forget: an impromptu duet with Christina Aguilera.

2-Laith Al-Saadi: “We’ve Got Tonight” (Team Adam)

Laith soared into the stratosphere with his take on the Bob Seeger/Kenny Rogers classic: “We’ve Got Tonight.” After the Team Adam finalist sang the first note, I instantly got the chills, and his strong, bluesy vocals tugged at my heartstrings. Win or lose; I hope that Laith gets a record contract, because people need to hear his talented musicianship.

1-Alisan Porter: “Somewhere” (Team Christina)

The best performance of the season is Alisan Porter’s commanding take on West Side Story’s “Somewhere.” Like Candice Glover and the Forte Tenors did in their interpretations, Alisan used her gorgeous vocal range to re-tell the star-crossed love story of Maria and Tony. She gave me major Kelly Clarkson-Leona Lewis-Carrie Underwood vibes after this performance and I believe that Alisan will have a bright future in the music industry when she leaves the Universal Studios Hollywood soundstage.

What was your favorite “Voice” performance this season?

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