The Snow Queen “wants to build a snowman” on OUAT

The Snow Queen began to manipulate Elsa on this edition of "Once Upon A Time." (Photo property of ABC)

The Snow Queen began to manipulate Elsa on this edition of “Once Upon A Time.” (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

It seems like Emma Swan’s priorities are changing every week!


Between chasing the Snow Queen, helping Elsa find Anna, capturing Will Scarlet and trying to regain Regina’s trust, she has not paid attention to what two of Storybrooke’s most powerful antagonists are doing to two of the men in her life.


Her lover, Hook, is now deep in Rumple’s pockets as the Dark One forced the pirate into his bidding after he helped him trap the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in his master’s infamous hat. Meanwhile, Gold also accepted his grandson, Henry, as an apprentice for his shop! However, Rumple is unaware that Henry is doing this job to help his adopted mom find the author of the show’s storybook and force him to write Regina her very own “happy ending.”


Will Emma find out about her loved ones’ dark activities before it’s too late? Or did the Snow Queen’s latest attack force her to save the town? Read on to find out…


Before we get to the action of tonight’s episode, the show transported its viewers to 1998, where young Emma was in Minnesota. She met and became friends with a thief named Lily. Emma shared with her why she was in the orphanage. Lily revealed that she was on the run and wanted young Emma to come with her.

While the girls broke into the house, they played Nintendo 64 and Emma found Lily’s “star-marked” birthmark and became honorary sisters. It turned out that Lily lied to Emma about having a family as her father arrived to take her home. She begged for Emma’s forgiveness, but Emma erased her black star from her wrist.

Back in the present day, while the Snow Queen created life, Emma and Elsa began to research on the villainess. Elsa asked about taking memories! They also had to deal with Will Scarlett (who remained in the Sheriff’s jail cell). Hook brought photos from Regina’s office and the women found a photo of Emma meeting the Snow Queen in Storybrooke.

Emma confronted Regina about the photos that Sidney took. She lied about Sidney’s whereabouts and the knowledge that she put him back in the Mirror. As Regina zinged Emma a new one, Elsa was waiting, she heard “Anna’s” voice and rushed out of Emma’s car not waiting to know…if it is a trap!

As Elsa raced across Storybrooke, the savior returned to her car and found Elsa gone! Sidney found the Snow Queen and helped guide her to the forest and she came across Emma. Henry’s mothers bickered over magic usage and Emma tried compliment her, but Regina laid it in and told her to “welcome to her world!”

The Snow Queen ensnared her into a trap and revealed that the more frightened Elsa becomes her chains would go stronger. She told the Arendale queen that you are exactly where she is right now and told that she is going to “build a snowman.”

Emma and Regina found Elsa’s icy bridge and it turned out that the Snow Queen was going to kill them. Regina also revealed that she knew where Sidney was the whole time…trapped in her mirror! But, Sidney got wise and betrayed his mistress! The ladies rushed across the ice bridge before it collapsed!

However, they ran into a new problem: a giant snow Viking! Together, they defeated the Viking! Unfortunately, the Snow Queen found them and started strangling Henry’s mothers. The Frozen princess saved them and demanded that the Snow Queen fought her. As the Snow Queen teleported away from the fight, Regina revealed to Emma that she used Sidney to almost murder Marian, but decided to find a cure for her true love’s wife.

While she was originally appalled with Regina, Emma remembered the lessons that she learned when she did not forgive Lily and apologized to the former villainess, Regina revealed that she did not want to kill Emma and their friendship began to mend.

The Snow Queen freed Sidney from the mirror and told him that she needed to be reunited with her reflection. She also advised him to get a coat…Storybrooke was going to get a blizzard!

As Emma began to relook at her past, she made a startling discovery…The Snow Queen adopted her!

Next week, secrets are revealed as families begin to unravel!

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