The Snow Queen makes her presence known on “OUAT”

Elizabeth Mitchell the Snow Queen OUAT

The Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) made her full-length debut tonight on “OUAT.” What did her presence meant for Elsa and the rest of Storybrooke? (Photo property of ABC’s Jack Rowand)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Watch out, Elsa! There is another woman with icy powers in Storybrooke!

Her name is the Snow Queen!

Last week, viewers were briefly introduced to this new icy menace (Elizabeth Mitchell). How is she connected to Arendale’s queen? Does she know what happened to Anna? What sinister plans does she have in mind for Storybrooke?

Read on to find out…

It turned out that Elsa and the Snow Queen knew each other in the past. They met as Elsa and Kristoff were trying to stop Hans and his army from invading the kingdom. Against Elsa’s wishes, Kristoff spied on Hans and his brothers and the villainous brat revealed that he found an urn to trap Elsa.

Kristoff pleaded with Elsa that he could stop Hans by taking a few royal soldiers. The queen decided to join Kristoff in his quest herself. The duo bonded in the forest and splunked down to the cave.

They found the urn and right before the duo had the chance to destroy it, Hans and his brothers arrived. After a brief skirmish, Elsa and Kristoff had the upper hand…until Hans threatened to kill Kristoff. As the men bickered, Elsa surrendered the kingdom. Just as Hans was about to trap Elsa, the Snow Queen emerged from the urn and froze Hans.

The duo bonded at the palace and the Snow Queen revealed that she was related to Elsa’s mother. The Snow Queen also vowed that she would help Elsa with finding Anna.

Back in the present day, the Snow Queen worked her magic as she poisoned Marian when Robin Hood’s family visited her shop. While Marian was fine eating the ice cream, she promptly fainted…leaving Robin Hood shocked. He turned to the one person that could help…his ex: Regina.

At Granny’s, Regina coaxed Henry with new comics and shared her plan to find the author of the storybook and rewrite her happy ending! Henry thought it was a brilliant idea. Just as they were about to get started on Operation Mongoose, Robin begged Regina to help his ill wife.

As the former Evil Queen began her work, Emma and Charming visited Robin Hood’s campsite to look for clues. They found a familiar face…one of Robin Hood’s former Merry Men and ex-Knave of Hearts…Will Scarlett. The Charmings questioned Will and he revealed a possible clue: The Snow Queen’s ice cream shop. The gang checked out the shop and they agreed that Will was right. However, Will escaped capture and some money from the cash register.

While Charming and Emma were talking about her recent actions, Hook blackmailed Gold into helping Elsa. The captain revealed the truth behind Gold’s treachery and vowed his silence for a favor. Using magic, Gold helped them locate the Snow Queen.

The Snow Queen revealed that she knew Elsa from her time in Arendale and confessed her crime. She also added that it was the Rock Trolls’ magic made Elsa forget her and that Anna trapped her in the urn. As Elsa was left in disbelief, Emma and Charming caught up with the trio and the Snow Queen revealed that she also knew Emma and began to duel with her. While Emma saved her father and Hook, the Snow Queen got away.

Just as the Snow Queen vanished, Mr. Gold confronted her and asked that if Emma remembered her. As she told him no, Gold said that for her sake that she does not. If she did, Gold said that he is ready to make a deal with her.

Next week, Hook and Emma go on a date while Anna duels with Rumple for Elsa’s future.


  1. I think the Snow Queen is responsible for delivering Henry to StoryBrooke; the kid didn’t end up there by mere casualty; so she was probably one of the nurses that tended to Emma during the birth and that’s probably why Emma finds her a tad familiar. Of course Mr. Gold is involved; he wanted Emma to break the curse so it makes sense that he had something to do with Henry ending up where he did in the first place. So, there’s my theory of how they know each other.

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