The talent continues to explode on “America’s Got Talent: Season 11”

The "America's Got Talent" crew continue to find great talent. (Photo property of NBC)

The “America’s Got Talent” crew continue to find great talent. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

America’s Got Talent continues to be one of the hottest talent shows on the planet!

Each and every year, tons of talented people come out of the woodworks to see if they got what it takes to win the $1,000,000 grand prize.

However, to advance to the live shows, these hopefuls must face four of the most opinionated people in the world—America’s Got Talent judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and the creator of the Got Talent franchise: Simon Cowell. So far, two young ladies: 13-year-old opera singer Laura Bretan and 12-year-old singer-songwriter Grace VanderWaal appeased Mel B and Howie Mandel respectfully and earned their spots in the Live Rounds after they pressed the Golden Buzzer.

Tonight, more acts will audition for the judges. Who will advance to the next round? Whose dreams will come crashing down thanks to a rowdy audience and unhappy judges?

Did Simon or Heidi use their Golden Buzzer? Read on to find out….


Simon Cowell AGT

I made a little cameo during tonight’s opening of “America’s Got Talent.” (Screen capture property of Gloria Elyachar)

After Nick Cannon and the judges had made their respective entrances (I was in the opening and shook hands with Simon), girl group Good Girl took the stage. Their goal…bring girl domination to the world scene! The Philadelphia quartet performed En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go.” The harmonies were spot on, and I loved when Simon smiled, plus the group’s a cappella skill were very impressive. Mel B was impressed with their flawless performance; Heidi stated that they were “fantastic” and loved their attitude. Howie gave them a standing ovation and wanted Simon to sign them immediately. Unfortunately, Simon said that it was a little bit copycat…but called them exciting and loved their potential.  Good Girl was the first unanimous “Yes” of the evening!

As the young dance crews were taking over, 79-year-old choreographer John Rothman and his Dancers entertained the crowd with a throwback to yesteryear. The Las Vegas natives made Simon Cowell smile and proved that no matter how old you get if you have talent then flaunt it! Mel B stated that they warmed her heart; unfortunately, Howie questioned if they were at the level of talent that they had seen before and given them a “No!” Luckily, Simon and the girls gave them the three Yeses they needed to advance to the next round.

The Russian Bar Trio returned to AGT after eight seasons. They had to initially drop out of the show because one of their members got hurt in one of their stunts. With a new set of judges and host, the Russian Bar Trio took the stage and brought their impeccable stunts to the Pasadena Civic Auditorium and did not disappoint. Heidi gave them a standing ovation, while Mel B stated that the intensity would give her a heart attack…but called them graceful. Simon said that their act was very suspenseful and called their audition: “a triumph!” The Russian Bar Trio received four unanimous “Yeses”!

Texas native Kadie Lynn Robertson left her small town to audition for AGT. The 12-year-old tackled Merle Haggard’s “Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star.” Her vocals reminded me of a young Tanya Tucker, and I wish that they had a Voice Kids USA, because she would be perfect for the show. Heidi was impressed with her powerful and confident voice, while Simon called her a “diamond.” She received four “Yeses” from the judges.

Husband and wife Duo Guerrero wanted to have a show in Las Vegas! They would use the $1,000,00 for a brand new wardrobe. The couple had to take their act outside of the Pasadena Civic Center.  After a warning from Nick, the duo began their tightrope journey. They performed extremely dangerous stunts from aerial splits to a mini rocking chair, the duo electrified the audience and impressed the judges! The act terrified Howie and Simon called it: “extraordinary.” Duo Guerrero received four “Yeses” for their gravity defying audition.

A cappella group Briarcrest One Voice represent their Memphis, Tennessee high school: Briarcrest Christian High School.  They had a strong audition and reminded me of Pentatonix’s younger siblings. Their solo singer was spectacular, and their harmonies were impeccable. Simon stated that he “didn’t like it, he loved it!” and said that there were some excellent singers in the group. Heidi added that they left her wanting more, while Mel B helped one of the guys ask one of the girls to prom and she said: “Yes!” In addition to heading to prom, the Briarcrest One Voice group will be moving on to the next round!

One category that is shaping up to be the most competitive division this season is the stand-up comedy genre! Hoping to join the other comedians in the next round was 13-year-old Lori Mae Hernandez. She tested out her comedic chops in front of the judges. Both Howie and Simon were surprised that the young lady has been doing stand-up for three years. She dedicated her audition to her dad, who suffers from a condition called Bell’s Palsy.  She teased the audience about missing a potential babysitting job to two little girls who love the Disney Channel for a spot on AGT. Her routine continued to talk about her age, “safety scissors” and possibly the funniest line in her set: “You are going to leave your beloved child, the one who is carrying on your name to the next generation…WITH ME?” Her witty comments made me smile, and I loved her subtle dig at Donald Trump.   Simon declared that she was the next Tina Fey, and Mel B called her act: “absolutely brilliant!” She received four yeses and moved on to the next round.

After a flood of red “Xs,” it was up to Ukranian American Viktor Kee to save the second half. The impeccable jugular showcased his amazing skills in a naked leotard that shocked the audience and received a standing ovation from Heidi and Howie! Heidi called it very special and Mel B stated called the performance: “flawless.” Keep an eye on him, America…something tells me that he is going to be an act to watch!

The final act of the evening was singer Sal Valentinetti. The last time America met Sal, he was romancing Jennifer Lopez on the fourteenth season of American Idol. I loved Sal’s voice on Idol and it was a shame that he didn’t move on and joined friend-of-the-blog, Clark Beckham, in the Top 10. He gave me chills from the first few notes of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” and I believe that Keith, Harry and Jennifer were extremely STUPID in not advancing him to the live shows.  I am very glad that Heidi Klum used her Golden Buzzer on his golden voice! I cannot wait to see him in the Live Shows, he is going to bring it!

Next week, the auditions continue!

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